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01-21-2004, 02:11 AM
HAHA- knew that title would get your attention!
Seriously though- I can't find a thread recently where someone mentioned how to get reasonably priced formal wear- even for petite people and such like myself.

Well I do have to buy clothes for the cruise- mainly because all I own is tees, shorts and jeans- besides a dress for church because all the rest don't fit me anymore! (lost 75+lbs since last Feb) -but I hadn't thought I'd want to buy clothing for the cruise until closer to the sailing date... never know what size/shape I'll be by then. (I may have a tummy tuck this spring LOL)

ANYWHO... but I just happened to be driving through a nearby outlet mall going to a discount bookstore and saw a store I hadn't paid attention to before... Casual Corner (annex) but it's the part of that store called Petite Sophisticate? Something like that- in any case... it's for people 5'4 or shorter- so that's me! (LOL I'm 5'2)
So I go- just to check out what they have and
I HIT THE JACKPOT! Major sale going on- things marked down 1-2-3 times and 50-60% off the lowest marked price! We're talking blouses, silk tanks & coordinates, and s/s sweater sets $4-5 each! (marked down from $20-49.99 each) - dress pants $10-14.50 (marked down from $49-59.99) and dresses $24-28 (marked down from $69.99-109.99)!!!!
I got a ton of stuff just perfect for "resort casual" on the cruise plus dresses that will be great for more dressy evenings/dinner and one of the dresses I got is a black cocktail length dress! Perfect for formal night!!!! The others are longer but thin material so I won't burn up- and one is navy with lighter blue hibiscus flowers all over- that would be okay for tropical night, right???

I'm so excited now! LOL I needed new clothes anyway since I have so little stuff that still fits me- and now I have almost an entire new wardrobe! Most of the dresses I can wear to church also- except the black dressier one but I am sure I can wear it at other occasions. It will take the place of the one I had before size 12 that is way too huge now! All I need now is a pair or two of capris and make sure I have shoes to go with all of this (hopefully least amount of shoes as possible to take with us) and I'm set!!!! Long as I don't gain a significant amount of weight- I better not!!!

I just had to share... I couldn't believe the incredible deal! I got 3 long dresses, 1 cocktail length black dress, 1 thin jacket, 2 s/s sweater sets, 1 3/4 sleeve thin sweater, 12 blouses (some silk tank types), 1 skirt & 1 pr stone colored pants- all for under $200!! Unbelievable...... must be meant to be- for me to not be dressed like a redneck on the cruise. HAHA No jeans for me.. I won't even bring them! LOL

01-21-2004, 06:25 AM
this is exciting to save money and get what you were going to need for the cruise. Thank you for passing along the info, and enjoy your new outfits!

01-21-2004, 08:27 AM
I was in our local mall last weekend, Macys, Lord and Taylor, Filenes and JC Penneys all had their leftover "Party" dresses marked down, way down, wasn't in the mood to shop, but should get back there. Maybe a coupon will be out this weekend and the markdowns will be even more!

01-21-2004, 08:33 AM
Can't believe you got all those clothes for under $200. Absolutely fantastic bargain -- and I really like Casual Corner clothes. Congratulations on your find -- you will look super on your cruise!

01-21-2004, 09:13 AM
Ooh, I'm also in the 5'2 lost a bunch of weight catagory (60 lbs) Sure hoping Petite Soph. still has clearance at the outlet in TN next weekend! We're heading to our cabin but I want cruise wear too!

01-21-2004, 10:05 AM
Kim- thanks for the tip! I'll have to check out some of those stores too- I'm not done yet! LOL I need a pair of black dress pants to go with some of these shirts- plus maybe some capris...

I'm so glad others have Casual Corner/petite soph. near them too so maybe they can get incredible bargains too! I couldn't believe my good fortune- I usually never hit a sale (don't shop often either- might be why LOL). It was great... less than Walmart prices but much better quality!

hmneal- congratulations on your weightloss! Our weightloss is a really significant amount on our short bodies eh? LOL :)