View Full Version : UH?!? Sci-Fi filled up on first PS day?

03-08-2004, 08:40 AM
Today was my 90 day window for making a PS for Sci-Fi. I wasn't worried about it. After taking my daughter to school I called. It was a little before 8 their time. I asked for a 6:30 and was told the latest they had was 6:00. Course I took it, but I just didn't realize Sci-Fi fills up that fast. Is that normal? This is for early June. Star Wars Weekend is that day, but last year I booked Sci-Fi during this event and had no problems calling much later in the day. I just thought this odd?
I guess I'll try to call earlier for the rest of our PSs this week. Maybe this is just a busier time than I thought. Gay Days ends that very day, but they are scheduled for Epcot. Oh well...

03-08-2004, 09:01 AM
I JUST got off the phone with disney dining and I made a PS for Sci-Fi on 6/6/04 with no problems.

We wanted it around the 1:00 hour & had our choice of times!!
Maybe they don't have PS after 6:00???

03-08-2004, 09:20 AM
Just another possibility: perhaps 6pm is the latest due to the park closing hours? June isn't out yet to my knowledge but maybe MGM isn't open late that early in June.

03-08-2004, 09:30 AM
keep calling , i called for easter time and got ps for lunch time, they dont open until noon, i got 12:20 and i called less then 90 days more like 60 days.

i was calling for ps for our aug. trip last year for chef mickey, nothing was available except 9pm, to late for me, then about 4 or 5 days to arrival i called one more time and i had no problem i got to choose which time i wanted for dinner, i dont get it , how come they didnt have anything all of a sudden the times were wide open.:earseek:

keep calling and find out when last seating is

03-08-2004, 12:05 PM
I ran in to the same issue when I was making PS for MGM last summer. The latest PS they would offer was 5 PM at any resturant.