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You will need to have details of the contract comfortable for yourself. Many members who rent insist on final payment well before 30 days and then the renter "owns" the points. If they cancel, they are subject to the same DVC provisions all members must deal with. The member can still assist with a new reservation, but all risk for using the cancelled pointswould be in the hands of the renter.

My feeling is that the member MUST protect himself first in these transactions with all policies he wishes to establish regarding the rental. The incentive for the renter is getting a superior accommdoation at a bargain price- the risk for the renter is a cancellation policy not nearly as liberal as that offered by Disney directly. Both sides are accepting some risk in these situations.

Good luck!

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The agreement is between the renter and owner. If you are concerned about use year, then write the agreement with that in mind. Personally, I try to rent only in the first six months of my use year, so banking is always an option. At least that way, regardless of the agreement, the owner does have some options to help the renter manage through the cancellation and still have the WDW vacation they paid for. As an owner I never want to be in a position of having to keep money for a vacation the renter never enjoyed. This flexibility requires planning ahead.

I have only had one person ever cancel (not that I rent that often), and they had to cancel the day before arrival. Fortunately, they had great travel insurance (noelgroup.com, I think), and the medical emergency allowed them to get virtually all of their money back.

I never want to be the bad guy, so regardless of the agreement, I build in the flexibility to have some options just in case.

After all, it is WDW!!



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