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FLfamilyof 4
06-23-2001, 10:09 PM
Wow, what a perfect way to start the day. As I lie in bed, I can see the blue ocean meet the horizon of a lovely morning. Maybe that is why I dislike mornings otherwise--no view of the ocean! Before I start with the details of Sunday and Monday, I need to back up just a bit. We had chosen ahead of time to request the 5 Star Snorkel excursion to Trunk Bay. So, I filled out the form, which was in our room, and placed in in the box, unfolded at about 2:40 pm. There were people standing all around just looking over the excursion form and filling it out, but there was no line. Many people were folding their forms in half. The box says not to fold them. I am sure anyone would still get their excursion anyway. I suspect the folding jamms up the forms in the box though.

Back to Sunday morning...I got up and dressed, then went to Topsiders to bring back food for everyone. we never did eat at Topsiders or a restuarant for breakfast. Was more relaxing on on verandah and made for good family time prior to the day's activities. After getting the food, back up the aft stairs for milk the drink station. I later learned I could pick up cartons of milk at Topsiders. Much easier to carry than balancing cups of milk. After taking a shower, I took the kids to Oceaneer's.Club. They absolutely LOVED it all week. My DD-8 opted to be in the club so she could be with DS-7. Actually, i was told on the previous day that I could have had both of them in the Lab, even though DS just turned 7 in Feb. I was surprised by this. the CM told me they were being a bit lenient on the age policy since the ages groups had changed recently. Anyway, NZ KIWI's DS-6 and my kids wanted to be together in the Club. It worked out just fine. In fact, all the age groups spend time in the Club and the Lab. So they don't miss out on anything anyway. DD and DS stayed there all day-their choice. It felt weird for them not to be around. I even checked on them twice--I think I was a bit lonely for them--and they were having a great time. DH played basketball on deck 10 and worked out in the fitness center. I took care of the onboard shopping for souveniers. I recognized Jacqui, the cruise director, in the hall near the atrium. I introduced myself and she chatted with me for a bit. VERY NICE and friendly. DH and I sat on deck 4, starboard side, during the afternoon. Saw San Salvador in the distance. The lounge chairs on deck 4 are very comfy indeed. I wrote out all my postcards that later were mailed from CC, while DH fell asleep. Since it was formal night, we went back to cabin to get dressed. Then it was time for 2nd DIS meet. cruzindon, firelady and myself were there. (Gosh, were you there too California Mom?) So we missed dylan's mom and brich but were glad to read here on the boards that they made it on the Magic! Then it was off to get DD & DS from the club so they could get dressed for pictures and Hercules. (Enjoyed the show) DD & DS had all ready eaten with the kids' club. After that, back to room to change them again and back to Oceaneer's. DH & I had a nice dinner at Lumiere's. Afterwards, we walked around the ship and did some people watching. It is fun to watch all the activity in the atrium area and see everyone dressed up. We picked up DD & DS. We were all tired and ready for bed.

Next morning, I only got food for DD and DS. DH & I had ressies at 11am for brunch at Palo's! DD and DS were anxious to get along to the club. Brunch was AWESOME. The BEST meal on the ship (Hmmm, where have I heard that before?) Maurizio was our server. He was darling and definitely committed to creating a wonderful experience for us. We ate and ate and drank lots of champagne! We saw CarolG and DH there too! We ate at a leisurely pace, so it took about 2 hours. Afterwards, we went to our stateroom for "time together" and then took a 90 minute nap! What happened after the nap and before "Who Wants To be a Mouseketeer" is no longer in my memory bank. DD wanted to stay in Oceaneer's during the show. She had become good friends with DD-6 of CalifornaiMOM. The 2 girls hung out together alot all week. We liked the show. It was so funny though, because DS was extremely nervous one of us would get picked! Perhaps the thought of being up on stage in front of everyone was his fear, although he never told us why despite our asking. On the 2nd contestant selection, we were just seats away from being the lucky one! DS was relieved. I am not a devoted Disney trivia person, but thought most of the questions were easy or moderate. Only 2 or 3 questions in the whole show had me stumped. Somebody won $400. I don't recall what the others won, but it was less. Afterwards, DS and I went to the atrium so he could display his lanyard and pin collection and check out the pin trading. Since this was all new to him ( and me), we basically looked at what pins CMs. They were all so kind to take the time to look at his collection and offer compliments! He was given a 1998 DCL pin by a female CM! Then we picked up DD so we could all eat in AP and see the show. I have read mixed reviews about the show in AP. Personally, I thought it was decent, even fun. The kids loved it. DD ordered a Shirley Temple to drink. Allen, our assistant server from South Africa, had forgotten it. Well, did he ever come through though! He brought out a TALL glass filled with cherries and Sprite. My DD's expression was priceless. I have it on video and smile just thinking about it. She couldn't even eat all the cherries. After that, she was "torn" between who was her favorite buddy from South Africa; Allen or Ian from Oceaneer's. BTW, Ian is fantastic!! My DD and DS took to him right away. Ian was one of the best parts of our cruise. I know he always had a special eye on them. Overall, we were impressed with everything about Oceaneers. The counselors were friendly and open to all our inquiries. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves as much as the kids did. After the AP show, we were tired again all ready for bed. We were going to wake up in St. Maarten! The first 2 days at sea had been spectacular. What would a day in port be like? Find out in my next report! :D

