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01-13-2004, 09:53 PM
i've been reading this board for a long time now, and i decided to finally post and become a part of wish, and also to start a journal, because i have seen how much of a help it has been to al of you!

i am a recent college graduate (nyu, may 03), trying to figure out what i want to do with my life. right now, i'm working as a receptionist, with the same company i've worked for since i was 15. kinda sucks, but i can access the boards during work hours most of the time!

i'm 22, 5'6", 132. yes, i know, that it well within a healthy limit, but i am not happy with it. the number i'm more concerned about is the size 12 pants that i wear. granted, i wear them loose, but i'm not comfortable with how tight the 10s are. my goal is to get to a size 6, and once i'm there, i'll see if i'm comfortable with that.

i was trying to just do portion control and exercise, but i decided to join ww online on sunday night on the spur of the moment. i have read a lot about the plan prior to joining. because i had just splurged on sat and sun, i wanted some sort of plan to follow. in the past, whenever i splurge, i've though it's been a deal breaker, but i joined online, filled in all the points, and figured out that if i started my week on sat, used my activity points sat and sun, that i'd be dipping into 33.5 flex points, leaving me 1.5 for the rest of the week.

this made me feel much better, because even though i felt like i had "let myself go", i knew that for the rest of the week, i'd either stay at my 20 points, or eat more if i earned the aps. simple as that. i'd still meet my ww goals. and since those 2 days, i haven't used any flex points. i have earned and eaten some aps (i run 5 days a week... 3.5 mi/run at the current time...working on adding more distance). so i know i can do this. i like planning out my meals and sticking to my plan. i just want to be comfortable in my own skin. and i'm on my way!

sorry this was so long! i tend to get long winded sometimes. i'm going to try to post at least once a day, so that i'm not only accountable to myself, but to you guys as well!

01-13-2004, 10:08 PM
today was a wonderful day.

i had yummy leftovers from my sat night out that i knew i wanted to eat for lunch. i started out the day thinking i was going to earn some aps, but i ended up having to work late and by the time i got out, the gym was closed. it's okay, i adjusted accordingly. since i knew my lunch was goign to be high points, i planned on just eating a salad and soup for dinner, but i eliminated the soup (along with a snack) to make up for no aps. i could've just eliminated dessert, but my mom brought home these smart ones peanut butter fudge ice cream cups...and i really wanted one! so here's what i ate:

b: carnation instant breakfast packet with 1.5 cups skim milk (4.5)
s: 5 baby carrots (0)
l: leftover pasta with shrimp and broccoli (11)
d: yummy salad of romaine, cucumbers, starkist light chunk pouch tuna, and 2 tbsp ff ital dressing (2)
dessert!: .5 cup sf jello w/2tbsp whipped cream (.5)
ww smart ones giant sundae pb and fudge (2)

i wasn't going to have the jello, but i realized i had .5 points leftover, and i could get that in my whipped cream (i really love whipped cream), so i decided to do it.

and so there's my 20 points for the day. i really love all the food i ate today. and i don't feel deprived at all! i have to say, the salad i make, i absolutely love. and that's a great and filling 2 point meal if i ever saw one! tomorrow is pretty planned out, but i need to head to bed. i will try to post in the morning.

01-14-2004, 07:54 AM
Marcia, welcome to the WISH Journal board!! :wave2:

Thanks for stopping by my journal - that was so sweet of you! I'm glad you've decided to de-lurk and start your own journal. Since you've been reading mine (and some others) you must know how much of a help we all find them to be. We write it ALL down - the good, the bad, and the ugly! :p We share in the journey toward healthy living!!

It sounds like you are well on your way! Lots of people here do WW, either going to meetings, online, or just following the points system on their own. Isn't it great when you can eat healthy food and actually ENJOY it, knowing you're eating on plan and not feeling deprived?

I'm impressed with your exercise! I've been walking 3-4 miles about 4 times a week. I have started to incorporate some running but not much! I'm looking forward to spring, when I can do more outside and less at the fitness center on the treadmill! Do you ever get to run outside?

I hate to be nosey, and you don't have to answer if you don't want to, but what was your major at NYU? What do you want to be when you "grow up"?? I always giggle at that question! I'm within a few weeks of turning 40, have a degree in computer science, work in that field, and I'm STILL asking myself what I want to be when I "grow up".....:laughing: I wonder if I'll ever know! :p

OK, I've written enough here! Have a wonderful day, Marcia! :sunny:

01-14-2004, 08:16 AM
yes, this is wonderful! i know i'm just in the beginning (well, kinda...i've been watching the calories since about november and i've dropped some pounds since then, but this is where i'm really all in), so i hope i can continue on as well as i have been.

i get to run outside on the weekends, but it's been so cold lately that i've been using saturday and sunday as my 2 off days per week. not this week though, that late night at work and no running yesterday means i will definitely be running on saturday, i don't care how cold it is! and i am also going to try to run more outside once the weather is warmer and the days are longer. (i'm in nj, btw)

and you're not being nosey at all! my major at nyu was communication studies. i pretty much had no idea what i wanted to do, so i just went with something pretty broad. i enjoyed it, but i don't know if i'm going to even end up in that field. i'm not really sure what the heck i want to do. there's this possibility in the back of my head of going back to school and getting my masters in early education (i love kids!), but right now i'm just trying to get by making my payments for the degree from nyu!

i guess while i'm adding info about myself, i'll add a few more things. i have a few obsessions in my life. dave matthews band and the yankees are tops on my list, along with disney of course! i'm in the process of convincing my dad that we need to take a disney trip this year...we used to go every other year, my grandfather lives in st cloud, but we skipped last year and went to hawaii instead. so i told him, it's disney time! and i want to stay at a disney hotel! he likes the idea of the poly, since he's such a big hawaii fan, so i'm hoping this all works out. wouldn't be till september, but that's a light at the end of the tunnel for me!

yeesh, i need to cut down my length of posts! and i'm gonna post another one with my plan for the day after this!

01-14-2004, 08:27 AM
alright, plan for the day.

breakfast is already done, had some cheerios with sliced banana with skim milk. that's a more filling breakfast than usual, so i don't know if i'm going to even need my snack of 10 baby carrots that i brought. had my morning cup of decaf tea with splenda and a splash of skim milk. lunch, i'm planning to make english muffin pizzas. and dinner will be a ww frozen dinner my mom bought, along with a nice big salad. i know i have some leftover points, so i'll throw in a snack or dessert. may not even eat the aps i'll earn running tonight. we'll see.

oh yeah, and i took my multivitamin with breakfast. and i have no problems getting in my minimum of water. my boss gave me a tumbler from borders, it holds about 12 oz, and i fill that thing up at least 6 times a day, plus i drink 34 oz while running, and at least 34 after running. i do wonder whether i'm getting the minimum of 3 servings of "milk". i need to find a page that tells me exactly what counts as a serving.

total points eaten so far - 5.5

b: 1.5 cups cheerios (3) + .5 cup skim milk (1) + 1 small banana (1.5) = 5.5

01-14-2004, 09:59 AM
alright, so we have this awesome bakery near hear, and on the way into work, sometimes this one guy stops and gets fresh bread. guess what...today is a bread day. it's all sitting out in the kitchen, looking nice and yummy. i was going to ignore it, but ya know what? i know i have a couple points to work with, so there is no need to deprive myself.

i'm going to go grab a slice of rye, toast it, and add a little butter. i'm gonna figure 2.5 points for the bread (it's a pretty large loaf), and 1.5 point for butter, since i will only use 2 teaspoons (it's whipped salted butter). and instead of making 1.5 english muffin pizzas for lunch, i'll just make 1. i love the online points tracker, so easy to figure out what i can eliminate, exactly how much i can "splurge" and all that good stuff.

s: 1 large slice rye bread (2.5) + 2 tsp butter (1.5) = 4

total so far today: 9.5

yeah, that is almost half of my daily, but i know dinner is only gonna be 4, and lunch around 6. i guess i might dip into my aps later. but maybe not. we'll see!

01-14-2004, 08:09 PM
this is kinda funny, well to me at least, but i was gonna start this off with "alright", but then i looked up and saw i started the last 2 posts like that. ah, i amuse myself. you can just ignore me if you don't get my humor :)

anyway, here's my after workout and after dinner report.

little bit of a bummer...i realized that i really underestimated the points on the rye bread i ate. realized this after looking at a loaf we have here at home, and the nutritional info on it. plugged it into the points calculator, and for the amount i ate, it's 4 points, not 2.5, so i have to add on 1.5. not such a huge deal, i'm still good because of my aps. and i'll know better for next time to take a much thinner slice.

lunch was english muffin pizzas like i planned. 1 english muffin, 1/3 cup pizza sauce, 1/2 cup part skim mozz. throw it in the toaster oven. that's a total of 6 points. also, a cup of steamed broccoli, which is 0.

also, tom hit today, and i got a bit of a chocolate craving. just so happened to be oreos in the kitchen. i checked my points, 1 oreo = 1 point. i said hell yes. this will satisfy me and i won't go crazy! also had a cup of coffee w/splenda and a dash of skim milk, cause it smelled soooo good!

workout: ran 4.5 miles in just under 45 minutes. did most of it at a 6 mph pace, then upped it to 6.2 for a while, up to 6.5 near the end, then back down to 6 for the end. i had such a great run! i felt awesome, i'm so excited about it! then walked 3.8 and 3.6 for 15 minutes. the points tracker only has an 11.5 min mile, and a 9 min mile, and i run at around 10 min. so i guestimate. figured 5 points for the run and 1 point for the walk. total ap: 6
(also did abs and lifted arms, but i have no idea if those would qualify for aps, doesn't really matter anyway)

dinner as planned:
0 point salad - 2 cups romaine, .5 cup cucumber, .25 cup green peppers, 2 tbsp ff ital dressing
4 point ww frozen dinner, creamy rigatoni with broccoli & chicken (this was pretty yummy, i didn't know what to expect!)

so here's my totals so far:
b: cheerios w/banana and skim milk - 5.5
s: rye bread w/butter, tea w/dash skim milk - 5.5
l: english muffin pizzas and broccoli - 6
s: 1 oreo, 1 cup coffee w/dash milk - 1
d: ww meal and salad - 4
total: 22

eeeeexcellent! with my 20 target and 6 aps, i have 4 leftover. my mom bought fresh strawberries today, so i'm thinking about treating myself to some of those! 2 cups are 1 point. that will satisfy my sweet tooth, and they're good for me because they're fruit.

alright, so that's it for the day. no way am i going to eat 4 more points, so i'm going to change my cheat free clippie to 2 days (even though the link seems to be dead at the moment and just showing up the dreaded red "x")

next up: plan out tomorrow!

edit at 11:15pm - had a half cup of strawberries (0) and 1/4 cup of whipped cream (1). 3 leftover aps, and i'm done for the night. tomorrow is all planned out, but it is bed time for me, i'll post in the am!

01-15-2004, 08:29 AM
morning check in, but this has to be short as i have lots of work to do today!

breakfast is down the hatch. dannon light n fit and an apple. have a half cup of cheerios that i'm gonna add skim milk to for a snack around 11. lunch and dinner are all planned out, with room for changes/substitutions if necessary. i forgot to take my vitamin w/breakfast, so i'll do that with lunch. already had my morning decaf tea, next it's onto my water. and after work, i'll be hitting the gym for a 40 minute run and however much walking i feel like after that.

i'll try to check in again later today. hope everyone is having a good day! if you got snow like i did, enjoy it!

01-15-2004, 10:07 PM
ok, here i am at the end of a looooong day. gonna try to be short, cause i wanna go to bed!

b: dannon light n fit blueberry (2) + 1 medium apple (1) = 3
s: 1/2 cup cheerios (1) + 1/4 cup skim milk (.5) = 1.5
l: sandwich - 2 slices whole wheat (2.5) + 4 slices deli turkey (2) + cucumber slices (0) + green pepper slices (0) + 2 tbsp ff ital (0)
soup - 1 cup potato soup (3) = 7.5
s: choc covered macadamia nut (1)
d: cup chicken rice soup (1) + grilled chicken breast (3) + 1/8 cup marinara (.5) + 1/2 cup mozz cheese (4) = 8.5
dessert: 1 cup strawberries (.5) + smart ones vanilla orange creme (1) = 1.5

total: 23

target points used - 20, ap used - 3

i earned 5 aps running and walking, so i'm under again! yay!

funny how i had this whole day planned out to leave myself room for a "big" dessert, but totally scrapped dinner and changed plans because my best friend wanted to go out for dinner. i haven't seen her in a few days, so i figured i'd switch it up. breakfast, snack, and lunch were what i planned, but i'm happy about dinner as well, i went with the flow pretty well. just decided to order a chicken parm sandwich, but with grilled chicken instead of the breaded, and i didn't eat the bun. and it was good :)

ok, i have to go plan out tomorrow then head to bed.

01-16-2004, 08:17 AM
Good morning, Marcia! :sunny:

You did great yesterday, especially with the last minute change in plans!! It would have been easy to declare it a special occasion and throw caution (and eating plan :p ) to the wind, but you were able to stay focused and find delicious food that was healthy for you as well!! Give yourself a pat on the back!! ::yes::

Hope you have a wonderful day! :sunny:

01-16-2004, 03:23 PM
hey doe, thanks for coming to check in on me! i was definitely very very tempted to go all out, but i held back. we went to our town diner (jersey thing :p ), and they make the best dessert, called a brownie delight. well, it surely is delightful...large fudge walnut brownie heated up, heaps of vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, yikes! so glad i didn't do it! i just thought about my cheat free clippie, and it was so not worth giving that up :)

today i've been op, that'll continue with dinner. no time right now to really report it all out, as i've gotta finish this stuff up at work then head to the gym. but i will be back with a full report of my day later in the evening.

01-16-2004, 07:50 PM
ok, here i am, just like i said i'd be! meals are done for the day, thinking about dessert, but not sure.

b: 1 cup cheerios (2) + .5 cup skim milk (1) + 1 med banana (1.5) = 4.5
s: .5 cup carrots (0)
l: 1/2 pbj: 1 slice wheat (1) + 1 tbsp pb (2.5) + 1 tbsp jam (1)
+ oatmeal: .5 cups dry oatmeal (2.5) + 1/4 cup skim milk (.5) + 2 tsp br sugar (.5) + 1 packet splenda = 8
d: mom's homemade chicken soup!: broth (1) + 2 oz chicken (2) + 2 oz potato (1) + 1 cup broccoli (0) + 1 pillsbury golden layers buttermilk biscuit (3) + 1 tsp butter (1) = 8

total (so far) : 20.5

that's 20 target, plus .5 activity.

i earned 5 aps today running and walking, i also did crunches. today, there was another woman who was walking while i was running, so apart from teh tv distraction, i also had someone to talk to. now normally, i like to be by myself and not talking to anyone while i run, but this was a nice change. :bounce:

and now i think i'm on my way out the door to go shopping for an exercise video of some sort. i have come to the realization that it may be just a little too cold to run outside this weekend, and my gym is closed on teh weekends. so i'm going to get one just in case. i'll watch the temperature, and if it's lower than 30, there's no way i'm running outside. i hate this cold weather! i want it to go away! it's making me want to move to florida. hehe, well, i've always wanted to move to florida, get me that much closer to the mouse :teeth:

edit: ok, so now it's 10:45pm. my mom bought this unbelievable crumb cake from a bakery we used to go to all the time as kids. she bought one last week too, and i didn't have any. but it's been calling my name. and so i decided that with the last of my points, i was going to have a piece of that cake! figured a 2 oz piece to be about 6 points, approximating it with an entenman's point value. and i had 4.5 aps left from today, and those 1.5 flex points i hadn't touched since last weekend. and tomorrow my week begins again.

so that's it for today. used up all my points this week. interested to see what the scale reads in the morning. i'm not gonna be bummed if i didn't lose anything. we'll see!

