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02-10-2004, 09:47 PM
We are renting points in Sept at the BCV and cannot wait! This will be our first time here (stayed at BWV and loved it too). I've walked past SAB and viewed others' photos, but I'm wondering if I can convince my 8 year old DD that spending an afternoon at SAB will be as exciting as spending an afternoon at BB? She has never been to a full blown water park before, but has seen some of the Disney Sing-A-long videos that has a video shot at BB and is dying to go. However, my 4 year old DS is not much of a swimmer yet and I really don't want to go to an expensive water park until both kids are strong swimmers and comfortable in the water. Do you think I can convince her that SAB is just as cool as BB?! Thanks, Jo

02-10-2004, 10:25 PM
I just got back from the BCV's a few weeks ago, loved it!! We also went to SAB every single day with our three boys, ages 10,11 and 15. I can tell you that there is no comparison between SAB and BB. They are completely different. I love them both, but for different reasons.
Blizzard Beach is a very busy day, constantly climbing stairs to get to your next slide. And a ton of walking everywhere. It is a total BLAST of a day. But if you feel you must wait till everyone ca enjoy, then do that.
Stormalong Bay is far more relaxing. There is a place where there is a whirlpool that kids are very much attracted (my boys loved it and pretty much spent all of their time here) where you can lie back and the water takes you around and around in a circle. But you have to be somewhat of a good swimmer. There are tons of places to swim at this pool, lots of choices. She will probably love the slide, I did not, it was too fast at the beginning and I don't like to lie down on any slide...but thats just me.
This pool is fabulous. Blizzard Beach will always be there. Although I would say that your youngest would really enjoy it there too (especially the kiddie section). I wouldn't completely rule it out. Enjoy BCV's and SAB!!!

Deb & Bill
02-10-2004, 11:19 PM
SAB is just a pool, a rather themed pool, but, still, just a pool. BB and TL are water parks. To me a big difference. My husband and son love SAB, but I'd rather go to the quiet pool at BCV instead. But I love TL with BB a good second.

There are some very deep parts of SAB (maybe 8' or so), especially the lazy river portion which is between the big slide and the sandy, kiddy area. The lazy rivers at TL and BB are not that deep and you can walk around them easily.

When they set up the water volleyball net at SAB, it takes up a good deal of the pool area. You can't really swim at the bottom of the slide because of people coming down the slide.

Both BB and TL have wonderful kiddie areas for the little ones.

02-11-2004, 08:38 AM
When you go to SAB, be sure to ask at the rental booth for a (free) live vest for your 4yo! Of course you still need to stay close by, but it will make it much more fun for him to have a sense of independence. He would actually be fine without one in the "kiddie" section (closest to the Yacht Club) as the water is only about 2 ft deep there. But with the life vest he can have fun in the "whirlpool" part and the rest of the section near the Beach Club. There is also a small kid's slide on the beach side of the pirate ship that many people never find.

02-11-2004, 10:08 AM
You'll walk a lot at all three locations. At BB or TL you'll walk because you keep climbing to the tops of the slides and other attractions. At SB you'll walk because the pool is spread out and there's no single place to sit where you can always see your kids.

02-11-2004, 10:38 AM
SAB should be exciting enough to hold 8 yr old DD's attention, and she's still young enough that she might not figure out that BB is even an option. You could tell her, semi-thruthfully, that BB is a different resort, or something like that; something that avoids an outright lie:p, yet makes it clear that you're not going there this visit. BB is inconvenient to get to by Disney transport, unless you are going for the whole day. Best to give BB a pass this time and enjoy the wonders of SAB with both kids.

02-11-2004, 10:56 AM
The life vest is available at BB as well.

We did both this last trip with our kids - 4 and 5 neither of them real "swimmers" yet. The kids liked the kiddie slide at SAB, but they both really enjoyed bobbing in the wave pool at BB and taking the slightly bigger slides in their life vests. They both thought the tot area was pretty boring - it gave them a little taste of the slides and the idea of tubes, but that was it. Neither of them liked the lazy river at either location. We enjoyed our half day at BB alot - more than we enjoyed our time at SAB - but it is more difficult to get to, expensive, and time consuming.

02-11-2004, 11:03 AM
We just stayed at BCV and LOVED SAB. We thought the slide was awesome, and since the weather was cool we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We also visited BB for the first time, since we usually go in January and it's usually closed in January, but was open this year.

A word of caution. DH badly skinned his knees at BB on the Toboggan Run and had to go to First Aid. We found it much faster and much higher risk for injuries than SAB and TL. A couple of slides you go down on your belly on the "toboggan" type mat.....I loved BB, but it's a lot riskier than anything at TL. We don't have kids but we have a niece who is 8 and a strong swimmer and after discussing it with my sister she thinks 10 would be about the right age for her first visit to BB.

We didn't get to the kiddie area, so I can't comment.

Whatever you decide have fun!

02-11-2004, 11:23 AM
We spent yesterday afternoon at SAB with our 23 mo. He has his own life vest, but is just getting used to water. My dw and I were really impressed with SAB. There were quite a few 2-8 yo playing in the sand area. My dw is not a good swimmer, but we decided to our DS around the lazy river anyway (I am very good). He just floated around in my arms, but I will admit I got a little nervous when I saw that the pool at one point reached 9 feet deep. But the current just carries you.

I myself do not consider SAB a water park. It is a huge expanded pool. At one point, I jumped out of the pool so that I could move our stuff. There would be no way to sit one spot and watch the children.

I think that SAB would be ok for you, as I said there many children in that same age group having a great time yesterday.


02-11-2004, 05:00 PM
Hey Friends of Eeyore,

How was the temperature at SAB? I read one of your earlier posts where you said it was chilly and people were wearing winter coats & scarves! Is the heated pool still comfortable if the outside air is below, say, 60 degrees?

Enjoy the rest of your trip!