View Full Version : Nassau Mixed Reviws Please Help!

01-21-2004, 10:19 PM
MY family and I are going on our first cruise Feb. 12,( 3 kids 14,11 &11) .please help is Nassau worth getting off ship? If so what are some of the things worth doing? Thanks!

01-21-2004, 10:45 PM
Welcome to the boards. We've been to Nassau 3 times on a cruise. The first year we attempted to visit the Pirates Museum and found it to be locked. We walked around the city and shopped. The second year we went to the straw market and made a very quick return to the ship. Last trip: stayed onboard and enjoyed the amenities on board. My DD (age 11) has never wanted to go to Nassau. Your family would probably enjoy staying onboard and enjoying the activities and the ship, or you might consider, if you like beaches, Blue Lagoon. I've read good reviews about that. Have fun

01-21-2004, 10:50 PM
thanks, what does my"dd" mean.. see you can really tell im new at this!! someone said that at straw market many beggers and some kids get a bit scarred.. being my first cruise i dont want them to miss out, but next day we are at castaway for beach then on to beach club!!!

01-21-2004, 10:53 PM
DD=dear daughter. She loved spending time in the clubs while we walked around Nassua. We didn't find beggers at the straw market, but the vendors were "outspoken"

01-21-2004, 11:31 PM
Another thing that kids often like is the carriage rides. You will find plenty of carriages lined up in the downtown area. Just be sure to negotiate!
Personally I prefer to stay on board the ship, but if you've never been to Nassau before, it's nice to get off and look around a bit.
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Minnie's Pal
01-22-2004, 07:33 AM
I have heard several different people tell me don't waste the time getting off the ship, that alot of the areas are nasty. Personally, we are taking our first cruise this May & my hubby said since we have never been we have to at least step off the boat to say we went but we may wait till later and at least take advantage of not having as huge of crowd in the morning at the pool and go mid-afternoon.

Wishing on a star
01-22-2004, 09:08 AM
There are things to do other than just get off the boat and check out the straw market. Which I personally would not want to do... ( EVERYBODY who does says, "Been there, done that... right back to the ship....) It is 'different' and the vendors can hassle you. I would consider an excursion. A tour of Nassau if truly seeing Nassau is what interests you, snorkeling, Atlantis, Blue Lagoon, etc.... Otherwise, I would find it great to just stay onboard and enjoy all the Ship has to offer.... But, I imagine with your kids ages, they would rather be up and out doing something 'exciting' around Nassau.

Look into all the options and do what seems best for your family!

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01-22-2004, 09:15 AM
My DH, parents and I were in Nassau this past Sunday (RCCL). DH and I had been before but my parents had not. The shopping area is ok, surrounding area not so great. The straw market was nothing terribly exciting, lots of the same T-shirts, beach towels, bags etc. The vendors were aggressive, but a firm "no thank you" took care of that. I would recommend an excursion the ship offers or a planned excursion of your own. My parents aren't huge water people so we got off the ship, took a cab ($4.00 per person) to Atlantis, bought wristbands and toured the dig and grounds. It was very enjoyabe. Have a great trip.

01-26-2004, 05:54 PM
I was traveling in November with a party of 9 (my brother's family joined us) and getting 3 rooms at Atlantis was more than I could afford. I remembered a vacation I took years ago at the Crystal Palace on Cable Beach. When we got off the boat I asked the cab driver if we could go there or if there was a fee. He assured me that there was no fee and they allow cruisers to use their ammenities. We were on our way to cable beach and let me tell you.... we had an absolutely wonderful time. The beach was even bigger than I remembered, with tiki huts for shade and plenty of loungers. The pool is large with a swim up bar and a big water slide for the kids. There are motorized water sports for a small fee, and a casino inside for the adults. The only thing to remember is to bring your own towel. If you are not a hotel guest they charge you $5.00 for each towel rental, but reassured us that we could use all of their ammenities. We had as much fun there as we did on Castaway Cay. It was great and best of all......FREE!

01-26-2004, 06:49 PM
I have been to Nassau in 98 and 2001. The first time I went in by myself (son was sick with Dad on board) and I only made a very short look around. I was also propositioned for a "good time" by a local man.

In 2001, it was a much better visit with my husband. We went to the makeshift strawmarket (the original burned down) and found some cheap t-shirts, ets. We found a man who makes these neat coconut turtles that move. We bought some of those for DH Mom, since she collects turtles/tortises. Funny story. The man wrapped them up in newspaper and we put them in a ziplock bag in our luggage. When we got home and presented them to my MIL, a HUGE WINGED cockroach few out of one of the turtles! I screamed and it was instantly killed! So, DO check some of your item BEFORE you back them!! It's funny now, but it was SOOOO gross then!

Oh, and I was propositioned for a "good time" again while my husband stepped into a store.

That trip, we stuck to the Disney reccommended stores. I forgot the name of one on the list, but if you like really awesome coffee...one place sold the best priced Jamaican Blue I have ever seen. Oh, that coffee was awesome. Wish I bought more. Oh, and Bacardi Rum Cake is to die for! We got a Big one for us and little tins for gifties back home.

Unless you are going to a specific resort area for beaching or in town for shopping....you can stay on the ship and have a really nice time!!! I think we spend about two hours last time and also made a dash to a convience store for sodas, bottled water, etc.

My biggest reccommendation is to go in a group or with a BIG man. LOL.

My biggest turn off with Nassau is the hairbraiders. I do not like my hair in cornrows! Some of the women were more agressive than the people at the strawmarket!

Oh, and if you have been to areas of the world where you haggle price and folks compete for your business....do be firm, direct and kind. The folks are just trying to make a living.

I have often wanted to wear a Tshirt of my own creation in Nassau...
No, I do not want my hair braided
No, I do not want to buy some weed
No, I do not want to tour a time share
No, I do not want to buy any rum.