01-17-2004, 06:34 AM
:sunny: :sunny: Good morning, Marcia!:sunny: :sunny: So what does this scale say this a.m.? No matter what the number reads, know that you had a FANTASTIC week! :Pinkbounc You're doing so well on the WW plan--you're motivating me to stay within my points today. I'm going to be cheat free today because of YOUR dedication and enthusiasm. Thanks!

Keep us posted on how you're doing--

01-17-2004, 09:57 AM
i'm a late riser ;) we'll credit that to the fact that i must still be in teenage/college ager phase :p

but aaaaanyway. drumroll pleeeeease! scale says, 131! that's down one pound. i'm very very pleased. i think i may attempt to try on those size 10 jeans that i havne't been a fan of cause they were too tight. i was noticing that my work pants were feeling pretty loose all week. so i'm gonna try it, and if i still think they're too tight, that's ok, because it just gives me more motivation for this week!

thank you erin for your wonderful post! i'm so glad i could be of any help to you, you have no idea how much i've gotten from your journaling! this is so great, all helping each other. ah, i love this place :teeth: ::yes:: i also love smilies, hehe :crazy:

today i have to clean the bathroom at some point (can you say ick!), get in my exercise (probably the tapes i bought since it looks pretty chilly out), do some other random errands, and gear up for family dinner out night. i'm saving up my points and earning my aps in preparation for this one! we always go to the same place, so i know their menu, and i'll be just fine. lots of fish, shrimp, steamed dishes, and they let you substitute a heaping plate of broccoli instead of a heaping bowl of pasta. love that! very much looking forward to another cheat free day. hope everyone else is having a great day!!!

so it's 11am, i think i am going to eat breakfast now. nice warm bowl of oatmeal is headed my way :)

01-17-2004, 10:27 AM
breakfast eaten. 1/4 cup dry oatmeal (i measure dry cause it's so much easier to measure that way and not when it's all cooked up), with 1/4 cup milk and splenda and cinnamon on top. mmmmm. that's 1.5 points so far. i think i'm gonna eat an apple after i go clean the bathroom. motivation to actually get that bathroom done ;)

and my mom is catching on to this ww thing. she knows i need to plan ahead, so she let me know that we're not going to our normal sat night restaurant, but we're going to a japanese hibatchi place instead. hmm, i'm gonna have to do some research to figure out how to eat and figure out points there. should be fun though. those hibatchi chefs like to do those cheesy but fun stunts like the onion volcano. hehe. i hope we get some kids at our table, they make it more fun :)

ok, i'm off to tackle my day. i'll check back in later in the afternoon or evening.

01-17-2004, 09:22 PM
got all my stuff done today. cleaned the bathroom and my bedroom. also did the watp 3 mile video. actually did it and then some, because i didn't feel it was enough of a workout, so i rewound and did the last mile again. also did a denise austin pilates for everybody dvd (45 minutes). that pilates stuff is hard! yowsers! so i got 3 aps for the watp, and 2 for the pilates.

ah, now that dinner was worth it! i found someone who gave me a guestimate of what my meal would be points wise, and i figured it from there. had chicken and shrimp on teh hibatchi with some veggies. had a small piece of shrimp tempura and the cup of broth that they give you. also, half a cup of japanese noodles and half a cup of white rice. then finished it off with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, because i was prepared for this!

and over dinner, i decided to talk to my parents about the disney half marathon next year. i've been thinking about doing it, give me some purpose for my running (as if getting in better shape wasn't good enough!). anyway, they were pleased with the idea! i know my dad can't come with me, because jan and feb are the worst times of the year for him at work, but my mom is excited! she really wants to come and cheer me on! so there you have it. i decided after i came home from dinner to go and register, and it's done! i'm registered, and i'm running the disney half marathon in 05! i can't believe how excited i am!!! so now i think i need to go and get me one of those count down clocks. i just hope this doesn't impeed on dad's possibility of the family trip down in september. hopefully, i'll get both!!! :hyper:

oh man, so much just happened, i'm on a high. i feel like i'm crazy, but at the same time, i'm so determined!

haha, ok, let's try to remain calm and type out what i ate today!

b: 1/4 cup oatmeal uncooked (1) + 1/4 cup skim milk (.5) = 1.5
s: 1 apple (1) = 1
l: broth from mom's chicken soup (1) + 1 cup cooked broccoli (0) + 1 cup raw carrots (0) = 1
s: .5 ounces milk chocolate (1.5) = 1.5
d: japanese soup (1) + 1 small shrimp tempura (2) + chicken/shrimp/veggies hibatchi (9) + 1/2 cup japanese noodles (2) + 1/2 cup rice (2) + 1/2 cup chocolate ice cream (3) = 19

total: 24

that's 20 target, plus 4 aps, with 1 ap left over! yesssss! i thought for sure i'd go into my flex at least a little bit, but i didn't! i'm so excited! haha, now i'm excited about all sorts of stuff! what a great day! :bounce:

tomorrow will be interesting. i know i'm gonna use flex tomorrow, because sunday is girls night with my best friend. we go to friendly's and get sundaes to take out and watch sex and the city. but i think what i'm gonna do is get a kids size hot fudge sundae (instead of the 2 or 3 scoop i usualy get!), and that won't be too bad. i'll just eat good food the rest of the day, hopefully get out into the cold to run, and it'll be all good.

alright, i think this was a really long post! i'm gonna try to go figure out how to relax and calm myself down before heading to bed. catch ya in the morning! (or the afternoon, depending when i wake up :p)

01-18-2004, 12:06 PM
i woke up this morning (i say morning...i slept till 11 :p) totally oblivious to the snow outside. i came downstairs, pulled up my ww online, started planning out my food for the day. ate my choc. carnation instant breakfast and a small banana, and said to myself, ok, ate food at 11:30, give my stomach a couple hours to settle, and head out for a run at around 2, which should be the warmest part of the day.

riiiiight. my mom comes down and says "look at all that snow!" what snow? i haven't looked out the window. oh crap man. it's all over the place! no way the roads i run on are plowed. and running in snow = getting wet and even more cold. not gonna happen! this is the time that i wish i had a treadmill. actually, i've always wished i had a treadmill. my mom actually thinks it's a good idea to have one, but we just have no room in our house for it, whatsoever!

so i guess i'm going to do the same thing i did yesterday. although, that 3 mi watp tape is way not enough for me. i think what i'm going to do today is start the video, go through the tape right up until the cool down, then rewind and start again from after the warm up. i may not feel like it's intense enough for me, but at least i will log some more miles. and maybe i'll try to do the pilates dvd again. we'll see how much i feel like it after i spend so much time on that walking tape though. i guess i need to buy a different vid for next weekend. tae bo maybe? cardio kickboxing? maybe they'll be more of a workout for me.

so i'm pretty planned out for the day. with tonight being girls night, i'm saving up a few points for the ice cream. but i have decided i'm getting a one scoop cup of low fat vanilla with rainbow sprinkles, and a little whipped cream. much better than reg vanilla with hot fudge. well, at least better, if not *much* better ;)

so far, i've been drinking my water, took my vitamin, and had my breakfast. i'm trying to get more milk in, because i've been realizing i don't think i get the 3 servings i'm supposed to per day. although, i do take a calcium pill (caltrate) every day, along with my multivitamin.

b: 1 packet choc instant breakfast (2) + 1.5 cups skim milk (2.5) + 1 small banana (1.5) = 6

lunch and dinner i have a rough idea, but they may change. i'll check back later.

01-18-2004, 12:54 PM
Marcia!! I'm so excited about meeting you and your Mom at the half marathon next January!!! You go, girl!!

I'm also excited about that pound :Pinkbounc you got to wave bye-bye :wave2: to!! You're walkin' the walk, girlfriend!!

You've been really considering your food choices and that's awesome! You've also been finding ways to allow yourself small treats within your point limits and that's a healthy way to eat for the rest of your life.

Keep it up, Marcia! You're doing great!! :sunny: :sunny:

01-18-2004, 04:53 PM
:sunny: Hey, Marcia, here's some sunshine to melt all the snow that's out there today!:sunny: Congratulations on signing up for the half marathon! It's going to be lots of fun meeting you and your mom. Maybe your mom would like to walk the half marathon with some of us walkers? Go ahead, get that treadmill, put it in your living room for a year and get mom in shape, too!:p

You're doing an amazing job of making those points work for you! I ALWAYS dive into my flexpoints, but this week I'm going to take a page from your journal and try to have a couple of non-flex days, just to boost things along.

Enjoy every bit of that ice cream, girl; you've earned it!


01-18-2004, 10:07 PM
hey doe and erin! thanks for coming and checking in on me! i sure did enjoy my ice cream :p (even though i ended up opting for ff frozen yogurt instead :teeth: )

gonna make this quick, cause i gotta go to bed!!!

had a good day, the breakfast i already posted. then i hung out for a while waiting for my stomach to settle. around 2:30, i started the 3 mi watp vid. got through it and decided to rewind and do it again. so i was doing that till about 4. came downstairs, played on teh computer for a while, my friend called me, so i didn't get around to "lunch" till 5pm. had a big bowl of soup.

after that, i decided to go out and shovel the driveway. man oh man! i feel like that was a workout! i was out there for about an hour. felt real good to come in from the cold! finally got to take a shower. ended up having a yogurt and some raw veggies for "dinner". so i was pretty low on points. so i decided to have about an ounce of chocolate :) had my frozen yogurt, then came home and got a huge girl scout cookies craving. had 2 peanut butter patties and 2 pinatas (like oatmeal with strawberry topping, mmmm). also a half cup of strawberries to make me feel like it was a healtheir snack :p. it was a conscious decision to dip into the flex (only 3 points), so it's another cheat free day. here it is detailed out:

b: carnation instant breakfast packet (2) + 1.5 cups skim milk (2.5) + 1 small banana (1) = 6
l: chicken soup w/ 2 oz chicken, 2 oz potato, 1 cup broccoli = 4
s: 1 oz chocolate (3.5) = 3.5
d: dannon light n fit (2) + 1/4 cup cucumbers + 1/2 cup green peppers + 1 cup carrots = 2
dessert: 1 cup van. frozen yogurt (4) + 1 tbsp rainbow sprinkles (1) + 1/2 cup whipped cream (1.5) = 6.5
dessert #2: 1/2 cup strawberries (0) + 2 pb patties (3) + 2 pinatas (3) = 6

total: 28

target - 20, aps - 5, flex - 3

yippee! 32 flex left for the next 5 days. i'll use em if i need em :)

that's it for me, i'll catch you all tomorrow :wave:

01-19-2004, 09:55 AM

Thanks for visiting my journal. I figured I'd check yours out too. It looks like you are getting off to great start with WW. Keep up the good work. For me the hardest part of getting healthy is to fit in some exercise but it looks like you've got that covered. How do you stay motivated? Have you always been a runner/exerciser? I should have walked on the treadmill yesterday but it was much warmer and cozier sitting on the sofa watching tv.

Have a great day!

01-19-2004, 09:48 PM
hey stephanie! thanks for stopping by :wave:

i don't really know how i motivate myself. i used to run a little in high school, i was on the track team, but i threw shot put (i was one of the smallest throwers, hehe, you usually associate weight team with big girls...but our team wasn't like that). anyway, i would occasionally run the mile when our regular miler was away. so i'd run during practice, but nothing hard core. a couple miles a few times a week. the fastest i ever finished the mile was 7 min 59 sec. (not really good...i wonder what i could do now!)

then i went away to my first year of college, didn't really exercise. i never really gained weight, maybe 5 pounds, but i let the exercise go. end of freshman year, i got into a health kick. i ran about 4 miles a day, about 6 times a week (joined a gym). and i was barely eating. so i guess it wasn't really a health kick. it was a "i think i'm fat and i'm going to pretty much starve myself" kick. i'd have a carnation instant breakfast for breakfast, a yogurt or soup for lunch, and a small piece of chicken and melon for dinner. when i plateaued at about 135, i pretty much gave up. i now realize it was because i wasn't eating enough! crazy! this was about 3.5 years ago now. over the past year or so, i've noticed small parts of me getting larger. especially that area we so lovingly call the "love handles", and i absolutely hate them!

so a couple months ago, i started really reading this board. i got ideas in my head about getting healthier, started running again, and started trying to eat healthy. i was counting calories, but that didn't really work out too well for me. i'd slurge one night and think i'd totally screwed up and go like that for a few days. but i was reading about ww and flex points, and all that good stuff, so one day, i just decided to join online. and that brings us to the present :)

i was getting worried that the novelty of the running might wear off, so that's why i signed up to do the disney half marathon. that way, i know that there is no way i can stop running within the next year, no matter what! i love that! keeps me going for sure.

man, i'm really long winded. i'm gonna start another reply to talk about how my day went now :)

01-19-2004, 10:02 PM
ok, so today was an interesting day. i have learned the hard way that having lunch as my biggest meal of the day is necessary. i don't know why i really switched it today and did a smaller lunch and figured on a bigger dinner. that doesn't work for me. i don't like to eat within 2.5 hours before i run, so an afternoon snack is out. ah, well, learn from experience. i still stayed within points though. even with the half granola bar i ate right before running and the 5 point protein bar i ate right after! i need to find where they sell those 2 point bars (pria or something?) for a bind just like this one.

but i treated myself tonight, i did all sorts of baking! but i was so good, i only ate one cookie that i made! and it was a 1 point cookie! i also made some fudge and muffins from ww recipes, i'm going to have a muffin as part of breakfast tomorrow. sweet. ok, so here was my day:

b: 1 cup cheerios (2) + 1/2 cup skim (1) + 1 med banana (1.5) = 4.5
s: dannon light n fit = 2
l: sandwich w/2 slices wheat bread (2.5) + 4 slices deli turkey (2) + cucumbers (0) + pepper slices (0) + 2 tbsp ff ital dressing (0), and then 1 cup carrots (0) = 4.5
pre run: 1/2 chewy low fat granola bar = 1
post run: zone perfect protein bar = 5
d: mom's chicken soup - broth (1) + 2 oz chicken (2) + 2 oz potato (1) + 1/2 cup br rice (2) + 1 cup broccoli (0) = 6 (original plan also included a flaky biscuit, but i was full without it because of the protein bar)
dessert: 1 choc chip cookie (ww recipe) = 1

total: 24

target - 20, ap - 4 (earned running and walking)

so i've decided that i think i really need to use my flex points. i used them all last week (yes, on the first 2 days because i splurged, but still). i think i got into a routine of sticking to my target as much as possible with occasional dip into the aps last week. i need to plan for a good filling lunch that will last me through my run, and then also a nice dinner to restore me after my run. i don't want to "waste" my points on crappy foods. when i see that my snack category is larger in points than my dinner or lunch, that's a problem. i'm not going to totally deprive myself, but i will give myself smaller treats, or just less often.

ok, so i'm still cheat free. tomorrow, i'm gonna have a nice big lunch. i think a big bowl of oatmeal with some strawberries thrown in, along with a pbj sandwich. or maybe i'll do something with chicken to make sure i have extra protein. whatever i do, i am determined to use my target, my ap, and then some flex tomorrow! i've got a bit of a longer run tomorrow than i had today, so i need to fuel my body! i'm gonna get the hang of this thing, trial and error as we go :bounce:

off to change the cheat free clippie, put away the muffins and cookies, and check how the fudge has chilled. then i'm off to bed! i haven't gotten a chance to read anyone else's journal today because i was a bit busy, but i will do my best to make some rounds tomorrow! ::yes::

01-20-2004, 09:20 AM
Marcia, I hear you about the trial and error of finding out what works for you! ::yes:: I'm still working on that one, but it gets easier as you go.

