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02-10-2004, 12:40 PM
We are going to HHI in April, there will be 16 (4 families) all together. Is is possible to put different credit cards on the room keys.

Meaning can my husband & I's keys go to our Discover, my Sister & her families go to their amex etc etc.


02-10-2004, 12:44 PM
if each family is staying in a different villa and with 16 I hope so - then yes.

if you are all staying together no - hey even the GV has a limit of 12 people....

02-10-2004, 12:48 PM
If you are all in the same unit, then no. If you are split up, then you can have a different one for each unit.
They do, however, number the cards and each charge will have the corresponding number. Bring your calculator, tell the desk you don't want express check out and write checks or use cc for each number at the end of your stay.

02-10-2004, 12:51 PM
Each room key will have a unique number. Each room will accept only one credit card at check in, but at checkout, the actual charges can be easily separated by key account and paid using different charge cards, checks ... or even cash! :)


02-10-2004, 01:03 PM
thanks doc - I didn't know that!