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01-22-2004, 08:51 PM
Has anyone ever bid for their airline tickets on Hotwire or Priceline? If you have I would appreciate some tips. Is it too hard to do this since when taking the cruise you need too specific of times? What if you bid for tickets for the day before the cruise and departing the day after? Any help would be greatly appreciated.:D

01-22-2004, 09:05 PM
I've done the hotwire/priceline deal before, but I probably wouldn't chance it for the cruise unless you plan on staying the night before. I can't remember if it allows you to pick a time of day, but I just remember feeling extremely lucky when the times I got were perfect.

They say upon disembarking, you should have a flight at least after 12:30pm. On our cruise we arrived back late and I know our tablemates nearly missed their flight for 11:45am.

On the other hand, about priceline, they've been airing a commercial out here about "the new priceline" which allows you to pick times like other sites. William Shattner is supposedly fired from his spokesman post and they hire Leonard Nimoy as his replacement. That made me laugh.

Orbitz has worked well for us, and we plan on using them again.


01-22-2004, 09:26 PM
Thanks for the info going back soon. I would definatly go for a flight the day before boarding the ship and the day after we get off. If we ended up with an entire extra day we could go to WDW or someting, we were thinking about that anyway. Instead of paying $165 for the Hyatt the day before like previously planned I would bid for my hotles on priceline too. That way I could stay for 2 nights at half the price of one night at the Hyatt. I really liked the hyatt last time because it was so convienent but, the have raised their prices too much. I still have a lot of time to decide so we'll see. :earsgirl:

01-22-2004, 09:32 PM
Make sure to check out www.biddingfortravel.com to see what offers have been accepted lately and so you don't overbid.