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06-23-2001, 07:34 PM
Hi, just returned from June 10th wonder cruise and had a great time. My wife, my son age 12 and daughter age 7 went. We drove from Atlanta to Port C and parked VERY close to the terminal. We got there at around 11:15. TIP- Get there early if driving, we avoided the crowd, and waited no more than 3 min checking in. Check in was a breeze, no problems. We saw Goofy and Mickey while we watited in line. We were one of the 1st 50 or so in line, and we got on board at 12:20. They take your picture, etc. We ate at Beach blanket, and then got Palo ressies, and then checked the kids in the clubs. I got Palo at the last night, and was # 7 that night, no problems. We then found our room, a vernadah room 6050. A great room, Get the vernadah, if you can it is great! A very large room, with more than enough storage imo. Got the kids to swim, and then went to the pools, and the going away party! It was great, and lots of fun. We then got ready for dinner as we had Tritons the 1st night. We saw a bad storm coming as we were getting ready for dinner, and saw 2 WATERSPOUTS outside our room!!!! Got it on video! Those of you worried about ship moving, DON"T! We had 4-6 foot seas, and we felt nothing the 1st night. We then went to Tritons, and had a good meal.
NOTE: our servers were NOT great! They had NO personality, and had to wait 5-10 min to get my tea glass filled! This went on the whole 4 days, but was not going to ruin our cruise! They did not cut meat up, did not know after the 3rd night, what I wanted to drink, after tea the past 2 nights, oh well, not Disney's fault they had no personality or MAGIC about them. We then went to see the show Hercules, very good and Hades was good, a good show to see. We then went out and learned the ship, and called it a night.
NOTE: Our room steward was Kitty, and she more than made up for our servers, she was outstanding, always calling me by my name, and learned our kids name the 1st night.
My son and daughter went to the clubs the first night, and liked them. My son stayed out till 12 am. He could check himself in and out of the club.

06-25-2001, 04:24 PM
We were in room 6048 right next to deerh and got great pictures of the water spouts. I had taken along all kinds of medicine for sea sicknesses and I never even felt the ship moving. Very, Very smooth sailing.

06-25-2001, 05:05 PM
Sorry...I don't mean to sound dumb but what are Water Spouts? does that indicate the waves are high on the ship?

06-25-2001, 06:51 PM
Water spouts are "mini tornados" at sea. When over land they are tornadoes, over sea waterspouts.
I teach weather, so this was a treat for me to film this so I can show my kids in class.
I am not a weather man or play one on TV! LOL