View Full Version : anyone read on the boat

03-18-2004, 02:58 AM
has anyone had any difficulty reading due to rough seas or anything. i remember last cruise that i went through quite a few books..cant wait to do it again!

03-18-2004, 06:58 AM
DH and I usually pack 2-3 books each when we cruise. We aren't really sun worshippers so a great relaxing afternoon for us is to be out on the veranda with a good book.

tkd lisa
03-18-2004, 07:23 AM
I love to read, and have never had any problems with reading on the boat. Those deck 4 chairs are the BEST place to curl up with a good book!

03-18-2004, 07:36 AM
I read on the book last time by the adult pool, in the coffee shop and on deck four.

03-18-2004, 07:45 AM
This is great news! I'm a big reader and one of my favorite cruise fantasies is to spend as much time as possible and kids allow relaxing with a good book (both on deck and on our verandah, LOL). I'm already trying to figure out just which books to take for our October cruise!


03-18-2004, 08:03 AM
gosh - is there time to read? Maybe when we hit the 7 day cruise there will be time to read but I think on the 3 nighter we will be busy.
I will probably bring a book anyway!

03-18-2004, 08:06 AM
Hubby reads on the boat..no problems at all.