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03-18-2004, 02:52 AM
what was the most special time on the cruise for you personally?

03-18-2004, 07:03 AM
too many to limit it to just one:

* hearing the horn at the start of each cruise!

* watching the lunar eclipse from our veranda on our last cruise!

* spending the day at Castaway Cay - heaven on earth!

* seeing Disney Dreams for the first time...actually seeing Disney Dreams every time!

03-18-2004, 09:00 AM
I LovED the whole thing but I guess I have to say my best moment was just like the little girl in the commercial who says"Do you mind if I don't meet you for dinner mom and dad?". ....my 2 DD's didn't want to leave the club. They asked us to come back for them in an hour or so. I was LOVING IT!!!

I also cried at the end of Disney Dreams. Am I sappy or what???

03-18-2004, 10:10 AM
Castaway Cay - all day was the best!

I also cried at the end of Disney Dreams - what a sap!

Palo dinner and brunch were fabulous


03-18-2004, 11:35 AM
Too many to list, but if I HAD to choose one, it'd be the Sailaway Party!::yes::

There's something so exhilerating knowing a whole week of fun, relaxation, and GOURMET FOOD awaits us, and what better way to celebrate than to be clapping, dancing and singing w/the characters and the ship pushes (or pulls?) out. The icing on the cake is hearing the ship horn at the party!:Pinkbounc

03-18-2004, 11:38 AM
Sitting with my son and daughter on the deck watching the sun set.

03-18-2004, 11:39 AM
Way too many to name, but I specifically remember fireworks night - seeing those fireworks out at sea with the Disney music on-board, I could barely see them with all those tears in my eyes!!

03-18-2004, 12:31 PM
are there fireworks on every cruise? I hadn't heard about that!

03-18-2004, 01:11 PM
are there fireworks on every cruise? I/we wish!! I think they only do fireworks on the 4th of July and on New Years.

I read somewhere that when both the Magic and Wonder were doing 3/4 night cruises that one 4th of July (sorry Britts!;)) they met up out in the ocean and they both shot off fireworks. Now THAT would be a sight to see!!

03-18-2004, 01:17 PM
Watching my 22mo old DD attempt to do pushups with Goofy at the Goofy pool and our whole day at CC

03-18-2004, 01:32 PM
* Enjoying Deck 10 and the full moon with my DH
* Watching my children have the time of their lives
* Disney Dreams (ok, I cried too..)
* No stress, no stress, no stress....
* And absolutely, Castaway Cay...the most beautiful of all of the islands


03-18-2004, 02:17 PM
Relaxing on the beach at Castaway Cay was bliss, but watching my kids getting to experience such amazing things at such young ages (DS9 & DD 6) and their absolute joy!

03-18-2004, 03:29 PM
Being introduced and walking into the lobby of the Magic. Hands down! Just knowing 7 days of magic officially began.

03-18-2004, 03:32 PM
My favorite moment on the cruise was getting engaged. My fiance and I went on the Wonder last September and it was our first cruise. On the last night, we got all dressed up and went to Disney Dreams and Palo's. After dinner, we went walking around the top deck and stopped at the back of the ship. No one was around and it was somewhat dark. He got on his knee and proposed. I can't imagine the proposal any other time or place. It was perfect and I'm glad he chose to do it on the cruise on such a romantic night. We are getting married on 10/2 this year.

03-18-2004, 08:50 PM
Getting out of bed at the crack of noon. :)

My job is high stress, so the opportunity to dis-engage my mind was welcomed and very much enjoyed.


03-18-2004, 09:27 PM
Sitting on our verandah early in the morning with my DW and our 2 grandsons having juice and a bagel and cream cheese while waiting for the rest of our family to get up and go to breakfast and start our day. It doesn't get any better than that !!!

