View Full Version : Help! Which Entertainment Book should I order

01-02-2001, 07:12 AM
I've just been quoted an entertainment book rate for the PBH. I've just checked the website and there are so many different books - which book do I need to purchase? :eek:

How does it work - is there a voucher inside, or is it more like a membership?

Thank you

Karen :)

01-02-2001, 07:38 AM
Hi Kas...get the Orlano Book that way you can maybe get other use from the book as well. Like restaurants in the area. Since you are in the UK you may as well get Orlando's book. As far as what you will need for Portofino check in, There is a card, no coupon in the book that entitles you to the discount and must be shown at check in.


01-02-2001, 07:45 AM
JessicaR - Happy New Year,

that's fantastic - thank you very much.

Isn't the Entertainment Book wonderful. I love the savings!


01-02-2001, 05:11 PM
You can use any Entertainment Book as it is the plastic card in the front of the book which you have to show the hotel clerk. However I would purchase a local book to your area to use all of the other coupons for restaurants where you live. We use it all the time as well as for our Hard Rock Visit in May.

01-02-2001, 05:36 PM
I agree with you mclopezzz. Except in Karen's case and others from the UK. They may as well buy the Orlando edition. I believe there is only one area serving Europe in Gathenburg.