View Full Version : Yippeee!! Just got Docs have ???s

02-18-2004, 08:57 PM
O.K. Just got documents and still have questions.
Anybody ever been in room 7000? If so how was it? How is the view?
Also, it is land/sea, so do we have to so anything when we get to the port or just get in line?

I'm so exited! I can't wait!

02-18-2004, 09:50 PM
Hey what a funny coincidence, we are in the same room but on the Magic a week later! As far as location, we were in 7008 last cruise and really thought this location was convenient and no traffic or noise problems. Have a wonderful time.

02-18-2004, 10:02 PM
We just returned from 2/7 Magic and had rooms 7008 & 7010. They are great! We had a metal verandah on our first cruise and I much prefer this porthole room to that. The view is magnificent, as someone mentioned in an earlier post, the officers quarters or offices or something is at the of your hallway so you get officer traffic and that's about it.

Have a Magical cruise :wave: