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02-18-2004, 07:14 PM
Is their a formal night on a 3 day cruise? Also, if we want to double-up one night to eat after at Palo, which is the best night. Will we know our restaurant rotation in advance or at boarding?:jester: :jester:

02-18-2004, 08:55 PM
When we went on the 3-day this summer there was no formal night. I wore capri's and a nice shirt to dinner and my DH wore Dockers and a nice button down shirt. At Palo's I wore a skirt and blouse and my DH wore a nicer set of pants and shirt. THere were a few people who wore suits to Palo's but they were the minority.
Personally, I wouldn't double up at Palo's because you get so stuffed especially after the dessert! The last night there was a nice buffet on the top desks at about 11:00pm that was a good way to enjoy more yummy food with out having two dinners.
We did not get our restaurant rotation until we boarded. If you were going to skip a restaurant I would recommend that you skip Parrot Cay. Tritons and ANimators Pallete are too good to miss!

Have a great time!

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