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FLfamilyof 4
06-22-2001, 06:40 PM
We left our home in SW FL about 3pm to drive to Port Canaveral. It takes about 4 1/2 hours. I guess since DD and Ds were excited about it being their last day of school and about the cruise, they did great for the ride. Gameboys seem to help too! We had reservations at the Radisson. Our room was 236. When I made the reservation, I specifically requested a room on the highest floor with a view of the ship. Curiously, the rooms are numbered by building, not floor. So room 236 is on the 3rd, the highest, floor at the Radisson Resort at the Port. We had a 1 bedroom jacuzzi suite. Very clean and comfortable. Worked well for our family. DD and DS had their own TV in living room (hide-a-bed sofa) and we had a TV and the jacuzzi. We ate next door at Kelsey's Pizzeria which was cool because Kelsey is DD's name. She felt special. Food was mediocre but hit the spot anyway. When we went back to our room, we checked out the gorgeous pool area. VERY nice. Oh yes, when we checked in, I told DH to sign us up for the shuttle to the Port the next morning. The earliest availabilty was 10:20 am. Bit later than I wished for but oh well. Remembering that NZ KIWI would be arriving a few hours behind us, I called the front desk right after getting into our room. Then, the earliest shuttle space available was at 12:40 pm. Ultimately, both DHs dropped us off with kids and luggage at about 10 am. They drove back to the hotel and took the shuttle back. If you need it, be sure to sign up for the shuttle RIGHT AWAY. I had called 2 days prior to this to sign up ahead of time, but was told must do it at check-in. Anyway, when we arrived at the DCL terminal, there were all ready a few others there. Check had not started yet though. We went all the way to the end of the terminal and sat on the couches by the huge windows overlooking the Magic. By the time noon came, the terminal was pretty full. It is a spectacular building; not as much as the Magic, but worth mentioning. There is a snack bar there too. Lines become long quickly though. We knew from the boards to grab the Bahamas immigration forms at the tables. We filled them out as we waited. Even though we were told check-in would start at 11 am, it started about 15 minutes earlier. I told the kids to get in line for boarding while I checked in. Only took about 10 minutes. What a awesome feeling to finally have our KTTW cards! We got the dining rotation I requested, PLAPLAP. We may have gotten it anyway since DD is 8 and DS is 7. Back in line, they were about the 15th people in line. NZ KIWI and I, along with our families, were wearing our lime green ribbons. (She and I live near each other, but met for the first time at McDonalds for breakfast. It is right across the street from the Radisson.) We did not see anyone else with ribbons, but they saw us! We met CarolG, cruzindon, Danielle, CaliforniaMom, DOOGIERUNNER, jbstein456, MistressFlower12 & Yo Ho Yo Ho in line! How cool was that? We were also standing next to a family with a DS-10 who had cruised DCL before. They were very friendly and helpful. (Thanks Sharman family from PA!) There was a Coast Guard drill which delayed boarding until about 12:30. After passing through the Mickey Mouse silhouette entrance, DH set off the metal detector with his titanium watch! A couple people passed us, but we were still way ahead of many others still in the terminal. We got our picture taken when we boarded. Turned out nice, first shipboard purchase! Nice welcome in the atrium from Mickey and the CMs. We headed aft. On the elevator, DHs and kids went to deck 9 for Topsiders. NZ KIWI and I headed one deck up to Palo. WE WERE FIRST IN LINE! We were like 2 little kids at our own birthday party! The CM opened the door at about 12:50 ( I am guessing since I don't wear a watch). There were plenty of people behind us by now. We made ressies for dinner together, the 4 of us, for Wednesday night. We were told to fill out the form and then drop it in the box. Well, there was NO box. Instead, a CM at a table took the forms. NZ KIWI and I still can't figure out why we were told to put them in a non-existent box. Then off to the table for brunch and high tea (for NZ KIWI only) ressies. Confirmation notices for dinner are sent to your stateroom, but not for brunch or high tea. They tell you right there whether or not your requested time can be reserved. So, don't panic, as we did, that no confirmation is sent for these. Now we met up with our families at Topsiders. The food was pretty good. The punch was good too especially since I was thirsty. There were cold cuts on the buffet, perhaps bologna too. With so many other choices though, I didn't even bother with them. While we were eating outside, we noticed there were still DCL buses arriving with people. Poor souls, probably too late now for any ressies! The kids went to look at the pools. We gave them one of the 2-way radios to keep in touch. They didn't even need it though as they found their way back easily. Of course, that doesn't mean they didn't use them. "Mom, the slide is huge!" & "We are coming back now" from 2 feet away from our location! Off to our cabins to change into swim wear. Our cabin, 7094, was perfect! We LOVE the verandah. Very roomy I thought. Cruised before on other lines and cabins were smaller than my closet at home! We didn't stay long. Kids wanted to swim NOW. NZ KIWI and I went to register kids at Oceaneer's. The kids do not have to be with you to do this. In fact, we probably accomplished this much faster since they were not there. Very helpful CMs. Took maybe 15 minutes in all. Met up with DHs and kids. Almost time for lifeboat drill. Although the drill went quickly, it could have been quicker if people made it the priority it is. Shame on them for showing up 5-10 minutes late. Also, please keep your vest on as requested until back at cabin. I know they are uncomfortable. However, all those vests at people's sides, just slows down traffic even more! Our sailaway was delayed about 40 minutes due to airline delay. No big deal. Life was grand. No rain, a beautiful ship, lots of activity and entertainment around the Goofy Pool. We watched from deck 10. Our DIS meet was at 5:30. There we met firelady and bill&patty, along with the others from earlier in line. It was cool to hear the ship's horn! LOUD! Everybody along the jetty was waving goodbye as we left port. Bet they wish they were on our cruise! Back to cabin, to "set up house" as NZ KIWI says. Luggage was there by 3pm. Lots of storage space to put clothes, etc. Our closet had lots of hangers. Didn't need to use any that I packed. Brought over the door shoe holder which really helped organize all the little things!Our dinner was late seating in Parrot Cay. We had table 63. At first, I didn't like it, but realized later, it was good to be in the center next to the aisle. Let's just say dinner comes with entertainment as well! I don't remember everything we ordered. ( I lost the prinotout of menus I had or I could use them for reference) The food was good to great. I wouldn't say, except for Palo's, that it was outstanding, but no complaints either. Our servers were very pleasant. They doted on DD and DS. After dinner, we were tired from the excitement and exploring. Went to bed about 11 pm. No towel animals the 1st night, DD and DS did not yet know about them anyway. Slept well. Awoke early-unusual for me! But felt well rested. the ocean is so pretty to see when first awaking!

