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02-01-2004, 05:09 PM
We are currently planning to go for 3 weeks, leaving around Dec 20th. First 10 days will be a private villa, then a few days on the Gulf, with a final 5-7 nights at a Disney Resort.

Hubby said I could choose whatever one I wanted (as Jan is value season, I guaranteed him I could get a good deal!!). We have never stayed on site before, thought have visted ( and eaten at!) all the Disney Resorts in the past. Our fave is the Yacht & Beach Club, with the Grand Floridian in second. For practical reasons though, I think the GF might be the better choice, purely because of the Monorail link (we have 2 children who will be 2 and 4 when we go) and I hate the WDW buses, even without a stroller! I wondered how kid friendly the GF was? Is it a good choice with two littlies, or would the Yacht & Beach serve us better?? It certainly seemed a lovely resort.

Hubs is pretty keen on trying out Stormalong Bay, but Im not sure if it would be that great for under 5s??? The payoff here is that he is also keen on watersports available from the GF, so I can probably swing him either way, Im just after the best place for the kids really.

Im also open to other resort suggestions, if anyone could offer any opinions I would be grateful. Criteria must be: Easy Park Access, Super Kid Friendly, Top Notch Pool / Slides or Watersports.

Also, if I buy APs, can they start the day we check in, or do they have to be valid when I call for hotel ressies (and want to use an AP code)???


02-02-2004, 02:18 AM
I've been looking at Disney resort prices recently and I was surprised at just how much more expensive GF is than the other deluxe resorts, even in value season. If Y&B is your favourite resort, I would go for that. It is within walking distance of both Epcot and MGM (although MGM might be a bit far for your little ones) and there are also water taxis to both. You could also get to MK by taking the monorail from Epcot, although the change at the TTC might make the bus a quicker alternative.

Stormalong Bay at the Y&B is great for kids. Its a huge pool with slides, a light current in parts and a sanded bottom in the shallower areas. There's a playground right alongside. You can rent a pontoon or canapy boat, or a WaterMouse. We stayed at the Beach Club a few years back and we've visited several times since. My impression is that there are more children at the Beach Club than at the Yacht Club.

You don't need your AP when you book. They will tell you that you will need to present it at check-in, but I've never been asked for it.

Fantasia Sam
02-02-2004, 02:22 AM
Just to second what Deb said and to say that from what I've seen GF is child friendly but Stormalong Bay has a lovely pool for the under 5's - it's warmer than the rest of Stormalong and sometimes I wish I had kids just to go into it ;)

Also for MK the Yacht Club is normally first pick up so you get your pick of seats - I know that you still have to come back on the bus but it's still a plus.

Of course I'm biased to Y&B as it's our favourite too :)

02-02-2004, 05:31 AM
The Y+B has easier connection to MGM and Epcot, GF for the MK so it really cancels each other out. The Y+B has the best pool area, it's going to be cheaper and you prefer it, I think Y+B looks the better choice.

02-02-2004, 11:48 AM
Really tough choice, I don't think you would be dissapointed with either!

We love the GF and our DS had a fabulous time when we stayed there in 2000, he loved the kids' club. We are visiting again in March. The access to the Magic Kingdom is obviously a great perk - and with two young children, I guess this is where most of your time will be spent in comparison with the other parks. Also, there is easy access to Epcot, you simply take the monorail to the TTC and then transfer on to an Epcot monorail. Also, from the GF (and the Polynesian) there is a small boat that hops from the MK back and fourth and it is a great little trip. The new pool they have is super and the boats from the marina are a great way to spend an afetrnoon.

The Y+B club does have, what looks like a fantastic pool area and the walk to Epcot is great. I would check the prices, and if there isn't a significant difference choose the GF for the easy access to the MK. I guess 5-7 nights is a bit too short to split it between the two?

Richard. :)

02-02-2004, 01:12 PM
Thanks for all the great replies everyone. It is a tough choice!

Richard, your advice is very sound. Magic Kingdom IS the park we will be at most often, so the easy access from the GF is a big, big plus. We also LOVE to eat at Ohana, which will also be a quick loop on the monorail from the GF.

I think it will come down to price in the end. If I can get a great deal on the GF then I'll probably go for that. If the Y&B comes out significantly cheaper, then it will be a fantastic alternative. Presently, Im only looking at 100 difference between the two, which is swinging me towards the GF. Im not in any tearing hurry to book (hubs isnt sure what date we can fly yet due to work commitments), so will keep a close eye on the discounts that crop up.

Thanks again.