You're doing well by looking critically at how you're spending your points. If you're spending them on good food - meat, veggies, fruit, whole grains - then you're getting good nutritional value out of them and that scale will have to cooperate! Of course, with all your running and exercise, you're probably building muscle too. Have you taken your measurements? The scale may be staying the same, but it sounds like you are getting smaller in inches - fitting into those clothes that used to be "snug"!!

Keep it up, Marcia!! I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday! :sunny:

01-20-2004, 09:47 AM
hey doe! thanks for stopping by :wave:

i'm definitely working on using my points wisely, make sure i'm fulfilling enough requirements to keep my body happy and strong, and then move on to treats ::yes::

and i haven't taken my measurements, but i think i'm going to start doing that. we may have a soft measuring tape at my house, i'm going to check, if not i'll go out and get one. i think my mini goal right now is to fit into my pair of 10 jeans comfortably by feb 2. why feb 2 you ask? well, i needed to pick a day, and that is a day i'm going to see a concert in nyc. so why not. gives me just under 2 weeks. i can do it!

on to today...

for breakfast, i had one of the choc chip muffins i made last night, along with a banana, and a cup of hot chocolate made from 1 cup skim milk and a nestle fat free plus calcium hot cocoa mix. the muffin wasn't bad. not as good as the cookies i made though. i think the muffins cooked for too long. hrmph. oh well. throwing it in teh micro for a few seconds worked well this morning. i'm gonna throw the rest of them in the freezer so i don't feel like i need to eat them or they'll go bad. breakfast came out to 7 points.

lunch i'm going to have a whole wheat wrap with lots of chicken, some mexican cheese, green peppers, and salsa. gonna heat it up in the toaster oven and make it nice and gooey. also a small bowl of oatmeal with strawberries. here's that nice big lunch i was talking about :) and it comes out to 11.5 points, which is fine with the rest of my day.

dinner, i'm making diet coke chicken. what is diet coke chicken you ask? i found a recipe where you use ketchup, a can of diet coke, and chicken and it comes out tasting like barbeque chicken. 4 points for the chicken, and i'll have some broccoli and maybe some brown rice with it.

even with all the food i have planned out, i'll use my 5 aps, but i'm only going to be going into .5 points of flex! what is up with that?? i do have a yogurt sitting in the fridge here at work that i may eat shortly. i usually have something to eat around 11am, so yeah, i think i'm going to do that. get me some calcium too :)

i may be around more often today, seeing as it's a slow day here at work :crazy:

01-20-2004, 03:23 PM
Found some time to get through your journal. You're doing great!

I also got my BA in Communications (Broadcast Journalism) and actually work in my field doing TV graphics. But even at age 40, I still don't know what I want to be when I "grow up". Life is suppose to be a journey - it wouldn't be any fun if we got there early and had no where else to go.

I admire your commitment to exercise! Don't sweat the ice cream - it's really hard to stay on any kind of plan without having rewards as you go. You have to think about the way you eat and your activity level as your lifestyle not just as a "diet" to get into a size 6. Because once you get there you need to be healthy and stay there.

Keep up the fantastic work!


01-20-2004, 08:15 PM
hi laurie, thanks for stopping by :wave: and i hear ya about it being a lifestyle change. you are so right. i know it's not just a diet, and it's nto just about getting to a certain size. that's why i know i can do it :)

today was a good day. i woke up and i was really tired all day, but i trudged through, made it to my run, and started feeling great about a mile in. i love it when that happens (and i was actually kinda banking on it). you start a run tired, but then you hit a groove, and you feel like you could go forever. but i was only scheduled for 4 miles today, so i stopped myself a little after 4 :p. also walked for about 15 minutes after that. i brought one of the 1 pt cookies i made to eat right after my run. kinda a reward :) also had half a cup of carrots while cooking dinner.

can i tell you how great the diet coke chicken was? oh man, tasted just like barbeque, and so nice and tender. mmmm. and only 4 points. well, i added a half cup of brown rice at 2 points, and a cup of broccoli at 0, but still, 6 points is great for a really filling dinner. then i realized, i told myself that i'm using some flex points today! so i had a 2 pt piece of the ww fudge i made yesterday. yay chocolate! i also plan on having a cup of strawberries with some ff cool whip in a little bit, cause i need to get in another fruit/veggie today. that'll be it for today.

b: choc chip muffin + banana + hot cocoa = 6.5
s: dannon light n fit = 2
l: chicken wrap made of wheat wrap, 5 oz chicken, 1/2 cup mexican mix cheese, green peppers, and salsa + oatmeal w/strawberries = 11.5
post run: choc chip cookie = 1
d: 1/2 cup carrots + diet coke chicken + 1/2 cup br rice + 1 cup broccoli = 6
dessert: piece fudge + 1 cup strawberries + 1/4 cup ff cool whip = 3

total: 30

target - 20, aps - 5, flex - 5

still have 27 flex points avail over the next 3 days. doubt i'll use em all, but they're there if i need em. off to change my clippie to another cheat free day, then i'll probably be gone from teh computer for the night. i've already planned to eat pretty much exactly the same thing tomorrow as i did today, because of leftovers and such, just makes it easy. and i know it worked today, so why fix it if it isn't broke :)

01-21-2004, 01:23 PM
so i've been avoiding my journal all day because i had a bit of a breakdown last night. i guess i shouldnt' really use that word. because i just decided to use some more flex points. i have a 16 year old brother (17 in 9 days, getting his license, scary!!!), who is an eating machine. he's a crazy track runner so he pretty much eats whatever, whenever and never gains an ounce. he's completely ripped too.

what does this have to do with anything? well, he was eating around 10pm last night, and i got jealous. (i had already had my dessert of strawberries w/ff cool whip). so i decided to have a small piece of that delish crumb cake that has been sitting on our counter for a week now (it's all gone now though, thank god!), a 1 point choc chip cookie, and 1 girl scout cookie, peanut butter patty. 3 points for the cake, 1 for the choc chip cookie, and 1.5 for the gs cookie. 5.5 total.

oh man, it feels good to type that all out. i have been feeling bad about it pretty much all day, but now that i think about it, it's not really that big of a deal! i knew i had the flex points to work with, and i still have lots of them left (they reset on sat). phew. ok, glad that's out there and done with. and i still get to keep my cheat free bear clippie!

come to think of it, i never should have felt bad about it in the first place...ww isn't about depriving myself. it's about using my points. i had already fulfilled my veggie and milk ww requirements, plus the protein requirements that i place on myself on running days. no beating myself up over this! i could have actually done damage...what if i hadn't stopped at the 1 girl scout cookie? in the past, i've been known to eat 5 or 6 at a time. no more! one was enough. ok, now i'm just rambling on making myself feel better, hehe :p

enough of that. i've been doing well today, still a little tired, i'm going to try to get into bed by 10:30 tonight. i've eaten the same thing for breakfast and lunch today as i did yesterday, and the dinner plan is the same as well. i changed my morning snack though, instead of yogurt, i had a slice of whole wheat toast w/1 tbsp of chunky peanut butter. i don't feel like writing out the complete report of points and stuff right now, i'll do it later.

also scheduled for today, another 4 mile run.

i'll check back in again later, probably in the evening after my run and dinner.

01-21-2004, 01:56 PM
Your journal is your friend, Marcia! :D Once you write everything out, somehow it doesn't look so bad. You stayed within your flex points allowance - good going!!

I'm going to try for 4 miles tonight also - I'll be thinking of you while I'm on the treadmill at the fitness club!! ::yes::

I have a son who just turned 16 - got his driving learner's permit on Saturday - how scary!! He isn't a ripped track star though!! He loves video games so we just got Dance Dance Revolution. Now he and my 14 yr old daughter are at least getting off the couch! :teeth:

Keep it up, Marcia!! You're doing just fine!! :sunny:

01-21-2004, 09:17 PM
Hi Marcia,

I just dropped by to see how you have been doing and I can see you are doing great! Another marathoner, good for you! You make good food choices and WW seems flexible enough to let you lose weight but still eat like a regular human being. I'm glad you are not beating yourself up over the snacks you ate. I can eat out of jealousy too. I don't want to miss out on any of that good food floating around!

Posting in your journal is such a good way for you to figure out what works for you and what doesn't. You are doing a great job, keep up the hard work!

01-21-2004, 10:26 PM
hey doe and lisa! thanks for the words of encouragement, i really appreciate it :D. journaling really has been a positive experience for me. i'm so glad i decided to do it. reading other people's journals, posting in them and my own, and getting feedback from you guys, it's helping to keep me on track. so thank you everybody on wish :goodvibes :grouphug:

i love how i keep telling myself that i'm going to go to bed early and then i find myself awake still at 11:15. i ended up going to target this evening to find some dryfit material clothes so that i can run outside when it's chilly wihtout freezing from my own sweat. ok, that sounds gross. but it's true. supposedly, this material will "wick away" the wetness and keep my dry. we'll see.

food report:

b: ww recipe choc chip muffin (3) + med banana (1.5) + hot cocoa packet, nestle ff w/calcium (0) + 1 cup skim milk (2) = 6.5
s: 1 slice wheat bread (1) + 1 tbsp peanut butter (2) = 3
l: chicken wrap - whole wheat wrap (3) + 4 oz chicken (3.5) + 1/4 cup mexican cheese (3) + 1/4 cup salsa (0)
oatmeal - 1/4 cup uncooked oatmeal (1) + 1/8 cup skim (0) + 1/2 cup strawberries (0). lunch = 10.5
s: 1 piece ww recipe fudge = 2
d: diet coke chicken (4) + 1/2 cup br rice (2) + 1/2 cup broccoli (0) + 1 cup raw carrots (0) = 6
dessert: nestle ff hot cocoa made w/water (0) + 1 ww recipe choc chip cookie (1) =1

total: 29

target - 20, aps - 5, flex - 4

another cheat free day! and i'm done snacking. not like last night :p

time to plan out tomorrow, change my clippie, and hit the sack! nitey nite :angel:

01-22-2004, 09:58 AM
Marcia it looks like you're doing a great job staying OP. Oh and thanks for posting the cookie recipe on Lulu's journal by mistake - I was going to ask you for it lol. I can't wait to try them out, now just to find time to do some baking.

01-22-2004, 11:11 AM
hey stephanie, you're welcome! it's great that i can find something yummy and then share it with you guys! the cookies don't really take that long to make. it doesn't require an electric mixer or anything, so cleanup is pretty easy too :)

i'd just like to say that i think i've found my new favorite breakfast! i had a slice of whole wheat toast w/ 1.5 tbsp chunky peanut butter, a banana, and hot cocoa. i must admit that i am a pb fiend. so that has something to do with it. but at the same time, it has kept me full! i brought an apple for my 11am snack, but i'm not eating it, because i'm not hungry! i made the hot cocoa with hot water this morning, and i'm glad because i think the milk would have filled me up too much. i did bring another packet of the cocoa to work, and just had it with milk. gotta get in those dairy servings!

for lunch, i'm having what's leftover of the diet coke chicken and steamed broccoli. i have a snack of yogurt planned for this afternoon. since it's an off day from running, i'm taking this opportunity to log some overtime hours at work. i need the money! just found out friends is a rerun (bummer!), but it's ok, because it will allow me to work later without worrying about making it home in time for the show. so i'll need that yogurt to tide me over. my mom is making her homemade spaghetti sauce tonight, so i'm going to have some whole wheat pasta, throw in some chicken (say no to high point meatballs!!!), and the great sauce! by the time i get home, it's going to be after 8 probably, so i may not eat too much.

also hoping to get in my pilates dvd later tonight. we'll see if i have the time. i haven't seen my best friend in a while, so it may be a catch up with her type night. i can forego the pilates if it means quality time with best friend :). and let's see if i can get into bed before midnight tonight! :crazy:

01-22-2004, 09:49 PM
oy, why do i do this to myself? after 9pm is horrible, horrible, horrible. i just ate 18 points worth of snacks. oh my god! and that's after 21 points during the day, for a total of 39. i still have .5 flex points left for tomorrow (also applied 2 aps for pilates i did), but this is definitely not a cheat free day :(. my clippie bear is going bye bye. i was in major major binge mode. no good. ugh. i feel so bad right now. i cna't even bring myself to type out everything i ate. let's just say i was doing fine till i decided to have lots of desserts. i think i need to get down to the bottom of this. why did i do it? what made me go and eat all that crap? i wasn't hungry. not at all. bleh. ok, i am going to go to sleep now.

so today is over. tomorrow is a new day. back on track. gotta do this for me.

01-23-2004, 08:40 AM
alright, i'm feeling a little bit better this morning. i'm still very tired, even though i got in bed before midnight last night. i didn't even get to talk to my best friend, she was way too busy. she is working full time at a high school, coaching a crew team, a track team, and also taking grad school courses. so i can't blame her when she goes to bed at 9pm and i only get to see her maybe once a week. kinda bums me out though, i miss her! tomorrow morning though, she has a crew practice indoors at the high school's fitness center, and she told me i should come and use their treadmills for my run tomorrow. (she knows i really hate the cold). it's an hour away, but hey, when it's the only treadmill available, i'll take it! plus, it gives us at least the drive up and back to get to hang out. i hope she's around tonight too though, i don't think i can stand another night sitting at my house with all that food just calling my name. early to bed tonight, either way. gotta rest up for my 5 mile run tomorrow.

today i'm setting my goal for low points. even though i have a 3 mile run tonight, i do not want to use my aps. try to "make up" for yesterday a little bit. i really would like to run more, but i'm following a training plan, and i don't want to up my mileage too much too fast, or i will risk injury. not worth it. my goal is to eat 20 points today, and that is it! i can do it ::yes::

so far, i had oatmeal w/strawberries and hot cocoa (prepared with water) for breakfast (3). lunch will be a whole wheat wrap with chicken, mom's sauce, and a sprinkle of part skim mozz cheese. also a cup of raw carrots. lunch total (8.5). dinner i think is going to be a frozen smart ones or healthy choice meal. also got an apple for a snack if i need it, and hot cocoa made with skim milk because i need to get my dairy (3). the way it sits, i have 5.5 points for dinner, so i just have to pick a meal out of the freezer. i know i have a couple for 5, so it'll be one of those. and i'll add on a cup of steamed broccoli for 0. that extra .5 i may use somewhere during the day (little extra cheese on my chicken wrap?).

i *will* stick to my plan today. and i think for next week, i'm going to spread my flex points out over the days (like mentally adding a few points to each day), that way i don't have a bunch sitting there at the end of teh week, which makes me feel like it's ok to go on a binge. i mean, i know they are there to eat them, but i want to use them on healthier foods. not a big huge pig out on crap one night. so that's my plan for next week, which starts tomorrow morning.

yikes, tomorrow morning is weigh in. i really wanted to step on the scale this morning, but i resisted. tomorrow is my "official" day, and i didn't want to peek today. i have a feeling that i haven't lost anything. i'm going to take my measurements tomorrow though. it will be the first time, so i wont' have anything to measure against, but at least it's a place to start.

01-23-2004, 09:14 AM
I'm glad you're still thinking positively after last night. And don't beat yourself up too much about it - you did have flex points and while it may not have been the wisest use of them, they are there for a reason. I had a bad dessert night too - I have a higher points level than you so it wasn't so much of a dip into flex points for me. Maybe there was something in the air last night lol. It sounds like you have good plan for next week - use a few of those flex every day and then you won't feel you can go overboard with them all at once. Have a great day!