06-22-2001, 08:31 PM
Great report! I am glad that you had such a great time. thanks for taking the time to highlight the great, good and the few things that could have been better. I am learning so much from these boards.

FLfamilyof 4
06-28-2001, 12:16 AM

06-28-2001, 08:12 PM
Just read your comment about getting the dining rotation you requested. I asked my TA, who is with DreamUnlimited, and she said Disney won't even accept request for dining? Hmmmm! What's up with that?
Great reports of your cruise. My family is going June 2002. CAN'T WAIT!

FLfamilyof 4
06-28-2001, 11:53 PM
My experience with Disney has always been requests are accepted and noted, however no guarantee is made. When we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge, I requested a specific floor and area on that floor for our room. Our request was taken, and we ended up in the vicinity we wanted. When I called DCL, again, my request was noted and I was reminded that no guarantee could be made.We were going to stay at CBR in April this year for a long weekend (didn't happen due to work conflict though). I had contacted DU, since I learned about them on the boards, to handle the reservations. I told Misti at DU which CBR building we preferrred and she told me the same thing--requests are taken, but not guaranteed. I am puzzled to why you have received different info. Perhaps the policy has changed since April of this year. :confused: Wish I had the answer. Ask again... Good luck! :D

06-29-2001, 01:08 PM
Thank you for the advise. I will ask again. "It never hurts to ask... again!"