03-19-2004, 09:33 PM
i'd have to say my favorite moment is JUST BEING THERE. sharing a disney cruise with my son and daughter is truly a magical time for me and i cherish the memories.:)

03-19-2004, 10:15 PM
to hear bf say he wont board another ship unless it is owned by dcl

bf calling Palo "breathless" I've never heard him use that word for anything

watching the world glide by from our verhanda

03-19-2004, 10:31 PM
Originally posted by jlp651
to hear bf say he wont board another ship unless it is owned by dcl

My wife said the same thing!


03-19-2004, 10:34 PM
Finding the hidden "treasure" that was left behind by a fellow DISer on a cruise 2 weeks before mine.

I was told where exactly to hunt for this treasure and even 2 weeks later it was still precisely where she left it:eek:

I looked forward to that treasure hunt and it made my cruise much more magical.

Thanks Del:wave:

03-22-2004, 03:21 PM
Some of our favourite things are:

Dreams - chokes me up, I love it so much
Sailaway - watch the mickey hands wave you off from the shore

The whole experience is just brilliant but the most relaxing thing for us is to to just sit on our navigators verandah with a good book, each others company, maybe some room service and just watch the world sail by.

Blissful. :smooth:

03-22-2004, 04:06 PM
Seeing the dolphins riding our wake from our verandah as we pulled in to Castaway Cay.

Another is the waiter bringing our drinks to us on the beach at CC. I feel very pampered there.


03-22-2004, 04:59 PM
:sunny: Getting on the ship and knowing it was an extension of my DIsney vacation. Also, just knowing it was Disney would make me happy. I could live Disney 24/7 that is why I love these boards.:boat:

03-23-2004, 05:00 PM
I actually have two answers for this: one for each of the 7 day cruises we were on!

On the first cruise, I was not that familiar with the Disney Magic. My wife had booked the cruise, and I was tagging along to be with the family and hadn't developed an opinion about it one way or the other (I also hadn't discovered the Disboards yet!).

So, my favourite part of my first cruise was at the sail-away party when the ship's horn sounded. It was at that moment it dawned on me that it was going to be a very special experience!

For the second cruise, and you may have a hard time believing this, my favourite part was standing on the gangplank looking at the entrance to the ship ahead of me. At that point I knew that I had a great week ahead of me with my family and the new friends I would meet - I had the entire cruise ahead of me and it was about to begin. I also knew that, as soon as I stepped on board, the minutes would start to count down to my departure which, even though 7 days away, would come far too soon!

I guess I like anticipation!

The Ottawacruiser

03-23-2004, 05:16 PM
My favorite moment (of many) was when our 3rd cruise ended .... we stayed onboard for our 4th cruise!::MickeyMo ::MinnieMo

Nick@ VB+OKW
03-23-2004, 06:13 PM
Originally posted by ganurse
what was the most special time on the cruise for you personally?

http://users.pandora.be/eforum/emoticons4u/fingers/fing01.gif.........this is a Disney forum.*******************************otn/happy/11zwinky.gif

03-23-2004, 10:09 PM
I can't say!!!.....seriously!

When SheShe asked me to be one of the Gloria Gaynors in the 70s night lip sinc contest....I really was having a good time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thx again SheShe!!

03-23-2004, 10:35 PM
Seeing my son's face light up as he sees Disney Dreams and all the characters in the atrium.

03-24-2004, 02:18 AM
Strolling on Deck 10 when all 3 kids were in the kids club and finding my DS11 with his "club" in the Mickey pool about 10pm. They had the whole pool to themselves. We watched relay races, then they opened up the slide just for them. Pluto came out to see the kids, take a group picture and came up to goof around with me!

Strolling on Deck 10 another night and running into DS13 with his new teen friends. Took a bunch of group pictures that we later sent to all of them. He was having the best time!

Watching the Teen Nassau excursion going by the ship in the harbour.... they were waving to us... I knew my son was having the time of his life!

Sneaking up to the sports deck to spy on DS13 and ran into another Dad spying on his DD13 - it was so funny! It was a the first time I had to let my first born have some "teen time" and this next time around.... I know what to expect. But seeing his smiles and his excitment was so worth it!