01-23-2004, 10:21 PM
hey stephanie, thanks for the kind words :) they mean a lot :)

today went well. very well. i ate my 20 points. and nothing else. i had a 3 mile run, along with 15 minutes walking, and cruchnes. so i earned 4 aps, but didn't eat them, jsut as planned. yay for sticking to the plan!

b: 1/2 cup oatmeal uncooked (2.5) + 1/4 cup skim (.5) + 1/2 cup strawberries (0) + 1 packet splenda (0) + hot cocoa made w/water (0) = 3
s: hot cocoa made w/1 cup skim (2) + 1 apple (1) = 3
l: whole wheat wrap (3) + 4 oz chicken (4) + mom's sauce (1) + 1/8 cup part skim mozz (1) + 1 cup raw carrots (0) = 9
d: 3/4 cup whole wheat pasta (2) + 2 oz chicken (2) + mom's sauce (1) + 1 cup broccoli (0) = 5
dessert: sf jello w/ff cool whip = 0

total: 20


so tomorrow i was going to be having access to a treadmill, but my friend said i can't go to the practice. dammit. so i spent the past half hour driving around trying to map out a good, flat 5 mile course to run outside. so that's done. i'm going to brave the cold. i'm going to bundle up, and i'm going to make it.

plan for tomorrow: i'm either going to eat oatmeal and a banana or a protein bar for breakfast. wait a couple hours and run. come home and have a protein and carb filled lunch. maybe out to dinner tomorrow night w/the fam (mom is away...so this is even more likely since my dad won't fill in cooking, and no one will eat if i cook healthy :p ).

i plan to eat my 20 target + 5 aps + a few flex points. my flex start over tomorrow morning, and that also means weigh in! i'm a little worried about it, but not too much. i'm prepared to see a gain. i'm also gonna try on my size 10s and check the progress there. and i will take my measurements for the first time. busy day! hehe :crazy:

that's a wrap for me. and hey! today was a cheat free day. so i'm gonna go grab my cheat free for a day clippie! ooh, add to goal for tomorrow: stay cheat free so i can turn the bear into a 2!

(and i want to apologize for not making it to anyone's journal today...havne't had much computer time, but i will do my best to make the rounds tomorrow!)

01-24-2004, 05:18 AM
Marcia, you're doing just fine! :sunny:

You hit a bump in the road, but you have devised a plan to get back in the groove and to keep it from happening again - you ROCK!!

Good luck on your long run today - hope you can stay warm. Cover up those hands and your head & ears!

Your bear is lookin' good and I'm betting he'll be sporting a 2 this evening. :sunny:

01-24-2004, 09:58 AM
hey doe, thanks for the encouragement, it really is nice to have other people around telling me i dind't totally screw up :crazy:

so today was weigh in, try on the jeans, and take measurements. check! here's the results:

weight: 131 - holding steady. although, i need to get a digital scale, because it might have said 130.5...i just couldn't bend over to look cause then it would waver!

size 10 jeans: looser than last week. that's for sure. and this is what really counts. i really don't care what the weight number is as long as my body keeps shrinking :)

waist: 30
hips: 36.5
thigh: 23 (i only measured the right one...i don't know if i'm supposed to measure both then add them up? i'll go measure the left one too, just in case)
chest: 30.5
bust: 32

and i have great news! i just called up the gym that i used to belong to a few years ago, to see if they had a day pass sort of thing, and i talked with a membership guy, and he's going to let me use the gym on the weekends for 30 bucks a month! i told him i'll probably only need it through march, because then it'll defintely be warm enough to run outside, and so i'm thrilled. i was going to be willing to pay 10 bucks a day when i need it, just to get out of this frigidity. i have my schedule set up to only run 1 out of the 2 weekend days, but i may change that now to get the best bang for my buck! plus, it'll give me an extra day during the week to work overtime! oh this is wonderful :)

breakfast is eaten. oatmeal and a banana. now i'm headed to dunkin donuts to pick up some donuts for my brother, and a small coffee for me :) then i'm headed to the gym! yay! no freezing my butt off running! :bounce:

01-24-2004, 03:37 PM
Marcia- wow - way to stay positive! That is so important in order to make this a way of life. And good for you to recognize when you need to loose a few lbs/inches, before it becomes 20 or 30 lbs! I wish I had the common sense last winter to get my butt in gear and do something about the extra 10/15 lbs, cause now its more like 30!

I haven't been able to do a 20 pt day yet. I just get too hungry!:rolleyes: But it seems like your planning is really working out for you. Good job!:sunny:

01-24-2004, 05:25 PM
hey sharon, thanks for stopping by :D. i really am trying my best to be positive even when i don't make the best decisions. today i feel wonderful, so being positive is easy :teeth:

got my 5 mile run in at the gym. ooooh, felt so good! my normal pace is about a 10 minute mile, but today i ran 9:30 min miles! hell yeah!!! then i walked for about 15 minutes. 6 aps, instead of the 5 i thought i'd get (because if i was running outside, i would not have walked another mile...too cold!).

so far i ate breakfast and lunch, and a snack. headed out to a seafood restaurant for dinner in a little bit. i've got 3 target, 6 aps, and whatever flex i feel like using to work with. so i'm gonna have a yummy dinner :)

b: 1/3 cup dry oatmeal (1.5) + 1/4 cup skim (.5) + 1 med banana (1.5) + 1 sm coffee (0) + 4 packets splenda (.5) [2 were in the oatmeal, 2 in the coffee] = 4
post run: pria power bar = 2
l: pbj - 2 slices wheat (2.5) + 2 tbsp chunky pb (4.5) + 2 tbsp raspberry jam (2), + hot cocoa made w/1 cup skim (2) + 1 cup carrots (0) = 11

total so far: 17

like i said, dinner is gonna be whatever i feel like. probably shrimp, scallops, or sole/flounder type fish. mmm, i can't wait! :) i'll report back after we get back :)

01-24-2004, 09:26 PM
Marsha, you are gonna leave me in the DUST at the half marathon!! When I run, I'm thrilled at a 12 minute mile pace (5.0 mph) :p ! You must really be MOVIN'!!! You go, girl!!! I'm so happy that you've worked something out at the fitness center - I was worried about you running 5 miles in the cold and slippery conditions today! I'm such a Mom - can't help the worrying thing! :teeth: :crazy:

Dinner at the seafood restaurant sounds so delish!! Hope it was great! :sunny:

01-24-2004, 10:31 PM
leave you in the dust? nah!!! but i'm running, so of course i'm gonna be going faster than you :p. i'm actually hoping to get my time down lower than that, i assume it will come with more miles and the training i'll be doing over the next year. when i started running, i remember i used to go around 5 or 5.5, just the more you do it, the faster you go i guess. and if i remember correctly, i'm taller than you, so that factors in as well :). and yeah, thanks big time to justin at the new york sports club in nanuet, ny. you are my hero justin! no freezing myself in these nasty temperatures! i'm sure i can still use the mothering...seeing as my own mom is away this weekend, there was no one here to be telling me not to head out in this weather, my dad is oblivious :rolleyes:

so dinner was excellent! i had a cup of lobster bisque, a little bit of salad with fork dipped in the vinaigrette i asked for on the side (i used half a teaspoon at the most...i'm not counting that in points!), then for my main meal, i had sole stuffed with crabmeat. oh man. it was so good. i was expecting the crabmeat stuffing to be mostly breadcrumbs and oily and stuff, but this is a higher class place we went to (thanks dad!), there was only a sprinkle of breadcrumbs, it was pretty much just crab meat rolled up in sole! no sauce, just looked like it had been brushed with butter and then cooked like that. no high buttery taste, although, i did add on 3 points, juuuust in case. also came with wild rice and steamed broccoli. i only ate half of my meal. i like to do that not only so i don't stuff myself, but it makes figuring out points easier, because i can bring home the half that's left and measure it all out :p

i also went ahead and made myself a nice homemade "hot fudge sundae" tonight. my brother had me take him to the supermarket because he wanted oreos. he also loaded up on ice cream sandwiches, ben and jerry's, and other random snack foods. he's nuts. but i decided to pick up a container of smart ones vanilla ice cream, for 1 point a half cup, how can you go wrong? and i grabbed some "light" smuckers hot fudge. put it together with a little whipped cream for a 3.5 point sundae! and it was yummy :)

so here's my wrap up for hte day:

b, l, s: 17 (detailed out a few posts above)
d: 1 cup lobster bisque (4) + 2 oz sole (1) + 4 oz crabmeat (2.5) + 1/3 cup wild rice (1) + 1 cup broccoli (0) + butter "sauce" (3) = 11.5
dessert: 1/2 cup smart ones vanilla (1) + 2 tbsp light hot fudge (2) + 3 tbsp whipped cream (.5) = 3.5

total: 31

target - 20, aps - 6, flex - 5

sounds good to me!

tomorrow has the possibility to throw me off course, but i'm planning ahead. i'm going to the new york rangers superskate with my dad in the afternoon. it's an annual celebrity hockey competition and game for charity. me and my dad go every year. so i want to get up and run early am (short run...i'm switching my off day from sunday to monday to take advantage of the gym i'm paying for!). so i'm thinking i'll eat half a pria bar before i run, and the other half right after. then come home and eat some oatmeal and a banana for breakfast.

that's not the hard part. the game is. no way i want to eat any of the food that's available at the game. so i'm packing myself a lunch box, just like when i was a kid :). it will have half a pbj sandwich, a dannon light n fit, and a snack pack of baby carrots. along with, of course, the requisite large bottle of water.

then we're going out for an early dinner at either our "normal" restaurant, where i will have no problem finding something ww friendly to eat, or to a thin crust pizza place. if we end up at the pizza place, i will only eat a small amount of pizza, and a large salad. i also have girls night tomorrow night with my best friend, which means sex and the city, and friendly's. i plan to get the same thing i got last week: small cup of vanilla ff frozen yogurt w/rainbow sprinkles and whipped cream. i plan on using some flex again tomorrow. not sure how much, it will depend on dinner.

ok, so if i want to get to the gym by 8:30, i better get my butt moving to bed! but first, i will change my clippie, because today was a cheat free day :teeth:

01-25-2004, 10:19 PM
alright, i had another cheat free day! my planning ahead sure worked to my advantage :).

woke up at 8, ate half a pria bar, went to the gym, ran 2.25 miles, walked another 15 minutes. ate the other half of the pria bar. on the drive home, i stopped at dunkin donuts and got a coffee. mmmmm, coffee :p. came home, took a shower, then was rushed to get out the door in time, but made myself oatmeal w/strawberries and also ate a banana. ate my lunch that i had packed for myself at the game. then we went out to dinner at our "normal" restaurant, and i had a really delicious meal of whole wheat pasta, steamed lobster, shrimp and scallops, in a very light barely there tomato/seafood broth type sauce. also had broccoli on the side. as usual, i brought half home, so i have a good lunch for one day this week :)

"ww friendly" desserts are evil. i've had that fudge i made sitting in the freezer. no one else is eating it, and there's a lot of it there. at 2 points in each piece, that's not so bad. but when you cna't stop yourself, it's horrible. i had 2 pieces, then realized i had to stop, so i threw the rest of it out. it was too much of a temptation sitting there. i just had to do it. oh, and i found out bad news about those ww recipe choc chip cookies. there were 24 servings of 2 cookies each, and i did horrendous math (and i feel like such an idiot cause math is my strong suit :rolleyes: ), i read it as 24 cookies, being .5 points each, so i thought i had made 12 one point cookies. wrong! 24 servings of 2 is 48 cookies at .5 points each. 24 cookies at 1 point each. 12 cookies at 2 points each! so i'm not going to go back in my journals and change everything, but i will learn for the future. i guess i should've known that it was too good to be true.

then of course frozen yogurt for girls night :). here's a run down of the day:

s: pria bar = 2
b: 1/4 cup dry oatmeal (1) + 1/2 cup strawberries + med banana (1.5) + cup coffee (0) + 1/4 cup skim (.5) + 3 packets splenda (0) = 3
l: half pbj - 1 slice wheat bread (1) + 1 tbsp pb (2) + 1 tbsp strwberry jam (1), + dannon light n fit (2) + 1 cup carrots (0) = 6
d: 1.5 cups whole wheat pasta (4.5) + 1 oz lobster (.5) + 2 oz scallops (1) + 1 oz shrimp (.5) + sauce (1) = 7.5
s: 2 pieces ww recipe fudge = 4
dessert: 1 cup ff frozen yogurt (4) + 1 tbsp sprinkles (1) + 3 tbsp whipped cream (.5) = 5.5

total: 28

target - 20, aps - 3, flex - 5

another good day. i get to change my clippie again :)

tomorrow's gonna be another tough one...headed to the rangers game with my dad right after work at 5pm sharp. he told me he's just going to stop for a burger at mcdonald's or something. no thanks! i have a snapple meal replacement drink, a pria bar, an apple, and a snack pack of baby carrots all packed up in a lunch box to bring into the game with me. hehe, 2 days in a row bringing in a lunch box to madison square garden. it'll be even funnier if i go through the same security guy :). i'm gonna have a big-ish lunch since i'm not going to be eating a real dinner. and i'm gonna make a bag of popcorn to eat in the car in case i'm hungry for a snack. i've got it all planned out, so i'm not worried. i may have time to check in during the day from work, but if i don't, i won't be around at all tomorrow night because of the game.

it's much later than i wanted to be up tonight, so i'm gonna go change my clippie and head to bed! :faint:

Castillo Mom
01-25-2004, 11:30 PM
Hi Marcia! Thanks for posting to my journal and thanks for the encouragement. So you're doing WW, great! I see you've had a couple of cheat free days, you should give yourself a pat on the back, not easy to stay on plan and it looks you keep a pretty busy schedule. I think one of the keys is planning ahead and keeping legal foods readily available which it looks like you're doing a great job at. Do you weigh in on Mondays? A lot of us to and I will be tomorrow. Monday is also a day I try to catch up with as many of my WISH buddies as I can, so I'll do my best to check in with you tomorrow. Take care!

01-26-2004, 05:12 AM
Hi, Marcia! You are doing fabulous, girl. I'm inspired by how you're tackling all these special events in your life--I have a mental picture of you in NYC carrying your trusty lunchbox. . .:p
Whatever works, right?

Have a great day. What are you guys going to watch after "Sex in the City" goes off the air??? You'd better start planning now!


01-26-2004, 08:23 AM
Hi Marcia :wave:

Just a quick thought for you tonight. Mc Donalds has great salads if you steer clear of their dressing. I like the grilled bacon ranch salad. I usually bring it home or back to the office, where I have FF dressing. If I eat it at the restaurant, it is without dressing. (The Newman's ranch has something like 10 grams of fat - just in the dressing! Yikes!:eek: ) Also, I just found Mcd's yogurt parfait! It is so sweet and yummy! In fact, I think I will pick one up today for lunch! They are only 3 points! Yippee! And the salad without dressing is 6 points - not bad, because it is a good size and quite filling with the chicken and all. I end up doing a lot of McDs cause of my kids and a busy schedule. It is so nice to be able to do it healthy now!

And I was so surprised you were able to bring a lunchbox in with you! Everytime I go somewhere, it's no food allowed. In fact last year we went to a local baseball game. I had a large duffle bag with jackets, blankets, rain gear..... There was an opened bag of swedish fish in there as well. They made me throw it out!:mad: Said I couldn't bring any food in!

Well, have a great day and a good time tonight!:sunny:

01-26-2004, 09:54 AM
Marcia, you are doing a wonderful job with all these special events!! Any time I'm out of my workday routine, I seem to struggle, but you always plan ahead and do great! Good for you!

