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04-15-2004, 08:00 AM
Hi all-
Just got back yesterday from our trip. I will be doing a trip report but thought I'd let y'all know some highlights/lowlights of the trip.
Cast of Characters:
Me- Jackie- 37- Kween of all things Disney
DH- Ken - 41 -Huge Disney fan
DS 14- Jeremy-What more can I say, he's 14.
DD 11 - Mallory-
DS 7 - Liam
The plan- 4 nights at BWV then up to HH for 6 more nights.

We checked in at BWV (our first time staying at our home resort, why oh why did I wait this long???)on Sat. 4/3 for 4 nights- This resort is absolutely outstanding in all areas. While we've walked thru the resort and Boardwalk area a few times, staying there was really very nice. I had requested upper floor, village green view, and thats exactly what we got- room 5065 (studio) which overlooked the village green with a beautiful view of Crescent Lake, the Beach Club and Epcot- we could even see Spaceship Earth and the fireworks. The best-view room we've ever ever had! DH fell in love with the place. Kids loved the pool/slide, and I loved the Ferris Wheel;) . My only complaint about the WDW part of the visit were THE CROWDS IN THE PARKS. Yikes!! We have always gone the week before Easter break and while it was busy, this was unreal. It looked like a parade had just gotten out - AT ALL TIMES!! Nothing but a sea of people in every park, all day. I was fooling myself when I thought we could handle it; we couldn't and needless to say will never go during school break again. After spending $$$$$ on park hoppers and only being able to ride 3 rides in MGM one day, it became very frustrating for all. We did not let it ruin our time and chalked it up to experience. We did ride Mission Space and we all thought it was the best ride in Disney, hands down. Great ride.

We left WDW on Weds. 4/7 and drove up to HH. We had a 2 BR in Bldg. 16, beautiful interior view location, we loved it, very quiet as usual. Kids did a bunch of activities and we cooked in most nights except for eating at Outback one night and DH and I went to San Miguels (YUM!!) at Shelter Cove Harbor on the last night. DH and I did the Longview Cooking Club- Creative Beginnings and had a great time with Chef Gordon, what a nice guy! We will definitely be doing a Private Affair on our next trip. What can I say about HH- we really love it there and after a hectic time at WDW it was the ONLY place to be.

Also, we had the most wonderful weather in both places! Sunny and warm/hot every day at WDW, Sunny except one morning at HH and just as warm as WDW. It was like we ordered the weather. After all the months of planning, it sure was nice to have Mother Nature working with us!!

I promise to get started on the trip report later today:D

04-15-2004, 08:26 AM
Thanks for the report. I especially like to read about good times at my home resort (BWV)!

04-15-2004, 08:59 AM
was just wondering... were you able to get one of those studios that sleeps 5? Did you request that when you made your ressie?
Sounds like a great trip!!:sunny:

04-15-2004, 09:17 AM
Hi Denise-
Yes, we requested and got a studio with a daybed- DS7 slept on it no problem and actually DD 11 "traded" one night and slept on it and said it was fine. It seemed a little firm to me but they didn't complain!! MS wouldn't guarantee that we would have a studio with a daybed so we brought along a twin blowup mattress just in case (Please don't flame me over occupancy issues!!- When we joined in 2000 our guide assured us we would be able to get a studio with daybed at BWV for our family of 5!)

04-15-2004, 09:36 AM
thanks, I was wondering how that worked. You would think that if they take the ressie for 5, they would do all they could to put 5 into the daybed studios. We've never tried it though. My dd snores loud enough to wake the dead so I do everything I can not to sleep anywhere nearby!!:earseek: