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04-13-2001, 06:31 PM
March 11, 2001

The cast:
Me (the 29 year old)
Donna (aka Molokai Gram, didn't ask age, from Hawaii)
Ohai (Donna's DH, didn't ask age either, from Hawaii)

I wanted for Donna and Ohai at Finnegan’s. I thought they would be in there eating, but they walked up to me. I gave them their presents and they were very thankful. I wondered if an XL was too big. Donna said, “Maybe in my younger years!”

Donna asked if Finnegan’s was open after the Mardi Gras parade. They said that they would let you stay in if you entered before 7:00. We would miss the Mardi Gras parade if we ate. We decided to stake out a spot for the parade. They had found a nice spot in front of Lombard’s Landing. It was a small inlet space that they could sit in for protection from the elements. When they stood in this spot on March 8, they got a lot of beads. From what Donna said, Ohai had gotten so many beads that he looked like Mr. T! As we waited at our spot, Donna got fish and chips for Ohai and her. I wasn’t hungry yet.

The parade came by us and Ohai was a wild man! He danced with the parade goers and waved his arms all around. He got a lot of beads. I was too busy videotaping. I did get a few beads. I even tried to catch one while videotaping. I ended up missing it. The parade people got into it when they found out they were caught on tape. Some waved and others did I high kick in front of the camera.

We then went over to Twister for another chance at beads. There was a sea of people there. We had no chance to grab a bead. The only beads we got were the ones that fell on the ground. I did get a good chance to videotape some other floats beside Twister.

After getting beads, we headed to the Beverly Hills Boulangerie for dinner. I was planning on getting a pizza tonight. I was going to eat half of it tonight and save the other half for breakfast. I thought that it would still be edible in the morning. It may be kind of gross to eat pizza for breakfast, but it would have been good if it filled me up! I decided to order a turkey sandwich while Donna ordered desert. The sandwich was good, but it was kind of bland. I ate the leftover fish and chips too. The fish was pretty good. The chips (or fries) weren’t the standard, fast food fries. They were sliced from potatoes and were pretty soft. I liked this different taste to the fries.

We then headed back to the hotel. I would be up early tomorrow for Islands of Adventure early entry. I would meet up with Donna and Ohai in front of the Hard Rock Live at 9:30.


Barry Hom
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Molokai Gram
04-13-2001, 07:05 PM
It is true. My quiet sober husband got absolutely crazy at MardiGras! Since Universal is a family park, he did keep his clothes on (I hear in New Orleans and in Rio this might not be true!), but he did alot of other stuff to be noticed. He even danced with a man in a pink tutu - just for plastic beads! :eek:

The fish and chips we got for takeout from Finnegan's was terrific. I got to study the bar in there while waiting for the takeout. Interesting place. I wondered if there are really bars like that in NYC.

We have always traveled to Orlando during the first few weeks in December when crowds were low and the Christmas decorations were up. But although it will mean missing Whoville, if we can get back to Orlando again, we will go for Mardi Gras. The weather is terrific, the crowds at all the parks was sparse, and Universal's Mardi Gras was a perfect ending to the parks each night. FOTL meant a hassle free day and the MG celebration meant a fun and happy night. Loved it. :D

Barry bearing gifts...he is so sweet. Any single women out there??? Have I got a guy for you...


04-15-2001, 09:34 AM
Ohai dancing with a man in a pink tutu! Hahahahahah! That's great. I can't wait to meet you all someday. :D