A 5 year old daughter, a 11 year old son, a TEENAGER - to be able to go on a vacation where they each have their own niche and US TOO! And still, have the most wonderful family time too.

I'm all excited again.... 45 more days!

Tooth Fairy
03-24-2004, 08:09 AM
Get teary just thinking about it - the pixie dust at the end gets me everytime!!! Makes me go and rebook - what marketing!!!

03-24-2004, 10:55 AM
Hearing the horn blow for the sailaway!::yes::

03-24-2004, 01:23 PM
The look on DS13's face when we told him he didn't need money to get pizza, ice cream, hamburgers, etc...:earseek: :teeth:

08-25-2004, 02:38 AM

08-25-2004, 02:45 AM
Originally posted by ganurse
what was the most special time on the cruise for you personally?

Introducing Cash, the Wonder Dog to swimming in the big blue ocean at Castaway Cay.

08-25-2004, 03:56 AM
Stepping out of a white limo at Port Canaveral and seeing the ship for the first time.....................and hugging DD(CM) for the first time in 6mths!Nat:Pinkbounc

08-25-2004, 08:54 AM
The excitement in my son's eyes when they announced our name as we boarded the ship. Also, when he realized we were docking in St. Maarten and we just sat and watched the sunrise and docking procedures together on the verandah while DW slept.

Taking a moonlit stroll with my wife on Deck 10 while at sea. There were so many different moments.

08-25-2004, 09:06 AM
Mine was walking out to Deck 10 on my first cruise with my mom, I was taken back by how beautiful it was.

I also love to drive up to the Port and see the ship from a distance for the first time.

08-25-2004, 09:18 AM
My favorite was doing my morning walk around deck 9 (I think it was 9) very early in the morning, looking out to the never ending ocean and watching the sun rise for a wonderful beautiful fun filled day to begin.
I also absolutley loved Castaway Cay!! Heaven on earth was what someone else said... I couldn't agree more. :cool: ::yes::

08-25-2004, 10:03 AM
My favorite moment is walking on the ship, and that we have 1 glorious week on the ship ahead of us. THe lobby is so beautiful it is breath taking......

08-25-2004, 11:25 AM
Hearing the horn for the first time

Sitting with DH and DS 6 on secret deck 7 and watching the stars one night

Dancing with DD 8 at tropical deck party

Everything was fabulous

08-25-2004, 12:35 PM
I'd have to say it was when we boarded and were introduced. And since this was our first cruise every moment after was special for us.

08-25-2004, 02:04 PM
I have two:

1. Hearing the horn as we set sail

2. Watching my then 11 month old DD interact with the characters on her first Disney Cruise. That was priceless.

John Boy23
08-26-2004, 01:18 PM
The most special moment for us was on the bus leaving the terminal after the cruise, looking over at my DS 11 and seeing him in tears as we drove away with the ship in the back ground. By far the best trip we were ever on.:)

IASW Rider
08-26-2004, 02:26 PM
- Seeing the ship for the first time, immediately after the video on the motorcoach said "Soon, you will get your first glimpse of the majestic Disney Wonder..........she's waiting for you.........." and then........there she was!

- Having our names announced and all of the crew members applauding, as we boarded the ship.

- Hearing the public address system "When You Wish Upon a Star" chimes for the first time, just before the Cruise Director announced that it was time for the mandatory safety exercise.

- The Sailaway Party and hearing the ship's horn for the first time.

- Feeding the Lorry Parrots in Nassau.

- Relaxing in the Cadillac Lounge and listening to the wonderful pianist there, in the evenings.

- Meeting the ship's Captain, and dancing with Mickey on Castaway Cay!

- Watching the sun set over the ocean while dining at Palo.

- Lounging at Serenity Bay while drinking a Konk Cooler and listening to "Big Ship Sailing on the Ocean", over and over again!

