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03-19-2004, 08:05 AM
My fantasy/dream is to find myself lying on a beautiful beach in the shade of a palm tree with a cool tropical-rum drink in my hand. Are there any beach spots in Nassau that would fit the bill??? :smooth:

03-19-2004, 08:36 AM
Can't forget the hammock AND the cabana boy to bring you your drink!!!!! Sounds like a dream to me!!!

03-19-2004, 09:40 AM
Not in Nassau unforunately. Most of the beaches are devoid of any foliage.

03-19-2004, 09:58 AM
Sounds just like Castaway Cay though!

03-19-2004, 10:43 AM
Originally posted by Dodie
Sounds just like Castaway Cay though! The beaches in Nassau and Paradise Island are NOTHING like Castaway Cay. They are dirty, full of locals selling their wares and the water isn't as nice and clear. I've been to Nassau twice and Paradise Island once, the beaches here are no nicer than any decent beach you can find here in the States. They are not tropical at all.

03-19-2004, 11:05 AM
Originally posted by jel0511
the beaches here are no nicer than any decent beach you can find here in the States. They are not tropical at all.

Oh Lori, I beg to differ!!! As a native south floridian who lived at the beach and a Bahamas nut, as we owned our own boat and spent MANY family vacations island hopping. I can most assure you that there are no beaches such as these anyplace in the US.

Although Nassau and Paradise Island (especially Nassau) have become rather commercial(I agree with you here), the US beaches cant come close the water and sand quality of the Bahamas. If you ever get a chance to visit the Abacos or Exumas Island chains in the Bahamas you will see what I mean. I would take an overpopulated Paradise Island beach to any beach here in Florida.The only time PI beaches can look "dirty"might be after a rough storm or if there is some hurricane in the vicinity bringing with it alot of seaweed , etc...

The question of the palm trees and such is different. Although you will find lots of pine trees and coconut palms in Paradise Island, the true places to find this is more like the Virgen Islands where the vegetation is so much thicker, the palms kind of umbrella the beach, but then, I much prefer the Bahamas beaches to the VI anytime.

but again, JMHO!

03-19-2004, 12:38 PM
See, you prefer the beaches in the Bahamas, whereas I prefer the beaches in the USVI. We go to St. John once a year due to the lovely beaches there. It's just so quiet and peaceful, unlike the beaches in Nassau and Paradise Island. I never onced said that ALL beaches in the Bahamas are awful, just the over-commercialized ones on Nassau and Paradise Island. I've never been to some of the outer islands in the Bahamas, and I'm sure some of them are beautiful. Again, we prefer St. John and go there. Once you find "your island" you stay!!

03-19-2004, 12:40 PM
Originally posted by jel0511
Once you find "your island" you stay!!

Absolutely!!!! and if you ever get a chance to go to the outer islands....you will FALL IN LOVE!!!

03-19-2004, 12:49 PM
Do the Blue Lagoon Beach Day excursion while in Nassau.

Blue Lagoon is a beautiful little island with many picturesque quiet spots. THere were many hammocks there for the taking, all under palm trees!!!!

03-19-2004, 01:41 PM
We took a cab to Cable Beach to visit the hotels and casinos. Their beaches were nice, don't think there were any palm trees growing in the sand on the beach, but there were palm trees growing very close to the sand.