It's also great that you're getting to spend so much special time with your dad - cherish those moments!! ::yes::

Enjoy yourself and here's some extra :wizard: pixie dust for the Rangers!! :sunny:

01-26-2004, 01:37 PM
hehe, me and my lunch box :). i was kinda surprised that i got away with bringing it in. i was just hoping that it would be ok. it's a soft lunch box, one that i actually got as a freebie giveaway at a rangers game one time, so maybe that helped. but the guy just said, no bottles, no cans, but everything else is fine. and he looked in it, looked right at my water bottle, and said, "ok, enjoy!". i was like, um ok. but that sucks when they don't let you bring your own food in, i guess they just want you to spend more money.

lisa - hi, thanks for the support :). no, i don't weigh in on mondays, i weigh in on saturdays. that's just when i started my ww program, and it works for me to have my flex all available for sat and sun nights since that's when my family usually goes out to dinner. even though i am trying to not use them all at once, it's good to have just in case i want to splurge when eating out those days!

erin - i have no idea what we're going to do when it's over! only 4 episodes left! we do watch six feet under also, so hopefully that will be back on season when sex is over. it may be a different day of the week, but i think we will make the necessary adjustments :)

sharon - thanks for the mcdonald's suggestion. good to know that even the evil golden arches has something available if i'm in a bind. although, i won't have to worry about that tonight...more on this below, but i'm not going to the game :(

doe - thanks for the pixiedust for the rangers, they sure need it! they're pretty horrible. and i really do like it when i get to spend time with my dad. i know to make the most of it, since he's usually so busy. and i won't be living at home forever, so now is the time to take advantage of it ::yes::

ok, on to today. i found out i'm not going to the game tonight :(. my dad has to work late, so no game. oh well. threw me a little off course food wise, any change in the schedule messes with me. because now that i can eat real food for dinner, i will not be eating a snapple meal replacement drink. but then someone brought in baked goods and left them here in the kitchen at work...and i got thrown even worse. i'm still fine for the day, even though i ate a small choc chip muffin and a small piece of pound cake. even though they were "small", i'm counting 10 points for my little morning snack. also had a 6 point breakfast and a 6.5 point lunch. and i need to get some dairy in, so i will be having a 2 point cup of skim milk this afternoon.

luckily (since i'm not going to the game, i can see some sort of positive coming from it at least), i will have time to get some aps today. even though it's an off day from running, and i know i need the rest to recover, it's going to take all of my willpower to stay off the treadmill. i just want to earn 5 or 6 aps so bad, to make up for this morning, but i'm going to resist. i've developed what they call "black toenail" on one of my toes, this is a common running thing i have learned (it's actually more purple than black, but it's a little bit painful today). also, i'm feeling my calves a bit more than usual today. must give the body a rest. not good to run 4 days in a row. i'll just have to keep reminding myself that i would be doing more harm than good.

instead, i am going to do my pilates dvd, which will earn me 2 activity points. and i'm going to have a very light dinner. a huuuuuge salad made of lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, carrots, and some tuna in it. that'll be a 1 point dinner (free veggies, and free dressing). the way it's figured, i'll be using 3.5 flex today, and that's fine. if i'm more hungry around dinner time, i won't starve myself, i'll just eat a bit more, use a few more flex. i'm not gonna worry about it. i feel like i'm in total control, as long as i can keep away from that treadmill :crazy:

ok, i must get back to work. i will check in on everybody else's journal tonight, i'll have plenty of time at home since i'm not going to be at the game.

01-26-2004, 03:38 PM
Hi Marcia!

I'm just checking up on you. Thanks so much for making it over and posting to my journal. I really do appreciate the encouragement! Now I want to give you some. You are doing so well. It's invaluable to plan ahead and when you do that you seem to do so well with your healthy eating. What a smart idea to pack your own food for the outings you have been attending.

You might want to look into getting yourself a digital scale. I love seeing the 1/2 pound loses and I like not having to bend over to try and see how much I weigh and having the scale move. With a digital scale it keeps the weight for 30 seconds after you step off of it. Anyway, just wanted to tell you how inspiring you are to me. And btw, I love your cheat free clippie! It looks great on you. Keep up the great work!

01-26-2004, 09:21 PM
hey lisa, thanks! i'm definitely going to get a digital scale. i think i'm gonna head out shopping tomorrow night after i run and eat dinner.

and i'm doing my best to plan...but today, i got thrown even another loop! my dad called me at 4:35 and said, well, now i don't have to work late, so we are going to the game! be ready at 5. so i had just enough time to run home and get dressed and go back to pick him up (we work at the same office). so there went my 1 point dinner! we had to eat at the game. i got a grilled chicken sandwich from ranch 1, dottie's site lists is at 7.5 points. i can deal with that. it was the best choice available. couldn't very well starve myself. so here's my detailed day:

b: 1 slice wheat toast w/1.5 tbsp peanut butter + 1 med banana = 6
s: choc chip muffin and pound cake = 10
l: leftover stuffed sole + 1/3 cup wild rice + 1 cup broccoli = 6.5
d: ranch 1 chicken sandwich = 7.5

and right now i'm snacking on some carrots which are 0 points.

total: 30

target - 20, flex - 10

i'm very glad for flex points. i didn't have time to do my pilates, and now i'm just headed to bed. so those flex are handy for an unexpected situation.

tomorrow i'm back to running. so i'll be getting 4 aps. i'll eat those, but i'd like to keep the points low tomorrow (24 max) because of my run in with the pastries this morning :). but anyway, i know i said i'd get to everybody's journals tonight, but with the game and all, i didn't get ot. but i really promise that i will tomorrow when there's down time at work ::yes::

off to roll the clippie over another day :hyper: , then to bed. nitey nite!

Castillo Mom
01-27-2004, 01:15 AM
Hi Marcia, sorry to hear you didn't make it to the game tonight. You had a great day food wise though, great job! I got that Pilates DVD yesterday and I'm anxious to try it out. I'm popping it in the computer after I'm done Dising. Take care!:D

01-27-2004, 11:47 AM
hey lisa, we actually did end up getting to go to the game! it threw my food plan out the window, but it was okay. i really wanted to go to the game, and i had a great time with my dad. and i made the best food choices possible. overall, a very good night :). and the rangers won! which is amazing unto itself!!!

these journals are a great way for me to pass the slow time here at work! i just spent approximately the past hour catching up on everyone's journal! i get bored at work here very easily. pretty much my only responsibility is to answer the phone, sort the mail, deliver packages, and greet guests. well, the mail and packages are done by 11am. guests are few and very infrequent. and the phones can get slow. so i usually read books or magazines, but i love reading wish journals more! :)

today is going to be another cheat free day. it's almost lunch time, and i didn't even eat a morning snack! it was a conscious decision, because of the way i want to plan my food out for the rest of the day. but i'm so proud of myself for making it!

breakfast is eaten (cereal w/fruit), lunch will be leftovers of pasta and seafood, dinner will be pasta with chicken and marinara sauce. and even though i'm running inside, i really want a nice cup of hot cocoa right after my run tonight. i've read it's good for recovery. so i'm gonna do that. i may snack on some raw carrots at some point as well. here's my details so far:

b: cheerios w/skim milk + 1/2 cup strawberries + banana = 4.5

i'll be running 3 miles tonight, then walking and crunches. the way the day is planned out, i'm only eating 21 points, which leaves me with 3 extra aps to eat. but i don't know if i'll want them. the only dessert i will eat tonight will be sf jello w/ff cool whip. i will not fall into the snack trap. so i may not even eat the other 3 points. we'll see. i'll check back later :)

01-27-2004, 01:42 PM
I'm glad you got to go to the game. I think you still did a great job managing your points even though you had already changed your plans. Have a great day!

01-27-2004, 09:35 PM
thanks stephanie! :)

today was another cheat free day. i'm really tired, and i want to head to bed, but i forgot that i started laundry, so now i have to wait for it to get out of the dryer! and there's a blanket of snow outside, supposed to be more. can't wait to dig my car out in the morning :rolleyes:

i'm just gonna go lay down and wait for my laundry, here's a breakdown of my day:

b: detailed above = 4.5
l: leftover whole wheat pasta w/seafood + 1 cup broccoli = 7.5
s: 1 cup skim + nestle ff w/calcium = 2
d: 3 oz chicken + 1 cup whole wheat pasta + mom's sauce + .5 oz part skim mozz + 1 cup broccoli = 8
s: 1 cup carrots = 0
dessert: sf jello + ff cool whip = 0

total: 22

target - 20, aps - 2

ran 3 miles and walked 15 mins to earn 4 aps. also did crunches. tomorrow is a 4 mile day. let's hope i don't get snowed in because i really am feeling good running!

food is planned out for tomorrow already. too tired to detail it out. i'll check back in the morning.

01-28-2004, 11:37 AM
ah, finally making it to my journal today!

woke up normal time, even though i knew we had snow dumped on us and i'd have to shovel. right i was! and i feel so stupid, i shoud have parked at the end of the driveway last night, therefore having to shovel less this morning, but i parked all the way at the front. silly me.

got out into the snow around 8, back into the house around 8:30. i'm supposed to be at work at 8:30. oh well. took a shower, ate breakfast (cereal and fruit), and got into work by 9:10. not too shabby. everybody else was late too. and my online tracker tells me i earned 2 aps from that shoveling. that means i'm going to earn 7aps total today. and i only plan so far to eat 3 of them. maybe i'll have a treat tonight :)

here's what i've eaten so far:

b: 1 cup cheerios + 1 banana + 1/3 cup strawberries + a few blueberries + 1/2 cup skim milk = 4.5
s: dannon light n fit blueberry yogurt = 2

lunch will be a half pbj, some oatmeal, and some carrots (all eaten separate...that would be a weirdo combination :p ). planning on the cup of hot cocoa made w/milk after the run again tonight.

and dinner, my mom is making a hungarian paprika "stew". i put it in quotes, cause it's not really stew. it's pretty much water and beef broth with paprika, onions, and cubes of beef in it. i strain it, because i don't like onions. and then we add our own noodles. the noodles are homemade spetula (sp?). she gave me the recipe to run through my recipe builder, and it comes out to 30 points for the whole batch of noodles. so she's gonna weigh it for me so i can figure out how much i want to eat of the noodles :). thanks mom :). and i'm going to eat some of the beef as well. probably eat a cup of steamed broccoli on the side too. mmm, i'm really looking forward to this dinner. reminds me of my grandma :)

ok, i'm off to go read and waste the rest of the time until lunch break. i'll check back later.

01-28-2004, 12:39 PM
Marcia, I'm glad you got to see the Rangers win, and you made good food choices at the game!

All this snow is getting me down! :mad: What a pain to shovel, but at least it earns you extra APs right? You have been doing such a great job with your food choices and your exercise. I need to take a page from your journal and start eating more veggies!! You must really like broccoli! :p

Keep up the great work! :sunny:

01-28-2004, 01:47 PM
Hi Marcia,

I am so proud of you for making good food choices at that game. I hate when I get thrown off schedule but you did a good job!

I don't like shoveling snow, thank goodness for now we live in a condo complex where they do it for us.

I love your positive attitude, it just jumps out at you when you read your entries. I'm glad to hear that you are planning your meals in advance, that makes such a difference. Keep up the great work and thanks for supporting me. I hope you know I am here supporting and encouraging you right back!

Have a good afternoon and evening.

P.S. Is your job hiring?;)

01-28-2004, 08:26 PM
the snow is getting me down too. when i had the realization that i had to dig myself out, ugh, i was so bummed. the worst is the end of the driveway where they plow you in and it's much higher and heavier snow. yick. definitely a workout.

doe, i really do love broccoli! i know that's a totally weird food to love, but i do. i know i had planned on a cup with dinner, but there was none left, i guess my dad ate it yesterday. and i didn't feel like making more. but the soup my mom made filled me up real well, so it wasn't a big deal. and i had already eaten some other fruits and veggies throughout the day.

lisa, thank you so much! that's nice to hear that i sound positive, because i'm really the queen of negativity! i'm such a pessimist. but i really am trying to work on that. i guess i must be doing something right then :). and hehe, sorry, my job isn't hiring :p. they will be when i finally get out of there though. i know it sounds great because i don't do much, but it's really unfulfilling, and i feel like i went to college for nothing. and it doesn't pay well either. i need to find something else or go back to school :)

tired is hitting me really early tonight, so i'm just going to detail out my day from today and then hit the sack. i'll get to everyone else's journals in the morning.

b: 1 cup cheerios + 1 banana + 1/3 cup strawberries + a few blueberries + 1/2 cup skim milk = 4.5
s: dannon light n fit blueberry yogurt = 2
l: slice wheat bread + 2 tbsp peanut butter + 1 tbsp jam = 6.5
1/3 cup oatmeal + 1/4 cup skim + 2 packets splenda = 2
1 cup carrots = 0 (lunch total = 8.5)
s: 1/2 cup skim + 1/2 cup water + nestle ff cocoa = 1
d: mom's "stew" and spetula = 8.5

total so far: 24.5 (20 target, 4.5 aps)

i have 2.5 aps left (ran 4 miles, walked 15 minutes, and don't forget the shoveling!). i think i'm gonna have me some dessert, i want strawberries and blueberries, but i don't have enough for tonight and breakfast tomorrow, so i think i'll save them for breakfast. maybe i'll have a scoop (1/2 cup) of smart ones vanilla with some rainbow sprinkles. that'll be 2 points. i think that sounds good.

tomorrow, my plan is pretty much the same as today, except i won't be having a yogurt for snack, i'm going to have cucumbers and peppers instead.

alright, that's a wrap for me :)

Castillo Mom
01-29-2004, 01:27 AM
Hi Marcia, sorry I haven't come by the last couple of days. Looks like you've been staying on plan. Glad you got to go to the baseball game and that you had a good time. Sorry my post is so short, trying to say hi to everyone before hitting the hay. Good night!:D

01-29-2004, 07:36 AM
Hi Marsh! You have given me some great menu ideas as well as some great planning ideas. I love that your family is so supportive.

Have a great day!!!!!!:wave:

01-29-2004, 09:49 AM
hehe, lisa, your post made me giggle. the rangers play hockey, not baseball :p . i know other people may not know as much about sports as i do, so next time, i'm gonna make it clear what sport i'm going to watch :crazy:

and thanks a for stopping by as well :). i'm glad that i've given you some ideas :)

today is pretty boring, since my meals are the exact same as yesterday. the only difference (i think i posted this last night) is that i'm having a different morning snack.

i'm feeling extra positive today, and i'm not really sure why. this is a huge deal for me, because i'm usually such a negative person. maybe this better way of living is really having an affect on me. and having all of you guys around supporting me is just amazing. i just feel like i can do it, and that makes me so happy. it's also affecting other areas of my life. like my job situation. i hate it. and i've always said i wanted to get my certification in early ed, and i'm really thinking now that i'm going to do something about it, not just say it. ah, i don't know what i'm saying. i just feel really happy right now.

ok, the mail just got here and i have to sort it now. i'll be back later! :hyper:

01-29-2004, 12:17 PM
Hi Marcia,

I just finished your journal. Sorry it took me so long. You are doing an amazing job. All that running, Wow. That black toe sounds painful though. Enjoy your happy day.

I also wanted to thank you for your support on my journal yesterday. It really made a differance. Thank you.

tkd lisa
01-29-2004, 01:37 PM
Marcia: I also just finished your journal. You're doing a great job! Sounds like weight watchers is a good program for you. And other than your brother (bad brother, being able to eat like that!!) your family is helping out! Thanks again for your nice comments on my journal.

