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01-21-2004, 10:50 PM
RE: Rhino Riders

Has anyone done this excursion? If you did and you took your kids, did you enjoy it? Did they enjoy it?

Where does this excursion take you? What beach do you visit? is there any shade and what is the popular watering hole mentioned in the brochure?? Is it the one near the airport?

I am trying to decide between this and the Golden Eagle....
DD really wants to do the GoldenEagle and DH and DS want to do the Rhino riders, (must be a male thing.... I feel the need for speed ......insert grunts...:D )

Only 13 more Saturdays til we cruise...!!!

01-22-2004, 08:23 AM
I am interested in this excursion, as well.
Hopefully this :bounce: bump :bounce: will get the question answered! :)

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We did this excursion on our August trip, here's a link for DW's review of our trip Rhino Rider Review (http://reviews.wdwinfo.com/) ....... Andy

01-26-2004, 08:44 AM
We did this excursion on our August trip, here's a link for DW's review of our trip Rhino Rider Review (http://reviews.wdwinfo.com/) ....... Andy

01-26-2004, 09:25 AM
We did this in October of 2002, long weekend trip to the island without the kids!! For starts, I would not take my 4 year old out unless you just want to put-put. My 11 year old may do it this April, but it can be rough, especially if your driver (ie: my husband) wants to fly!! By staying on the island, it was a little longer than the ship excursion. they gave us a brief explanation on the craft, kind of like a wave runner with/rubber boat. Then you go through the lagoon and see some great views, expecially if the yachts are in the marina. then through Marigot (actually Sandy Ground Draw bridge is what you go under) then out into the Marigot Marina area, along the coast see Friars Bay and Happy Bay, you may even stop off on the return at Happy Bay, then along to Grand Case to Creole Rock. Snorkeling was good, but the ride was better. I had a little tough time getting in and out of the rhino, you just jump off, but you have to pull yourself out of the water and back onboard. just don't where a too- reveling basthing suit, because you may pop out!! My hubby really wanted to open the thing up on the return, and the water was choppy, i was a little sore (mostly my back) after we got back. But it was worth it. You can go real slow, but if there are waves, you could topple over if you are too slow. they provide life jackets for you and snorkeling gear.