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04-16-2004, 05:48 PM
My dh has been using a global AT&T phone card since he has been in Iraq. He has been using the method to get minute for minute phone calls. He has tried to use this method the last 2 times he has called but the operator said he can no longer use this and has to use the # on the back of his card. Which means - we have gone to paying $.08 per minute to $.38 a minute. Has anyone who has loved ones deployed encounter the same thing? I am just making sure my dh isn't doing something wrong before I flip out on AT&T.

04-17-2004, 08:32 AM
My husband was using some calling card that they got over the internet and would recharge automatically, I believe he paid 25-30 for about 800minutes, pretty good considering when he first started calling at a dollar a minute! When I get home from work I will try to find out the info for you.

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04-19-2004, 05:46 PM
Has the location or type of phone he is calling from changed? It is possible that he was dialing DSN to someone who was transfering him to a US 800 number to complete his call? This would allow minute for minute calling-that is the ONLY way he could have been getting minute for minute on a global card. From where my hubby is its 3 for 1 and, using the military global card that we purchased at Ft Carson PX this is costing about 21 cents per minute-very cheap for overseas calls since the going rate from that part of the world is $2.76 per minute. If he has had to start dialing the local access number from where he is it would explain whay the change. IF he has DSN access and you live near a base or guard armoury PM me and i will tell you how he can call for free. If not-38 cents is cheap, very cheap. if he has been able to dial minute for minute with out DSN to a us 800 number someone at At&T has been in error and you got lucky
(disclaimer-i work for one of AT&T's largest competitors in the IP network business and they do a better job than we do)

04-19-2004, 07:05 PM
From what I have been told, there is a special process for them to call base to base. AT&T is suppose to connect them to a base # in the US and the call is suppose to be only charged from that #. The process worked fine for 3 weeks, and some guys are still able to get through using that process. He was told it is the AT&T operators that are making the mistake, and he needs to keep hanging up and trying until he gets an operator that knows what they are suppose to do. Apparently, this process is posted at the phone tents, but never explained to anyone on what it was for. So no one took advantage of the process. Several wives have called AT&T and they confirmed that he should get mintue for minute calls. He needs to state he calling from a US Military base in Iraq and they are suppose to connect him. Its just fustrating that it shouldn't matter what operator you get, they all work for the same company and should know what is going on.

He is checking to see if they have a Segovia Internet Cafe, that costs .047 per minute to call into the US.
UGH!!! I just want him to call home and not have to worry about how complicated it all of a sudden got!

04-20-2004, 06:37 AM
He has been calling through a DSN line.