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03-01-2004, 02:52 PM
Sorry if this is a little off-topic but could someone tell me where the location of the Red Lobster closest to WDW? I think I remember reading somewhere that there is one close by.

Aloha! :earsgirl:

03-01-2004, 04:04 PM
If I remember correctly, we went to one at the Crossroads. Just take Hotel Plaza Boulevard from Downtown Disney to the light, and Red Lobster will be right in that shopping plaza, on the right of the entrance. :)

03-01-2004, 09:11 PM
Yes, that's exactly where it is. Can't miss it!

03-01-2004, 11:09 PM
I appreciate the help. I thought it might be in the Crossroads Center but when I looked it up on the net, it didn't list Red Lobster as one of the restaurants.

Thanks again and Aloha! :earsgirl:

03-02-2004, 10:24 AM
Don't know where on property you are staying, but there is another Red Lobster that just opened on the other end of property. If you (or anyone else that might read this thread that wants to know) are staying at the All Stars, Coronado Springs, or the Animal Kingdom Lodge (in that vicinity), there is one on 192. If you go like you would be heading to the Animal Kingdom Park and then stay all the way to the left (as if you were going to AK Lodge, but make a left at the light just before AK Lodge... Sherberth Rd). Follow that road to the next light, that will be 192 and make a right. Red Lobster will be on the left (as well as Friday's, Outback Steakhouse, Carabba's and Cracker Barrel...it is the Formosa Gardens Plaza).