View Full Version : Golf Carts on the Gold Plan??

01-20-2004, 02:04 PM
The last time I was on the gold plan and stayed at Ft Wilderness (several years ago) golf cart rental was included in the unlimited recreation. Does anyone know if that is still the case - i.e. can we still rent a golf cart for the duration of our stay using the gold dream maker plan? We are willing to pay a little more to stay at Ft. Wilderness rather than CSR if we can still use the golf cart.


01-21-2004, 11:04 AM
I asked about this last year and was told NO. I even called the Bike Barn and they said no also. It would be wonderful to have this option.

01-21-2004, 12:23 PM
Thanks Rebbeca. I had a feeling things had changed since the 90. Drat!