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02-21-2004, 11:42 PM
Just wondering about teen activities on the Wonder. This will be our second Disney cruise (kids now are 10 and 14) and we are familiar with other kids activites, but on our last cruise our 14 was only 12, so we are unfamiliar with teen activities. Anyone know if anyone has a Wonder teen navigator posted anywhere? We will be doing 4-day cruise leaving 03/21/2004. Whole family can hardly wait!

southern sass
02-22-2004, 05:07 PM
there is a website that posts some of the navigators for the cruise.



02-22-2004, 05:51 PM
We've never been on the Wonder, but are veterans of 10 Magic cruises. There is a Magic teen navigator posted at www.*****************. I'm sure the activities are similar. The biggest difference is that in the teen program, the kids can choose to participate in the scheduled activities or just "hang out" in the area. There are music videos and listening devices that can be used essentially any time. There's a party each night...different theme each night. There is also a list of activities that can be done at any time with counsellor's permission--the teens ask the counsellor and supplies are taken out for them. In addition, there is a bar that serves smoothies and sodas any time they'd like for a fee. Sodas are free if teen is on the package.

The Wild Side excursion on Castaway was my daughter's favorite.