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06-26-2001, 08:33 PM
Our "crew" consisted of myself (39) DH (47), DS (11) and DD (9)

Thursday was our day at sea. I really enjoyed these days. Once again we had no problems getting a lounge chair. Today was also the seafood buffet at lunch which was very good. If you like shrimp, be there!! We caught the matinee of Disney Dreams also. Very Good. I got a bit teary at the end. Even the matinee show was about filled up. Thurs. evening was the Captain’s Gala. I saw more tuxedos this night than on Sunday. We had some great grilled shrimp appetizers for dinner and after we finished them our server Jelidi (o-la-la), brought us and the table next to us, each another plate of them! Yum!!! Then came lobster, of course. Jelidi proceeded to take the lobster out of each of the shells and then pour butter all over them for us. I mean What More Can you ask for??????

One note before I forget. Topsiders has one entire side for the kids with kid friendly food. My kids love going on that side, but the Kids Club goes to lunch everyday at 12:15 The kids line is very long at this point with kids trying to serve themselves. We learned very quickly that if our kids wanted to go on the kids side, that we should either plan on getting there at noon, or waiting till about 12:45.

Friday-Castaway Cay
Well, we made it!! I guess we docked around 7:30 am or so and by about 8:15 or so we were down waiting to get off the boat. Once again, another "Disney Line". We were about 10th in line and people started pilling in and pushing their way up front. A bit unenjoyable, but we just kept thinking of what a beautiful day we had ahead of us. Once the doors opened, it was basically a mad rush by most to get out and on the beach. If you have kids, it is at this point that you should hold their hands and not let go. It is a shame. You would think people were heading for their last meal. Even with all that, we managed to get on the first tram and get a great place on the beach with an umbrella and 2 chairs. All I was concerned about was getting an umbrella so we would stay cool. I gave up hope on a hammock, as the "hammock hogs" as I call them, were staking them out very early. I saw several with stuff thrown on them and people only using them for a few minutes. Anyway, we got our scuba gear and floats and enjoyed some beautiful water and weather. Note; Castaway Cay was VERY hot!! If we were not in the water or in the shade, it was almost unbearable for me…They should really have water stations all over the place, you could have easily overheated and the only place I could find water was at a few "carts" and at Cookies.
Cookies for lunch was only ok in my opinion. We didn’t care much for the ribs, but there was some nice fruit and the kids had hot dogs. We had lobster burgers, which were again, just ok. We did some shopping, got some great pictures and headed back to the boat around 2:30.
Ok…time for me to vent for a minute…please people, when you see someone trying to take a picture of their family, please don’t just walk in front of them! This happened numerous times on our cruise and it irked me. It was obvious we were standing there posing for a picture, and someone would just walk across. Ok..venting done!!
Yes, we were on the cruise with the "arrest on Castaway". I personally did not hear anything, but did hear the rumors. Too bad this all had to happen in front of the kids.

Friday night we saw the Farewell Variety Show which was hilarious. Don’t miss it, we loved it. Our bags were packed and put out by 11:00 and at this point is when we really realized we had to leave. Saturday morning came way to fast and we had a quick breakfast at Topsiders. There was not getting out of it and we couldn’t find a place to stow-a-way, so we had to depart. I can honestly say both my daughter and I had teary eyes leaving that ship. Even hubby and my son were very quiet and sad. We had Tiffany Towncar pick us up so we could make our early flight (11:40)…no problems making that…as the car drove away from the ship, I kept my sunglasses on cause I could feel the eyes welling up. Our last shot of the cruise was the aft of the ship and Goofy hanging off the end with his paintbrush.
Disney definitely does it first class and makes you feel like you are so special the entire trip. Our next cruise will be in 2003…don’t know which itinerary we will do yet. I know I will pack a bit differently now that I know. Thank you Disney for making all of my "crew’s" dreams come true!!