- "Disney Dreams" and pixie dust on the last night.

- Leaving the ship, as all of the crew members INCLUDING THE CAPTAIN were there to bid us farewell.

- Pulling away from the port as the crew members in the motorcoach video said "Come back and see us again, soon - we'll be waiting for you" (that makes me teary just thinking about it!)

- Booking our next Land and Sea WDW / DCL vacation within an unprecedented 4 days after returning home! :)

08-26-2004, 04:34 PM
Returning from Castaway Cay on our first (and only) cruise and having an invitation to join the captain on the bridge for departure. I thought it couldn't get any better than that until they let my son push the button for the horn to leave dock!!!

What a memory! Pulling away with Castaway Cay in background and the ocean in front. The view was spectacular and the crew tremendous. But most importantly, the light on my child's face and the conversation at dinner that night as he told our tablemates.

DVC Mary
08-27-2004, 12:36 AM
Every time my sons hugged us with big smiles and saying thank you for taking us on the Disney Cruise. Other highlights:

*dancing at the sailaway party w/ DSs

*watching DS 7 order a 2nd order of escargot

*snorkeling w/ DS 7 who was so proud that he swam all the way to Mickey

*dinner at Palo w/DH looking out over the moonlit water

*when my DS 7 asked to be moved down just once at the OC so he could be w/ his little bro. when Mickey came for the Mickey Mouse song

08-27-2004, 07:00 PM
Our first cruise was the 4 night on the Wonder and I quote Iasw Rider for our fondest memory....- Seeing the ship for the first time, immediately after the video on the motorcoach said "Soon, you will get your first glimpse of the majestic Disney Wonder..........she's waiting for you.........." and then........there she was

The second cruise, first 7 night: Sharing dinners with our now very special friends from Canada, who we got to cruise with the following year!

Third cruise, again 7 nights: Seeing my youngest son, then 6, dress as Mickey in his full tux, and my daughter then 15 dressed in Minnies red dress, having their picture taken with the real deals and the fuss Mickey and Minnie made over them. Included was their body guard, our then 12 year old son as a man in black.

Next cruise? Can't wait to find out!

08-27-2004, 08:12 PM
My son running up and giving Doofy..yes, Doofy a huge hug!! He sees the pictures and says "Tyler gave Doofy big squeeze" He was 2 1/2 on the trip..3 now :0)

08-28-2004, 08:01 PM
*dinner with DH at Palo - the romance, being dressed up and eating such exquisite food

*leaving DDs in the stateroom to watch cartoons and order room service to their delight with DH and I went to Tritons for breakfast

*introducing ourselves to our tablemates to realize it was a fellow DISer we had emailed with to find a pre-cruise friend for our oldest DD

*Castaway Cay!!!!!!

*drinking coffee on the verandah and watching the beauty of the

*the fabulous service by our stateroom hostess -- FRESH TOWELS TWICE A DAY!!!

08-28-2004, 10:18 PM
knowing that our family has found a vacation choice that we will enjoy - again and again.

I personally loved early mornings on the upper decks. some 'quiet time' with coffee, sea air and breath taking sunrises.

We loved that the DD's could not wait to go to the clubs...we needed to 'monitor their time' - so, they would share actiivities as a family.

My DW and I LOVED Palo...some special moments - just the two of us.

going again - AND AGAIN!!!!

08-30-2004, 01:15 AM

08-30-2004, 03:25 PM
Too many things to remember...

See the Magic for the first time, the second time, the third time, etc.

Meeting fellow cruisers on this board and then cruising with them, Barb & Tony, Kathy & Alex, Sue & family, Ann & family, Linda & Christina..

All the "EXCELLENT" CM's...Jeff, John, MacLean, Ellen, PJ, Christian, Kristoff, Marco, Sylvester, Ivan, AnneMarie, Danielo,
Lillian, Kate...all the Kids Club counselors

Watching DH do his "John Travolta",

DD saying "Mommie, come on and have some pizza...it's FREE",
while everyone around her cracked up...if she only knew how expensive that pizza was!!!

