View Full Version : Palo's ressie question

03-18-2004, 07:55 PM
I actually have 4 questions-
1- Do the tables at Palo's only seat 2?
2- How many tables would you say are in Palo's?
Can you only reserve a table for you reg. dining time. We have a late seating on reg. nites- is that when I have to reserve for Palo as well?
and last but not least...
4- Can I reserve for more the just my DH and I? If my friend and her husband want to dine the same time, can I make a ressie for them as well?


03-18-2004, 08:58 PM
Palo has tables and chairs that can seat 2, and more. Tables are a standard 4-top, and can be combined to seat larger groups. There are booths seat 4. Some may seat more?

This is just a guess, but Palo could seat 75 guests, maybe more.

You can reserve a table for any time they are open, you just have to be able to get an available seating time.

You can reserve 1 dinner evening initially (per stateroom), typically after boarding. You can also reserve brunch and high tea. Then you can waitlist for additional dinner nights (based on vacancy/availability). If you are traveling with more than one party (another stateroom), they can book a different intitial night, and both parties can sit together enjoy both nights. If you are travelling together, the other stateroom can join your reservation if you get a seating, likewise you can join theirs.

Concierge classes (CAT1 - CAT3) may be able to book more initially (I don't know?)?