And I'm so impressed with your exercise! I had to laugh when you say the 3 mile WATPs just isn't tough enough for you! It's plenty tough for me, but I've never been able to run. I can't make it through that point where it hurts! Good luck on the marathon! It sounds like you'll do great! There are some nice trip reports about the marathon on passporter's message board that might be worth a read, just to get a sense of what to expect.

Take care and have another great day! Lisa

01-29-2004, 02:31 PM
Hi Marcia!:sunny:

Hope your day is still going well! Don't do too many days with the same food, or for sure you'll burn out. A day or two in a row is okay, but a few weeks of it, you'll jump ship!:crazy:

I know what you mean about this positive mood. Writing all the positive words of support has spilled over into the rest of my life. And it has certainly helped to keep me OP and meeting my goals!Here I am, "dieting" and I'm in a great mood! Go figure!:laughing:

Anyhow, you've mentioned a couple of times now about getting your teaching certificate. If I may give you a little advice, GO FOR IT! Now is the time. It is easier time wise to do something like that before you have a husband and kids. And if it is something you'd like to do, it sure is a great field to go into. Plus, someday when you do have children, it sure is a lot easier to be on the same schedule as them - vacations, snow days, summer - no babysitter worries! I wish I had thought to go back before I had kids. It would be way too tuff now with my schedule. But it seems like you'd really like to do it and it will give you so much more satisfaction than your current work. Just think how easy it will be to study/do papers while doing your regular job!:teeth: Well, thats my 2 cents any who.

Okay, have a good day and I'll stop by tomorrow.

Castillo Mom
01-29-2004, 06:03 PM
Hi Marcia! :rotfl: You had me cracing up. It isn't even baseball season is it?:rotfl: I may not know much about sports but at least I do know that Superbowl Sunday is this week.:rolleyes: The point is ya had a good time, right?

I urge you to ride this wave of well being and go for that teaching cert Marcia. It's a nobel profession and I have great respect for my children's teachers. You can do it!:D

01-29-2004, 09:19 PM
Hiya Marsh - I wanted to stop in and say Hello! I haven't had a chance to read through your entire journal yet but I just wanted to say thank you for all the encouragement you have been giving me in my journal. It is great that you are having a more positive attitude and you seem to be doing really great with your Way of Eating!


01-29-2004, 09:25 PM
thank you guys so much for all of your encouragement to get my teaching certificate. it's really hard for me to actually make moves in my life. i often talk about how much i don't like things, but i never do anything about it. but this time, i really am going to do something about it. i'm going to figure out what colleges there are around here where i can start taking classes, even if it's just community college. hey, i've started this healthy living thing (actually doing something about it, not just complaining about it!), so if i can do that, i can do this! and it'll help my financial situation as well, as crazy as that sounds. it will let me defer my student loans, and that will be more money than i care to think about, lifted each month. let's just say i have 100,000+ in loans (thanks nyu!), and i'm paying it back over only 12 years. yeaaaaah. not fun.

beth - the black toenail is getting better. it's pretty much just a blister under the toenail. i got new running shoes this weekend, and i have much more room in the toebox. i love these new shoes, they feel great all around :)

lisa (tkd) - thanks, i've really made exercise "my thing". even if i don't feel like following through on the food (not saying that i do, but i'm saying someday...), i know i will always follow through with the exercise. it just makes me feel so much better about myself. must be the runner's high or something :p

sharon - thanks for the advice on the food. it's so easy to just fall into a routine when it works. i tend to do something a few days in a row though, because of leftovers. other than that, i try to mix it up.

lisa (castillo mom) - hehe, i'm still laughing :). and yes, i definitely did have a good time. a great time! and that's what matters for sure ::yes::

amanda - hi, and thanks for stopping by my journal :)

thank you guys again. i'm gonna get a move on tomorrow with my research into classes.

here's my details for the day foodwise:

b: 1 cup cheerios + 1 banana + 1/3 cup strawberries + 1/4 cup blueberries + 1/2 cup skim milk = 4.5
s: 1/2 cup cucumbers + 1/2 cup green peppers = 0
l: slice wheat bread + 2.5 tbsp peanut butter + 1.5 tbsp jam = 8
1/3 cup oatmeal + 1/4 cup skim + 2 packets splenda = 2
1 cup carrots = 0 (lunch total = 10)
s: 1/2 cup skim + 1/2 cup water + nestle ff cocoa = 1
d: mom's "stew" and spetula = 8.5
dessert: 1 apple = 1

total: 25 (target - 20, aps - 5)

ran 4 miles today, walked 15 minutes, and did crunches. tomorrow is a scheduled off day from running, so i'm going to do my pilates dvd.

i've still got 15 flex left for today and tomorrow. but i'm done eating for today. so today i get to roll over my cheat free clippie again :). and tomorrow, i will not be eating 15 flex points. i have weigh in on sat morning, and i don't want to mess with that :p . i know, i know, weight doesn't matter. maybe i'll eat 5 of them tomorrow. we'll see :). breakfast and lunch are planned, not sure about dinner and snacks. i'll figure it out tomorrow.

nite nite wish buddies. i'll check in with everyone in the morning :sunny:

01-30-2004, 10:30 AM
today is my baby brother's 17th birthday, and he stopped in about an hour ago to show me his brand-y new lisence :). i'm so proud of the little booger :tongue:

i had a new breakfast this morning, erin's banana peanut butter oatmeal surprise! and it was so good! i made it a little differently, since i make it on the oven not in the micro, but ooh yeah, yummy breakfast! just finished up my snack of 1/2 cup of blueberries with 2 tbsp of ff cool whip. mmm. for lunch, i'm having the last of my mom's "stew".

and i know i left yesterday saying i didin't know what i'd do for dinner. but i looked through some ofthe recipes i had printed out, and found a chicken with broccoli and garlic sauce that sounds really good. 6 points, and that includes rice. so i'm gonna be cooking tonight :). really looking forward to that. i'll probably have carrots as a snack this afternoon. and i'll do my pilates sometime after dinner.

tomorrow is a whole new challenge! i will be waking up early to go to the gym to get in my 3 mile run, because i have to be home in time to help get the house ready for my brother's bday party! my family is very tight, we do family parties for all the kids (i'm one of 13 grandkids). so lots of people, and lots of food! i've heard everything from chicken parm, to stuffed shells, penne vodka, and chinese takeout! yikes!

my mom is being wonderful though, and making a shrimp, broccoli, and pasta dish that she knows i will eat :). my mom is so good :). it's just those 3 things, along with garlic and chicken broth, and a little oil to sautee the garlic. so it's very points friendly. just have to make sure i limit myself to 1 cup of the pasta, and load up on the shrimp and broccoli.

and then birthday cake. he wants an ice cream cake with fudge and those chocolate crumbles in the middle. you know the kind, very un-points friendly :). but it's ok, i'm going to have a small piece and enjoy it! i plan to dip into some flex tomorrow, but it's ok, because tomorrow is the beginning of my points week :teeth:

sunday should be interesting too. not sure if i'm going to a superbowl party or anything. but sunday is my long run day (5 miles this week), so i'll be earning plenty of aps, and i'll hve the flex bank if necessary.

aaaalrighty, i gotta get away from the computer for a bit. i have lots of old documents that i need to go shred. hehe, much fun. catch ya later! :hyper:

01-30-2004, 02:38 PM
and happy birthday to your lil bro too.

It is so cool that you're family is being so supportive of your fitness goals. It's too hard to do it all alone - especially with parties planned.

My DH is a huge hockey fan - and since we cover the Red Wings for our Detroit news operation, I've had to learn about it too. I actually find myself watching more now with my DH and becoming a fan too.

Have a really fun weekend!


01-30-2004, 07:55 PM
Marcia, it's so cool that your extended family is so close! Treasure these times together!! Enjoy that small piece of birthday cake too!

I also think you should get your teaching certificate. Generally, if you already have a college degree, there are accelerated programs to get a teaching certificate. I hope you can find something like that in your area.

Enjoy those runs this weekend at the warm gym!! It's darn cold out there!! :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

01-30-2004, 10:20 PM
hey laurie, i'll send along the well-wishes to my brother, thanks :)

doe, i guess it's kinda cool that my extended family is so close...it's getting more bearable as i get older. but with 13 grandkids, that's a lot of birthdays, and most are in teh summer. when i was younger, we would go weeks upon weeks seeing each other every single weekend! it was craziness! but finally, the parents started getting smarter and combining bdays. muuuch better. i know, i know, i should be thankful for my family. and i am. just not so often :p. and thanks for your support about hte teaching thing too. i'm really gonna do it this time :)

so it's the end of another cheat free day! boo-yah! i didn't end up doing my pilates, because when i got home from work, i cooked dinner, then i got involved helping my mom with house stuff, and then she needed me to drive her to the grocery store, because brother with new lisence has mom's car overnight! so i made the executive decision that it was more important to help mom than to do pilates. i still had flex to play with, so it wasn't a big deal.

and at the grocery store, i ended up buying some stuff to make some big and filling 1 point muffins! holy man these things are large. they're stock full of fiber, and they smell really good! i'm not going to have one till tomorrow morning after i run though. they're orange cranberry, and i also have a box of blueberry to make next! if anyone is interested, it involved high fiber cereal, krusteaz ff muffin mix, and water. i think i found it on the ww boards. i'll post it if anyone wants. ooh, i'm looking forward to that muffin big time!

so here's my report for today:

b: erin's banana pb oatmeal surprise (also ate the other half of hte banana) + nestle ff plus calcium cocoa w/water = 4.5
s: 1/2 cup blueberries + 2 tbsp ff cool whip = .5
l: mom's stew + 1/2 cup broccoli + 1 oreo = 9.5
s: nestle ff plus calcium w/1 cup skim + 1 cup carrots = 2
d: chicken w/broccoli and garlic sauce w/ brown rice (ww recipe) = 6
s: 1 small wheat pita + 2 tbsp hummus + 4 slices cucumber = 2

total: 24.5 (target - 20, flex - 4.5)

finishing off the week with 10.5 flex to spare. weigh in is tomorrow morning. i got a new digital scale, so we'll see how that compares to my old scale. i'll weigh on both to check. and if the new one is different, i'll adjust my original/goal weights accordingly. should be interesting. i'm not going to take measurements, because it's only been a week. but i will be trying on those size 10s again :p .

i must recommend erin's oatmeal special to anyone interested. it was oh so good! oh, and that chicken broccoli garlic sauce dinner. oh yes. it was yummy! pretty filling, although, i did feel the need for the pita w/hummus and cucumber around 10pm. maybe next time, i'll make it as 3 servings of 8 points instead of 4 servings of 6 points. the leftovers are in the 6 point serving size though (individually packaged for easy access), so maybe i'll just add some more veggies when i eat those.

ok, that's a wrap for me. tomorrow i won't be around at all because of the party, and i'll probably be going out with my best friend tomorrow night. i'll be using flex points tomorrow for sure, that's what they're there for :). oh but i will be sure to check in quick in teh morning to report my weigh in. gnite everybody :angel:

01-31-2004, 06:04 AM
Marcia, hope you see a number you like on that scale (those scales??? :p )!

Enjoy your busy day!! :sunny:

01-31-2004, 07:47 AM
real quick check in before i hit the gym.

ok, i'm really glad i got the new scale, caue the old one is really ahrd to read. from what i could tell, the old scale said 130.5. that's about hte same as last week. so that's cool. new scale says 132.5. so i did some quick math, and found that my original weight of 132 on the old scale is equal to 134 on the new scale. so i changed my stats.

know what's funny though? i entered my new weight fromt he new sclae on ww online, and it gave me some talk about "stick to your points", "don't worry, this is normal", yadda yadda. it won't let me go back and change previous weights, so it thinks i gained. oh well! i knwo i dind't :teeth: . didn't get a chance to try on the jeans yet. i'll do that when i get in from the gym.

ok everyone, have a great day! i'll probably be back late tonight or tomorrow afternoon :sunny:

01-31-2004, 08:45 AM
Hi Marcia!:sunny:

Hope you are enjoying a great weekend! How'd those jeans look? Pretty good I bet!:smooth: Your discipline with exercise and eating are very inspiring. Keep up the good work!

I did the same thing as you with the new scale. I bought one a few weeks into my new "weigh" of life. It also read higher than my original scale. There is a way on the WW sight to change your start weight, which is what I did. You have to know how much you lost each week, because that all has to be re-recorded after they change the start weight. But I figured it was easier to have them change it than for me to have to keep refiguring everything every week. Plus, my start weight jumped up about 6 lbs, so it was saying I gained weight, instead of losing!:mad: Basically, to change your start weight, you have to email them, they get back to you, another email, and - viola! new start weight. It was done in a matter of hours for me.

Enjoy your nice WARM run this AM. And enjoy your brothers Bday party ( and ice cream cake-YUMMY!) I know what you mean about the big families. My in-laws have 15 grandchildren (including my 2) We have started having one Bday party per month for whoever falls in that month. MUCH easier on everyone's schedule!


01-31-2004, 01:52 PM
Marsh~I really enjoyed reading your journal. I read the last page and just had to go back and read the entire thing! You and I have similar goals. I'm 24, 5'7" and weigh 143. I currently wear an 8, but want to get back into my 6s. Running is also my number one choice. I also think you should go back to school--you're not going to be happy if you don't. My husband and I both teach 8th grade English and we love it. We also coach cross country and track. Just think, maybe you can coach some kids older than your students. Also, when your loans are deferred, you can pay on them, when you can, and shorten their life because you won't be paying interest. My DH and I are earning our masters right now and that's what we're doing. Your journal is inspiring and it makes me want to try on my smaller pants once a week when I weigh myself. :p I also loved your humor early in your journal when you said you started each journal with the same word--I did the same thing with the word 'okay' and had to make myself stop. Keep up the great work and remember we're all in this together. I look forward to reading your future posts and inspiring, positive attitude--I don't see the negative you spoke of--keep it up! I hope we can start encouraging each other and helping each other out. Let me know if you have any comments or questions. :wave2:

01-31-2004, 10:13 PM
sharon - thanks for the tip on changing my start weight! i emailed the technical support or whatever it is, so hopefully they'll get back to me soon. the party was good (more on that below). your family sounds like an exact duplicate of mine! two peas in a pod :)

denise - thank you so much for your kind words of support and encouragement! you guys are all so great! i said this in my post on your journal, but i'm starting to research getting into a masters program for teaching. i know it's something that i have to do for me, because i cannot handle this work in an office type job. it drives me crazy! and i know i will enjoy working with kids so much. preference is with the little ones, but like you said, i will look into coaching the older ones as well. so many possibilities! i'm really looking forward to this new path i'm about to go down :)

report on the jeans: they are big in the waist area. they have been since i started trying them on, this is normal for me though, seeing as all jeans fit me this way, and my waist is not my problem area. the thigh area is still a bit tight, but i think my hips are feeling a little looser. maybe it's all that muscle i'm building in my thighs, who knows :rolleyes:. it's okay, overall i'm happy with my progress. i feel so healthy and i love my running program. i'm even going to run 5.5 miles tomorrow...a new personal high :)

birthday party today went marvelously. i went to the gym early so i could come home and help out. ate a pria bar before i left my house. that works really well for me for morning running. doesn't drive my stomach crazy. i'll be eating another one tomorrow before my run. 3 mile run, 15 minute walk. then after the gym, i had one of the high fiber cran orange muffins that i made last night. oh man, we have a winner! this thing was good! i'm thrilled. 1 point! thank you very much! and really filling. came home and had my now standard post-run cup of hot cocoa made w/skim milk.