Coming down in the elevator at CC and the doors opening to Minnie standing there....she grabbed DD by the hand and off they went to the picture opportunity on the dock....

Getting to meet and become friends with Paige Davis and Patrick Page.

Really, just wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many memories to list...


08-30-2004, 04:34 PM
My favorite memories included:

-seeing Magic for the first time
-hearing the horn
-being able to share such a unique experience with DD 9 and DS 7
-Booking the second cruise with a LARGE group of friends

08-30-2004, 07:36 PM
Originally posted by ganurse
what was the most special time on the cruise for you personally?

We just returned on 8/28 and I have to say my most special time was waiting on line for the spa and being picked to have a free hot stone massage for 1 1/2 hours while people toured the spa. My back and neck was in terrible shape and I desperately needed the massage. Even Nina (the therapist) says that she was so glad that she picked me because I was hurting so much. Thank you Nina!
My second would have to be napping on the deck 4 chairs at midnight with my husband. Total bliss listening to the waves and falling asleep.

Verandah Man
08-30-2004, 07:46 PM
We also just returned on 8/28, and for this cruise, my favorite moment would have been meeting Donald "Ducky" Williams (Chief Artist for WDW) and winning one of his paintings during the Silent Auction on Friday night 8/27.

08-31-2004, 12:19 AM
Isn't Don the best?
We had the pleasure of sailing with him on one of our cruises. I was amazed at how effortlessly he created such wonderful drawings. One of my favorite cruise moments was when he did a drawing of Figment for me. He had asked for requests at his talk, and I requested Figment as one of the drawings he made to be raffled. I didn't win it, but he said to meet him at the pool the next day and he would do a sketch for me. When I went up there, he was sunning himself and looking so comfortable that I hesitated to bother him...but I REALLY wanted that Figment drawing. He was so nice and gracious. It was very windy (day at sea), and I still chuckle when I remember him making the drawing at the bar by the adult pool, holding down the paper so it wouldn't blow away! That drawing hangs in a special spot in my foyer, and I have a magical memory whenever I look at it.
Another magical memory is finally getting a copy of the picture that hangs in stateroom 5650 after being outbid at the auction twice. Whenever I feel homesick for the cruise, I look at that photo and think of my ocean "home."

08-31-2004, 01:02 AM
We've done several Disney Cruises, and now, for some reason I still don't totally understand, everytime I board one of the Disney Boats at the start of a cruise, I get this warm fuzzy feeling that tells me I'm home.

08-31-2004, 10:12 AM
Originally posted by HooKooDooKu
We've done several Disney Cruises, and now, for some reason I still don't totally understand, everytime I board one of the Disney Boats at the start of a cruise, I get this warm fuzzy feeling that tells me I'm home.

Funny you should say that! As we were driving to go home we passed by the Magic and one of Carnival's ships and I said to my family how much nicer "our" ship was than Carnival's. I didn't realize that I had referred to the Magic as "ours" until my husband mentioned it. It really does feel like home. I was in tears as we were walking off the ship to go to our real home back in NJ.

Mr. Bill
08-31-2004, 01:12 PM
When Devina saw the ship for the first time.....

When booking the cruise I took last May, I seriously considered Carnival Cruise Line … less money. My traveling companion was my 8-year-old surrogate granddaughter. Her father had been killed in Iraq and this was her 1st birthday without her father … it had to be a special time! This is being said to “set the tone” of the event.

When Devina saw the ship for the first time she pulled her arms tightly to her chest and while shaking with excitement she literally squealed with delight and grabbed the phone to call her mother. She was soooo excited she could hardly talk. She was completely lost for words to describe it!

I will cheerish that memory for a long time. Seeing the joy in eyes that had shed so many tears the previous 8 months made for a very special monent ... that one moment made the extra money worth every penny.