View Full Version : Which Shore excursion with kids?

01-22-2004, 01:55 PM
We are taking the 4 day in May. I am debating whether to take a shore excursion or not. Disney Daughter (6) can't wait to get into the club... that's all she has been talking about since the 3-day cruise we took. She already told me she wants to eat Lunch with her new friends too. She is not much of a beach kid (figures we live about 5 miles away from one) Doesn't make sand castles or anything just likes being in the water. (hmm fun for her but not relaxing for me).

So should I bother with a shore excursion or not? I was thinking of the Blue Lagoon Beach day or the Glass bottom boat ride. The others seems to long and I know she will want to get back to the ship for more fun. As for me and hubby.... well we are happy being by the pool and reading a book... (we never get to do that anymore).

Let me know what you think.... anybody do any of these tours ?


01-22-2004, 02:23 PM
We always opt not to do any of the excursions. As far as we go (although we didn't even do this the past two cruises) is to get off the ship & walk along the pier & back. I've done some excursions on other ships & enjoyed the day, but our favorite - and most relaxing - thing to do is just stay on & do as little as possible. We do get involved in some of the day's activities, but mostly we just 'hang out'.

Our kids stay in the clubs & do their own thing while we're in port in Nassau, but on CC they're off & enjoying the island. They both opted not to get off in Nassau (or Freeport) both times we took them. We reviewed all the excursions with them & they wanted to stay on the ship. They have a blast on the ship & enjoy the pool there.

It sounds like you all would be happy just enjoying the ship.