my brother had gone out to dunkin donuts and picked up a dozen donuts (because he has his license now, he has to drive for the heck of it :p), and he got me my fav, vanilla frosted. he got it especially for me. so i ate it. no guilt! i knew i had planned on using flex today, so it was wonderful :). i also had a cup of coffee with it. mmmm :)

got in a shower, then started the running around. went and picked up food, which took a while. finally got home, and found that my mom had put out the party snacks. cup of carrots, here i come :). then for lunch, i had exactly what i planned (shrimp, broccoli and pasta dish). wasn't even tempted by the stuffed shells, penne vodka, and chinese food. also had my small piece of ice cream cake (dwlz says it's 5 points for 1/24 of the sheet cake, i had my 1/24 estimated, plus a couple extra bites, so i called it 6). not bad, not bad at all. ate a couple of strawberries as well.

wasn't hungry again till about 6:30, at which time i had a slice of whole wheat toast with peanut butter and jelly spread on it. then around 9, i realized i didn't have enough dairy today, so i heated up a cup of skim milk with a tsp of vanilla and splenda (someone on a ww board suggested this, since i don't like the taste of plain milk). surprisingly, it was good! like a very low points vanilla creme from starbucks :). also had a half cup of stawberries with 2 tbsp of ff cool whip.

here's the details for the day:

s: pria bar = 2
b: muffin + hot cocoa made w/1 cup skim = 3
s: donut + coffee = 5
s: 1 cup carrots = 0
l: 3 oz shrimp + 1 cup broccoli + 1 cup pasta = 6
s: birthday cake + 1/4 cup strawberries = 6
d: 1 slice wheat + 2 tbsp peanut butter + 1 tbsp jam = 6.5
dessert: 1 cup skim + 1 tsp vanilla + splenda + 1/2 cup stawberries + 2 tbsp ff cool whip = 2

total: 30.5 (target - 20, aps - 4, flex - 6.5)

28.5 flex left for the rest of the week. i may be dipping into those tomorrow, depending on super bowl plans. i will be earning lots of aps tomorrow though. i'm getting up and running, which will earn me 6 points. then i have to come home and go to church, and after that, i'm going with my mom to ballys, because our free passes finally came from that discovery health challenge (figures, right after i give 60 bucks to a gym, a free pass comes in, oh well).

you're probably wondering why i don't just run at bally's when i'm there with my mom. well, she doesn't want to be there for very long. i figure, it'll be better to go around the gym with her and help her figure stuff out if she needs, and know that i've already got my running done. and if she wants to get on a treadmill and walk, i'll get on one next to her and walk. so i figure i'll get another ap or so, depending what we actually do at ballys.

anyway, so who knows about food tomorrow for the game. if we go out to a restaurant with a free appetizer buffet, i'll see if anything strikes my fancy. and my parents will buy me a couple drinks too. i plan to enjoy myself, use my aps and flex, and not worry about it. it's the superbowl, and i will have a good time and not feel bad ::yes::. and who knows if i'll really eat a lot. maybe i'll surprise myself. we shall see!

ok, i gotta get to bed. up early again to get to the gym. i think this post was really long! if you made it through, congrats to you! catch ya later :bounce:

01-31-2004, 10:30 PM
Hey there,

You are such a good daughter. You're going to take Mom arounfd the machines and teach her proper techique. Way to look out for Mom. You are doing a fabulous job. Those jeans will fit perfectly in no time. Enjoy the game tomorrow.

02-01-2004, 08:15 AM
Good Morning Marcia!:sunny:

Yeah it does seem like we are two peas in a pod, huh? And changing the start weight sure is easier than refiguring everything each week.

Sounds like yesterday went very well. I love how you just go with the flow when curves are thrown at you - like the donut from brother! That was so NICE of him!:) I love it that you had it with no guilt, thus not making your brother feel bad. We need to learn to have food we like with no guilt, along as it is only occassionally.

About those jeans. I forgot, have they ever fit you correctly? If not, don't pin your success on them totally. As you well know, some jeans fit right, some don't. That's what drives women all over the world absolutely nuts in fitting rooms!:crazy: I think you can call your program successful already. You are eating better, exercising regularly and feeling more positive. Sounds good to me!:smooth: But keep taking you measurements and trying on those jeans!:tongue:

Have a good time at the Superbowl tonight. Just go with the flow like usual and you will be fine.:teeth:


02-01-2004, 09:16 AM
Good Morning Marsh! Just wanted to come and say hello again in your journal! You are doing so well! Ice Cream cake is one of my biggest downfalls. Actualy Ice Cream period is a downfall for me. I can't have it in the house at all. Good for you for making a plan and sticking with it.


02-01-2004, 01:51 PM
hi from another 20-something:)

just stopping by to say hi

02-01-2004, 02:06 PM
Marcia, you are truly making those points work for you! I love that you checked dwlz & knew the points for the ice cream cake. That way, you could enjoy it and still make it work in your points for the day.

Have fun with your parents while out & about for the Super Bowl! How nice of you to help Mom out at Bally's!! You get extra brownie points for being a great daughter!! ::yes::

02-01-2004, 03:00 PM
Marcia~Have a great day! I, too, love how you just roll with it. I hope everything goes well at the gym with your mom. I wish I lived close enough to my mom to do things like that (I'm about 2 hours away). My family is really close like yours; it's nice to see families like that around still! You are doing such a great job! Sharon mentioned your jeans--I'm curious about those too. Remember different brands fit differently as well. Do you buy juniors or misses? That can make a big difference. Also, I notice you're doing all that running (fun!) do you do any strength training? It can really help you slim down. I usually do upper body twice a week and lower body (including tons of lunges) once a week. I think I'm going to add a Total Body Challenge (kind of like curcuits, but w/o machines). I don't know--I'll see how that goes. Oh, and thanks for the congrats in your last post--I read every word! :cool1: Enjoy the super bowl!

Castillo Mom
02-02-2004, 12:05 AM
Marcia, you've been staying on plan, good job! I bet that donut was delish!:D

02-02-2004, 11:00 AM
so many visitors, hi everybody! thanks for your kind words :wave:

first, addressing a couple questions you guys had:

no, the jeans never fit correctly. but they're from old navy, which is where i get all my jeans. i think they may be a different cut though, cause i went to old navy w/my mom yesterday between gyms, and got a pair of size 10 in stretch (didn't want stretch, but they didn't have un-stretch in the kind i like), and they fit! so, i'm officially wearing a size 10 in jeans. woooooo! :smooth:

and about the strength training...sometimes i lift my biceps and triceps. and i try to do pilates twice a week. but other than that, i haven't been. when i used to run way back when, i had a strength routine that i followed as well. i know i have to start doing that again. today is a rest day for me (and much needed...see below :p), but starting tomorrow, i'll be hitting the weights!

so yesterday. i feel like i spent the entire day at the gym! haha. ran my 5.5 miles at my gym (woooo!), and also walked for 10 minutes. church break. then i went with my mom to bally's. showed her around, how to use weight machines, stuff like that. then we did 10 minutes on the elliptical, and walked 30 minutes on the treadmill. now, my mom is a very skinny woman. she's about 5'10" and 140 pounds. she has just recently develloped a belly which she wants to get rid of. but she is not in very good workout shape (cardio wise). she plays volleyball once or twice a week, and she used to walk with her lady friends, but it's been a while. she told me she thought she was going to die on the elliptical. i told her to just go slow, not turn up the resistance, and just do as much as she could. she was determined to finish those 10 minutes though! she's too funny. and she did well with the walking, i think she did between 3mph, and 3.5 mph pace. but then later we got home and she said she wasn't really tired so she didn't think she went fast enough. i told her not to push it, just gradually work up. so she was pretty excited overall. oh we also did crunches, mostly because i hadn't had time to do them right after my morning run. (she's 49 years old, in case anyone was wondering)

so with all that working out i did, i earned 8 aps yesterday. and i saved most of my points for dinner, because i thought we were going to houlihans to watch the game. we didn't. we stayed home. so i had lots of points to use, so i enjoyed myself. i had leftover chinese food from my brother's party, some pound cake that my aunt had brought to the party, and various ice cream treats. haha, sure, not the healthiest way to use my points, but i don't care. i planned on using a bunch last night, so i did :teeth: . aaaand, it's another cheat free day. i made it 10 days in a row so far! and i am determined to make it many many more!

details for yesterday:

s: pria bar = 2
b: fiber muffin + hot cocoa w/skim = 3
l: pb/banana oatmeal + 1/2 banana + 1 sm wheat pita w/ 2tbsp hummus, cucumbers, and green peppers = 5.5
s: 1/2 cup all bran + 1/4 cup skim + 1/2 cup strawberries = .5
d: 1 cup chinese chicken w/broccoli + 1 cup white rice = 9
dessert: pound cake + m&m cookie ice cream sandwich + slice ice cream birthday cake = 16.5

total: 36.5 (target - 20, aps - 8, flex - 8.5)

and i enjoyed every bit of it :crazy:

so on to today:

so far, i had a 1 pt muffin (toasted and then added 1 tsp reduced cal margarine), banana, and hot cocoa for breakfast. and a yogurt w/all bran for a snack. lunch will be leftovers of the shrimp/broccoli/pasta dish from my brother's party, and dinner will be leftovers of the chicken broccoli garlic dish i made the other night. i think i'm having a snack of a sm pita bread w/hummus and veggies too. maybe another cup of milk somehow too. and i'm doing my pilates dvd tonight. ok, time to go refill my water bottle and maybe do some work :p

02-02-2004, 11:16 AM
Marcia, good for you enjoying the game. You certainly earned those activity points.. Just reading your journal makes me tired. I missed the game and Janet's preformance. CONGRATULATIONS ON FITTING IN SIZE 10 JEANS! That is awesome. I'm so proud of you.
Beth :sunny:

02-02-2004, 12:54 PM
Hi Marcia!

My, weren't you just the busy little bee yesterday? What an awesome workout (actually 2 awesome workouts!):earseek: Way to go!

And congratulations on your size 10 jeans purchase!!!! That is great! I hope to be buying some clothes in a size 10 in the not too distant future myself.

And good for you to enjoy all those APS! You certainly earned the right to do that yesterday!

Hope you have a great day!


02-02-2004, 01:59 PM
Congrats on your jeans! That is so cool. :smooth: I'm glad you had a great day yesterday, and, yes you did earn all those treats! ::yes::

BTW, what pilates tape(s) do you have? I've been doing Pilates for Dummies, but I just borrowed 3 Winsor Pilates tapes from a co-worker and I can't wait to try them. :bounce:

02-02-2004, 09:56 PM
congrats on getting into those size 10's:) and for 2 good workouts:)

02-02-2004, 10:12 PM
thanks for all the positives guys, but i've come to turn myself in. i was doing well today, well, kinda. i had some ice cream cake (smaaaall piece), and a piece of the pound cake, but i was gonna have a 0 point dinner of a large salad. then my dad says, let's go to the rangers game. so i grabbed a snack pack of baby carrots, and sliced up cucumbers and peppers, and also a pria bar to bring to the game. fine, made it through the game. then i came home and just started grazing. i had a snack sized baby ruth, a couple oreos, a slice of hawaiian sweet bread, and a couple small pieces of chocolate. yikes. would've been better if i had just eaten a real dinner. 14 flex points spent today. didn't have any time to do my pilates, with the game and all.

so now i have 6 flex left for now through friday. oh well. not rolling over the bear tonight. but i think i'm gonna do what some of you guys are doing, and just count the bear as number of cheat free days in feb. so it's gonna sit at 1 tonight (because i was cheat free yesterday). and there will be no more cheating! damn. i do so well for about a week, then i break down. for no good reason. ok, enough. moving forward. i have my meals planned for tomorrow. and there will be no grazing at night! :rolleyes:

i'll check everybody else's journals in the morning. nite nite.

02-03-2004, 07:50 AM
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia...... What the heck happened?

Okay, it is behind you! You WILL NOT snack tonight! You WILL roll your bear over after today as cheat free. In fact, I think I will add a bear to count cheat free days for Feb. Sounds like a great idea. You've got your plan for today and I know you will stick with it!::yes::

And I have to tell you, I tend to do the exact same thing. Once I go off plan a little, then I just have a little of this, a little of that.....Next thing ya know I've just consumer like 25 pts in 30 min!:crazy2: Well, part of this journey is knowing we are not perfect. The important thing is to pick yourself back up and get OP!

I hope you have a great day!:sunny: I'll check back later.


02-03-2004, 08:07 AM
hey sharon, i don't exactly know what the heck happened! i think once i start snacking on bad foods, i just continue till i can't eat any more. i know that this is more of a psychological thing than anything, i just don't know what is making me do it. next time i feel the urge, i am going to try to sit down and think about it before i just do it. it's not an all the time thing. like right now, someone just brought in dunkin donuts to work, they're sitting in the kitchen. but i don't want any. maybe if it was after 9pm i would. haha :crazy: .

maybe i should make a deal with myself that the only thing i'm allowed to eat after 9pm is sugar free jello. i know it sounds restrictive, and it's better to not deny yourself anything, but i think it's better for me than the "oh, i'll only have 1" thinking, that turns into not being able to stop. i know i have problems late at night, so this is how i'm going to go about solving this for now. we'll see if it works. ok, i'm going to go catch up with everybody else's journal and then i'll come back to my own to detail out yesterday (as bad as it was!), and also report on today :)

02-03-2004, 08:23 AM
Like we said before, you and I are 2 peas in a pod....

That is exactly the reason I have a goal of no eating after 7 pm. Because somehow I just loose control. I think it is a good idea to try to "ride out the storm" if you get the urge to snack. My urge to do it has not gone away as yet, but I know that it is mind over matter for me. If I hold out long enough, the immediate urge goes away. So hang in there Marcia, part of the process is learning your triggers and problem spots. Looks like you've made a discovery about yourself!::yes::

02-03-2004, 08:52 AM
Hi Marcia!

If I may add my 2 cents worth. Could it be the reason you grazed once you got home is because you were denying yourself something at the game that you really wanted? I know I can't go to any type of sporting event without having a Hot Dog. If I deny myself said Hot Dog I tend to eat everything once I get home because I am still craving my Hot Dog. Perhaps next time when plans change suddenly you could indulge in Hot Dogs or Nachos and then bring other healthy snacks instead of Popcorn and Peanuts (like you did) and that may stop you from grazing. These are just suggestions - if I'm way off base just let me know.

Put tomorrow behind you and look forward to today!


02-03-2004, 09:08 AM
Hi Marcia,

Here's a hug.:hug: Yesterday is over, and you have learned form this. You won't eat anything but jello after 9pm. Great job look at the WHY of what happened. Have a wonderful cheat free day.