Closing thoughts:

We had the cat. 6 room with verandah. We put the kids in the Queen bed and because hubby and I wanted to be able to watch tv and sit on the verandah at night, we slept on the "bunks". I slept on the Murphy bed on top, which was very comfortable. A bit difficult if you had to get up in the middle of the night for the bathroom, by nevertheless, it was very comfy. Hubby slept on the bottom…he said it was just fine.

Brought my hairdryer and didn’t bring an extension cord. My dryer did not work by the mirror in the living room portion. The dryer in the bath does not blow very hot and can take awhile to dry your hair, but the handle does get very hot. Next time, I will bring my extension cord.

Brought way too many t-shirts and shorts. Days were spend in bathing suits and coverups.

Never needed our sneakers or socks.

I brought a small bottle of Dove liquid to do any small clothes hand washing that absolutely needed it. I never saw the laundry rooms (told myself unless there was a catastrophe I wouldn’t do laundry on vacation). The dove worked well to rinse a few things and hang dry.

Bring your camera with you at all times if you can remember. Great shots can happen at anytime on this ship!!

One last vent….try and talk with your kids before you leave about some common manners. I by no means have perfect kids, but I did talk to them about letting people off the elevators before they "invaded them" We were plowed over many times by kids pushing through them and running all over the place. We didn’t have a big problem with this, but then again, we have kids, so we are used to a lot. A small talk to the kids ahead of time might help.

Above all, have a fantastic trip. Disney is a first class act and they make you feel like royalty. Hope you all enjoy your trips as much as "our crew" did.!!

06-27-2001, 07:56 AM
Glad you had a wonderful trip! First of all - What is a lobster burger? I'm sure it's not as good as it sounds, but I'm still curious. Also, did Tiffany TC take you to the Radisson? We're flying in on Friday, too, but haven't made any definite plans about getting to Port Canaveral. Was there anything to do at or around the Radisson? Thanks for your help.:cool:

06-27-2001, 08:20 AM
The best way I could describe a lobster burger is mushed up lobster shaped like a burger on a bun with lettuce and tomato. A but mushy for my taste though. We rented a car at the airort (Avis) and drove to the Radison ourselves. We were concerned about making our 11:40 flight home on Saturday for our return so that is why we picked TCC so they would be right there and take us and we wouldn't have to worry about going and getting another rental car. The drive to the Radisson was very easy. A straight shot...no problems. Once we checked into the Radisson, we took the kids to Ron Jon's Surf shop..(a couple blocks away)...not as exciting as I expected...lots of mens clothes, but we couldnt' even find a cover up for my DD (9). We then stoped at the Winn Dixie there and got a case and a half of beer to bring with us. Back to the Radisson and the kids swam (really fun pool),...dinner at a small italian place next door. Have a great trip!!!!

06-27-2001, 08:59 AM
Great Report..I loved reading it.

Just a quick question.. you said you would bring less shorts, shirts, no socks or sneakers.. Anything else you would pack different? and did this go for the kids too?
Did you bring 6 or 7 different outfits for dinner? I hate packing. Its going to be the only downside of this entire trip..
thanks for the info..

06-27-2001, 04:00 PM
I brought about 4 t-shirts and 3 pairs of shorts, which was too many. 2 t-shirts would have been fine, and if you wind up buying a souvineer shirt on board, you have another there. We only put on the shirts when we went in for lunch or to an "event", otherwise, we were in bathing suits and a coverup. The kids probably wore their t-shirts and shorts more because they wore them in the clubs. We wore sandals and then shoes for dinner, so sneakers and socks were never needed. I guess if you plan on playing alot of basketball, you might want them. I thiought I would need them for walking around at the ports, but wore my birkenstock sandals the entire time. Also, I should have brought 2 pjs...only remembered one! You don't wear "real clothes" for that long of a period at a time, so unless you have a spill, you can re-wear things. For dinners, I brought 3 pairs of capri pants and about 5 tops to mix and match. Then 2 formal outfits and that was it! I did re-wear my capri's twice with different tops. I should have listened to the posters who told me to only bring half...they are so right!! Have a terrific trip!!

Credit Man
07-06-2001, 12:06 PM
I enjoyed your report. Thanks for posing.