Please excuse any spelling errors. Amateur typist here. ;)

06-25-2001, 03:05 PM
My DD age 8...loved Ian also...............Isn't it amazing how they jell with
these counselors????

06-26-2001, 07:51 AM
..... Keep 'em coming!
I love re-living our cruise through your reports! I only wish my memory was as clear as yours... next time I pack the Journal FIRST, not leave it lying on the bed at home!! LOL!


Yo Ho Yo Ho
06-26-2001, 04:28 PM
Waiting for the rest of your trip report! By the way, that was Mistress Flower and her grandfather that won that $400.00! :bounce: They sure enjoyed spending it! This was our second cruise with Disney and it was too short!;) I believe even my DH is ready to go again......... Also agree about the chairs on deck four. On our first cruise they had lounges like the ones that are around the pool area, and it was still my favorite place to relax. This time however it was heavenly! Guess who took a nap there every day? :o
We didn't have problems with our KTTW card like you and Brich did, and our "trunk" of goodies was all there too. We did have our drain back up after DD took a bath. Jerome had things under control by the time we got back from dinner. We are ready to go again:D :D :D

FLfamilyof 4
06-26-2001, 07:39 PM
Hi there Yo Ho Yo Ho and MistressFlower12. I must need glasses! I didn't even realize that was you! Of course, we were in row W, way in the back with DS who wouldn't stop talking about his fear of us being called as contestants. I think he was having a mini-panic attack. Funny thing is he is NOT shy. Anyway, great going! You were SOOOO close to that $750. Next time maybe... :D :D :D

DH and I are debating which week to sail next year, then we'll book another cruise! Take Care! Please also say hi to your other DD (who has the same name as my DD)! :sunny:

Yo Ho Yo Ho
06-26-2001, 08:12 PM
great name! :D Looking forward to the rest of your report! Who knows, maybe we'll cross paths again on the Magic....;)
By the way - Mouseketeer made me nervous too - not sure how I would have done if called, although alot of the answers were fairly easy. I had already decided to take DD with me ~ grandpa just got to be the lucky one instead. They gave him a cool "check" and DD got a special pin, kind of like the cruise ship pin with the ears behind it, and it said Mouseketeer Contestant. Our older DD knew that $750 answer.......... DD did too later that night when DD1 supplied the "I'm the baby....gotta love me!" We told her they did fine - $400.00 was GREAT - free money! Maybe it'll be your turn next time:p Take care.

06-27-2001, 11:50 PM
So cool that you guys were called!! The family we were traveling with went up there too & got a credit ($250, I think) but we were at first seating so our shows were at 8:30, the opposite of yours!

My friend's seat was chosen & she asked if she could take her son with her & they said sure! It was funny because they asked the "panel of experts" for some advice on that last question & they were stumped, so they just settled for the loot & left. Turned out they would have guessed correctly - oh well.

On the first show, the welcome aboard, our friends' other DS was called up to the stage to be a volunteer for the ventriloquist (sp?). Daniel sat there & was the "dummy." My friend forgot her camera so later went to guest services & expressed her disappointment at that & asked if they might be able to pose him for a photo. They were GREAT. They contacted the ventriloquist dude (forgot his name, sorry) & he set it all up at the end of another show & let them take some pix. It was so cool. Love those guys!!! And love your reports, Merricki!!

FLfamilyof 4
06-28-2001, 12:13 AM
It's great to read what other people were experiencing onboard. Nice additions to my trip report. Thanks NZ KIWI, Yo Ho Yo Ho and Dylan's Mom. natsmom125, I agree with you 100%! Happy to hear your DD had a buddy too!