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06-21-2001, 10:42 PM
It's hard to believe I haven't had one trade offer since posting this. You'd think I was asking for somebody's "holy grail" instead of current RACK pins!

Still looking for these stock/rack pin releases from DL & DCA:
Mickey Rocks
Hollywood Sweethearts
Paradise Pier Sweethearts
Mickey and Minnie Mouse/Model T
Minnie in Le Boutique
Minnie Dinner in Paris
Minnie Shopping in Paris
Snow White Dwarfs Boxed Set
Sorcerer Mickey Dancing w/Brooms
Mickey Minnie w/Jukebox 3pc Set

And still willing to trade RACK pins and/or LE pins for them:
#116: EPCOT 2000 Mickey Hands Around Globe
#336: WDW Innoventions INTERNET ZONE Press dangle
#454: WDW Innoventions GO NETWORK Press dangle
#654: Disney Store #45: Steamboat Willie
#724: Disney Store #7: Two Gun Mickey
#1102: Spring Break 2000
#2656: 2000 WDW Disneyana Bus. Grp - Disney Store
#2657: WD Attractions Marketing Special Events
#3041: Grand Floridian Mickey and Minnie Walking Pluto
#3836: WDW Feb. 2001 Zodiac POM Pisces - Cleo
#3982: WDW Happy Birthday
#3999: Magic Kingdom Postcard
#4000: Animal Kingdom Postcard
#4001: Epcot Postcard
#4002: MGM Postcard
#4093: Zorro
#4094: Davy Crockett
#4240: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Play It!
#4341: DTD Pin Event : Disney at Home
#4342: WDW Spring Break 2001
#4556: WDW Apr. 2001 Zodiac POM Taurus - Ferdinand
#4847: WDW MK Land Series Frontierland Donald
#4848: WDW MK Land Series Adventureland Daisy
#4849: WDW MK Land Series Fantasyland Minnie
#4865: Epcot Flower & Garden Tool Box Pin/2001
#4998: WDW MK Land Series Tomorrowland Pluto
#4999: WDW MK Land Series Liberty Square Goofy
#5057: WDW May Zodiac Gemini-Tweedledee & dum
#5166: Epcot Flags Spinner
#5167: Mickey Hands Epcot Spinner

C'mon traders, I know you're out there. Please email me with any and all offers and let's trade! I have great refs here and on eBay. Thanks...Disneyboy

06-23-2001, 01:54 PM
bump up

06-23-2001, 02:49 PM
Chin up!! Don't be sad. :(

I'm sure someone will answer......don't get discouraged. Lots of our DL Pinhead friends go to the parks on the weekends so maybe they haven't been there yet. Those pins just came out this week.

Sending you some pixiedust. :)