View Full Version : Best beach in Cozumel for 6 & 8 yr. olds?

02-20-2004, 03:03 PM
I have 2 very active boys ages 6 & 8. What would be the best beach to go to in Cozumel?

02-20-2004, 03:30 PM
Chankanob. Grab a taxi down there from the docks. They have calm beach areas or excellent snorkeling areas. If they get board, they can walk over and watch the dolphin shows. Excellent little restaurants right on the beach

02-20-2004, 04:23 PM
I would second Chankanaab. I would also suggest doing the dolphin encounter. If your boys are old enough, I would do the Royal swim with the dolphins. The encounter was wonderful (my kids are 4 and 6) but the swim looked even better, next time. Kim

02-20-2004, 04:45 PM

Here's a link that will help you decide.


Since you live at Jax beach, you might want to look for something you don't have in Florida already (IMO - our FL beaches are better).

That was how we approached it; we were interested in the best snorkeling / sealife / no crowds.

02-20-2004, 05:47 PM
Playa Del Sol has several "big toys" out in the water for the kids to play on. Don't know if there is a cost or not for the beach or the "toys" The toys that I saw were an iceburg to climb up and jump or slide off and a trampoline. There may be some other things there too. We went to Playa Del San Francisco (just a short way from "del Sol". It did not have anything like the toys. There were boats and jet skis to rent, a swimming area and food services available. There was no cost to enter the beach.

02-20-2004, 06:06 PM
I'll second Playa Del Sol's toys. They also have water trampolines, paddle boats, kayaks and a swimming pool with a swim-up bar.
We did Playa as an excursion on our CCL cruise this past Sept and DD3 had a great time. Our excursion included beach chairs, an umbrella and floats for everyone, big inner tubes and those flat, spongy, floaty things. It also included all our beverages. Pop and juice for DD and beer for us. There is also a restaurant, but we stuck with just snacks while we were there.

02-20-2004, 07:48 PM
We had a great time at Chankanaab. It is very easy to catch a taxi there and back ($10.00 for 4 people each way). There are tropical birds, sealions, dolphins, food, snorkeling, free beach chairs and umbrellas first come first serve. Also there is a great sandy shallow "swimming" area for small kids. We want to go back!!

02-21-2004, 08:40 AM
I read the entire thread from Sally Mini Golf and here is some useful info on Paradise Beach.

"The beach is long and lovely, a white sandy beach that slopes gently into the ocean. There's no entry fee, plenty of chaise lounges (brand new and very comfortable) big umbrellas, sea kayaks (free), floating mats (free), water trampoline (free), and an iceberg to climb (free). The bar is well stocked although I can't absolutely vouch for the availability of a coconut or a pineapple. I'll let them know when you'll be there and we'll see what they say. All drinks are made with purified water and ice.The restrooms are spotless, with rinse showers available as well. The reggae band plays from 1-5pm, happy hour (2x1 drinks, all drinks) is from 4-5pm. It's a brand new beach, so people are just starting to find out about it. Anyway, head there for the afternoon and then back to the ship. If you still have some energy you can shop some more at night...."