02-03-2004, 10:23 AM
sharon - yeah, i'm beginning to really understand the time cut off. i used to think "oh that's silly, it doesn't matter when you eat, it just matters what you eat", but now that i've thought about it...it's not for that reason. it's the whole psychological issues that we have. aaaaah, i get it. and so your cut off is 7, and mine is 9. we will stick to this! i know we can do it :)

amanda - i'm sure the fact that i dind't eat a real dinner did contribute to my grazing. there's nothing at the game that i really wanted to have (i don't have a regular, such as your hot dog), but i know i felt deprived of "real" food. i have a feeling if i had just gotten a chicken sandwich, i may not have started eating when i got home. sure it would've been 7 or so points, but that would've been better than the bunch i ate at home.

beth - thanks for the hug, it feels like it's helping already :). and i did learn and i'm glad. gotta stumble along the way, it's only natural.

ok, onto the detailing portion. here's yesterday:

b: fiber muffin + 1 tsp marg + med banana + hot cocoa w/skim = 5
s: columbo light yogurt + 1/4 cup all bran = 2
l: shrimp, broccoli, pasta = 6
s: pound cake + ice cream cake + 2 gs cookies = 8.5
d: carrots + cucumber + peppers + pria bar = 2
s: chocolate + oreos + baby ruth + hawaiian bread = 10.5

total: 34 (target 20, flex 14)

so today so far, i ate a fiber muffin toasted w/1 tsp marg and hot cocoa made w/water for breakfast. and know those donuts? well, i decided to have one instead of my yogurt for my morning snack. not a big deal, still well within my points for the day. lunch will be my chicken/broccoli/garlic dish that is 6 points, plus i'll have some extra broccoli since there's not a cup-ful in the dish. and i'm going to have a pria bar about an hour before i run. hot cocoa w/skim is planned for after the run (as usual :p). not sure about dinner, but i have 3.5 target and 5 ap to work with. we'll see what's in the house, or if my mom has cooked anything. and i will not eat after 9pm.

gotta run a bit longer today than usual because i may not get to run tomorrow because i have a wake i need to go to. my mom's uncle i think it was, he died. it's no one i was close to or anything, but it's that whole "we're a close family so we come to support you" thing. i know it's good and necessary, so i'll just adjust my running around it. i may even wake up early tomorrow to get my run in before work. i'm going to try to get to bed by 10pm tonight at the latest. so those are my goals for the day. stick to target and a couple aps, no eating after 9pm, and in bed by 10. i will do it.

02-03-2004, 12:11 PM
Hey, you can't beat yourself up over one day; remember it's behind you don't worry about it. Just keep up the running and stay on track today! You're a strong person; use your strength. I think the certain time of night rule will help psychologically--follow it for yourself. Remember, you just got new jeans--size 10--and no one can take that away from you. :sunny: Keep up the good work!

02-03-2004, 02:44 PM
Hi Marcia!

I'm just checking with you to see how things are going. I'm glad you are back on track and pushing forward. It is so good to look at our mistakes or missteps and try to figure out what went wrong to make us go off plan and then get right back in there again, just like you are doing! Keep up the good work!

02-03-2004, 03:17 PM
Thanks for the encouragement in my journal! I really appreciate it!


02-03-2004, 03:27 PM
Hey Marcia,

Have fun on that run. I just wanted to say again that you are a good daughter. Major brownie points. Your family will be in my thoughts tomorrow.

02-03-2004, 08:40 PM
denise, lisa, toystory (sorry, i don't remember you name!), and beth, thank you all for being so supportive of me! you guys are great :)

and i'm here to report a completely successful day! stuck to my points, no eating after 9, and i will be in bed by 10! i am planning on waking up at 6:30am tomorrow (an hour and 15 minutes early) so that i can get to the gym, run and shower before work. then i'll eat breakfast at my desk. this is the first time i'm going to be waking up so early to run, so this should be interesting :). i just hope that i've planned out the timing right. i'm just afraid i'll either be really early to work, or late! i guess since the gym is in the same building, if i see i'm running late, i can cut my run short, and if i have extra time, i'll make sure to get my crunches in ::yes::

ok so today. food went great. workout went great. ran 4.5 miles, walked 15 minutes, did crunches, then did some weight machines that worked my chest and shoulders. i was at the gym for a while :p . then i got home and my best friend called and said "let's go to the diner", i told her she'd have to wait for me to eat, because my food was already cooking, and i had to shower. she said this was fine because another friend of ours wasn't going to be there for about an hour, so i had time. well, we ended up getting to the diner, and i ordered a salad with no dressing (needed some more veggies today anyway). and it was at 8pm, so i was still sticking to my "no eating after 9" rule :)

so here's the details of my day:

b: fiber muffin w/1 tsp marg + hot cocoa w/water = 1.5
s: vanilla frosted dunkin donut = 5
l: chicken w/broccoli and garlic and brown rice = 6
s: pria bar = 2
s: hot cocoa made w/1 cup skim milk = 2
d: 5 oz sole + 1/2 cup brown rice + 1 cup broccoli = 5.5
s: salad of cucumbers, carrots, peppers, and lettuce = 0

total: 22 (target - 20, aps - 2)

beautiful. and aps leftover (didn't want to eat them all to "make up" for yesterday).

so tomorrow i've got planned out. pria bar before run. hot cocoa w/milk after run. muffin and banana breakfast. yogurt + all bran snack. pbj on wheat toast + oatmeal lunch. wheat pitas w/hummus and veggies dinner. a few points of aps to work with after all that, i'll see if i'm hungry. i'll be rushing around all day, mostly after work with the wake, so i may not even have time to think about eating anything else. not gonna worry about it, we'll see how i'm feeling tomorrow.

ok, i have 20 minutes to get into bed. i'll check in with everyone's journals in the morning after i run and eat :tongue: . nitey nite :angel:

02-03-2004, 11:51 PM
don't sweat one day,just keep fighting the good fight each day :hug:

02-04-2004, 06:39 AM
Great job yesterday, Marcia! ::yes:: Keep it up. I'm glad you've already planned out today--that can really help. I hope your run went well this morning and that you timed it out correctly. I'll check in on you later--cya. :sunny:

02-04-2004, 09:10 AM
Hi Marcia! Glad you're back in the groove! Those little slips can be traumatic! :rolleyes: Can I make an observation about your menu on the day you were "grazing" late into the evening? You seemed to be eating a lot of carbs that day, without eating much protein. When I eat that way, I get ravenously hungry within an hour or two of eating the carbs without any proteins with them. I don't know if that's the case with you, but I thought I'd mention it just in case..... I don't know what low point snacks you can have that have protein - maybe low-fat cheese, peanuts??

Take good care of you, Marcia!! :sunny:

02-04-2004, 09:53 AM
Hey Marcia!
Thanks for popping in and checking up on me. It is a good feeling knowing someone's "got my back." Your encouragement helps me keep going. I'm not sure SB is for me, but hey, I sould have that figured out in a few weeks. I think I really am looking for a quick fix, and somehow, I know deep down that that will not serve me well in the long run. I may just have to go to Europe looking plump. I just don't want to come back any worse off. DH says not to worry. We have scheduled so many tours, that we won't have time to fill our faces. We'll see about that! :teeth:

Your journal is so inspiring! Usually, I read it and rush off to get some exercise in, which is what I'm going to do right now! What I wouldn't do to see 130 anything! OH yeah! I am sticking to a diet I don't really like!:teeth:

Keep the Faith!

02-04-2004, 10:08 AM
hey satine, denise, doe, and tracy! :wave:

denise - my run went wonderfully, thanks :). and i did end up timing it almost perfect! could've used another 10 minutes to get in crunches, but that's not a big deal. i'll do them later.

doe - that's a really good observation...i dind't even notice i had eaten so many carbs. i usually just figure points, make sure i'm getting my milk and veggies, and let everything else fall into place on its own. i should make a more concerted effort to make sure i'm getting enough protein ::yes:: . maybe i'll take some time this weekend to go back and look over my menus and see how i've been doing overall in that department and see if i should be more aware of it.

tracy - i'm so glad to be of support to you! i really enjoy seeing that others are doing so well! just keep doing what you're doing, there really is no such thing as a quick fix. you just have to stay dedicated and you will see results in time. europe sounds wonderful! i've never been. i know i should do that at some point before i get too tied down. and i'm so glad that my journal has inspired you to get your exercise in! keep it up :)

ok, on to today for me. my run (as i said above) went wonderfully. waking up at 6:30 wasn't as hard as i thought it would be. i guess being in bed at 10 really helped :). i like the idea of getting my run in to start my day, but with longer runs, it would be a bit tougher. like tomorrow is 4.5 miles...that would mean getting up at 6 to be sure i have enough time. hmm. i'll have to think about it.

food has gone as planned. i'm about to go grab my yogurt + all bran snack. i really need to get off the boards! the president is in a meeting in teh conference room behind me, and i think he's keeping an eye on what i'm doing! so i guess i'll be spending time with my book today instead of the boards :p . i'll check in again later with a report of the day.

02-04-2004, 10:39 AM
Way to go Marcia! Exercise already in the books for the day?! Great!:sunny:

Glad to see you still kept to your goal of no eating after 9 last night. I really think it will help curb the binge eating that is so destructive for so many of us.

Hope the rest of your day is great!:teeth:

02-04-2004, 11:23 AM
Good for you for sticking with your plan of getting up at 6:30. I'm not sure if I would have the strength to do that. I'm such a lazy bum when it comes to waking up lol. I hope the rest of your day goes well.

02-04-2004, 04:36 PM
so far so good,keep fighting the good fight:)

02-04-2004, 05:27 PM
just a quick check in before i head out the door to the wake. here's the day:

s: pria bar = 2
b: muffin + banana + hot cocoa w/milk = 4.5
s: columbo light w/ 1/4 cup all bran = 2
l: wheat toast w/pb+j + 1/4 cup oatmeal + 1/8 skim + splenda = 7.5
d: 1 whole wheat pita + 1 tbsp hummus + peppers = 1.5
4 oz sole + 1 cup broccoli = 3
garlic knot + bites of pizza = 3

total: 23.5 (target - 20, aps - 3.5)

the fam ordered pizza, so i was good and just had bites, and enjoyed my fish :)

may eat some baby carrots in the car, jsut because i need more veggies today.

tomorrow is pretty much same as today, except i don't know about dinner yet. and i know, i know, too much of the same thing, rut, etc etc, there's just nothing else in my house right now, and there's no time to go food shopping tonight.

ok, we gotta leave now. i'll catch up with everyone else's journals in the morning! (yeah, i'm getting up at 6am so i can run 4.5 miles before work! yikes!)

02-04-2004, 09:47 PM
Wow, getting up at 6AM by choice. With that kind of dedication, you'll be at goal in no time. I just wanted to let you know, your family has been in my thoughts and prayers today.

02-05-2004, 08:38 AM
Thanks for checking in with me, Marcia. How was that 6AM run. I was still tucked in my bed at that time. Have a fabulous day.

02-05-2004, 08:48 AM
:hug: and have a great day :sunny:

02-05-2004, 09:08 AM
Marcia~That's awesome! I love running first thing in the morning, but am unable to right now because I already get up at 5:30 and have to be to work by 7. That's one of the things I like so much about the summer. We don't work then so DH and I get up between 6 and 7 to go for a run. We like to do it early because then we still have the whole day left to do whatever we want! Keep up the great work! I hope the 4.5 miles this morning were just as successful as yesterday. Have a great day! ::yes::

02-05-2004, 09:58 AM
ok, i think ij ust got through everyone's journals...if i missed yours, i am so sorry, i will go through and check to make sure. and i see everyone has been posting to mine! but i don't have time to read right now, i will reply to you later, i promise! but the mail just came in, and i have to do the sort and distribute thing. so i will be back in a little while. i'm not ignoring you guys! :crazy:

02-05-2004, 10:46 AM
ok, i have returned! sharon, steph, satine, beth, denise, thanks for checking in with me :). i really appreciate all of your kind words and support! it really brightens my day to come to my journal and see all of your wonderful replies :hyper:

these early morning runs are surely taking a toll on me. didn't get into bed until 10:30 last night, because of the wake (thanks for the thoughts and prayers, btw beth :)). i have a feeling that i'll be about to lay my head down by 3pm. too bad i cna't schedule nap time! but at the same time, i really like running in the morning. i think that if i adjusted my sleeping schedule, it might work out for me. especially once i start running outside when it gets nicer. it also leaves open the possibility for more overtime at work. i know i'm going to be here until at least 7pm tonight...so today should be lots of fun :rolleyes:

food wise, i've already used up 11 points today. my eating schedule changes drastically depending on the time of day i run! i didn't even eat a snack (and i'm not going to) because my breakfast has kept me full. oh yeah, i had planned to eat the same thing as yesterday, but i changed my mind because i wanted peanut butter this morning. so i'm not sure about lunch/afternoon snack/dinner yet. i'm thinking about stopping at a deli and getting a grilled chicken sandwich for lunch. then maybe have my yogurt with all bran around 4 or 5 for a snack. then not sure about dinner. maybe the last of the sole that's left over? maybe.

so i've had a couple of temptations today. someone brought in bagels. do we see a pattern here of my office always having food?? drives me nuts! but they were brought in about the time i was making my breakfast, so i stuck with what i had. and i'm glad. they're mostly gone now, and i don't really want all that bread anyway. and also, someone brought in a tin of peanut butter/chocolate bark and peanut butter fudge. that is a little harder to resist, but i since i had peanut butter on my toast this morning, it's making it much easier. had i not had any peanut butter today, i have a feeling i would have taken a little piece. so nice when things work out that way :)

ok, so here's what i've eaten so far:

s: pria bar (of course) = 2
b: hot cocoa (again, of course :p) w/skim + slice wheat bread + 2 tbsp pb + med banana = 9

leaves me with 9 target and 5 aps for the rest of the day. very doable :)

alright, off to try to survive the rest of this day, when all i want to do is pass out! :faint:

02-05-2004, 12:33 PM
Hey Marcia!

You are doing great! Good job with getting up early and running before work! Such dedication!:teeth:
Glad to see you got right back on track after your earlier bout with snacks this week!:tongue: You are right on the money with your points. And that bear is sure looking good with the numbers getting rolled over. Keep it up!:sunny:


02-05-2004, 07:57 PM
hey sharon, thanks, yeah, i'm glad to be back on track too :)

and i didn't even want an afternoon snack. i had lunch at 1:30, then didn't eat dinner till 8, and nothing in between. i don't get it. i can barely make it through the morning most days, but the afternoon when i plan a snack, i don't usually eat it. weird :confused:

here was today:

s: pria bar (of course) = 2
b: hot cocoa (again, of course ) w/skim + slice wheat bread + 2 tbsp pb + med banana = 9
l: 4 oz chicken on 2 slices whole wheat bread + 1/2 cup red and yellow peppers raw = 6
d: 4 oz sole + 1 cup steamed broccoli + 1/4 cup baby carrots = 3

total: 20 (that's target)

but i still need to get another milk because i didn't eat my yogurt, and i need another fruit/veggie. so i'm going to have a cup of warm skim milk w/vanilla extract and splenda, and also an apple. that'll add on 3 points, but that's totally acceptable, seeing as i earned 5 aps.

tomorrow i have the funeral to go to in the morning, but i've got my breakfast, morning snack (if i get to it), and lunch planned out. dinner is up in the air, but i'll have 7 points to work with, including ap. and tomorrow is a rest day from running, but i'm going to do the elliptical and get some walking in (after work for a change :p).

5 minutes till 9, and i'm eating my apple, juuuust in time to make my goal of no eating after 9 :p. the milk will probably be right before bed, help put me to sleep :)

alright, that's a wrap for me. i won't be around in the morning, but i will try to get to everyone's journals when i return in the afternoon. gnite :angel:

02-06-2004, 09:48 AM
Marsh - EXCELLENT job last night! glad to see you've been keeping to your no eating past 9!

I really admire how you always get all your fruit/veggies and dairy in. I am definitely not as good in that area. I give it a good try, but don't always get all of it in. I definitely lag behind in the dairy area. That's something I'll need to work on.....

Well, I hope this morning went okay for you. Condolences to your family. Have a great afternoon and evening!:sunny:


02-06-2004, 12:36 PM
:hug: and have a great day :sunny:

02-06-2004, 02:56 PM
sharon, thanks! i am really determined to stick to this no eating after 9pm thing. i know you've got my back on it, and i've got yours too! hehe, we're like no eating at night buddies :) (wow, did that sound valley girl or what? hehe, oh well! :p ). and this morning went very well. it seems that this wake and funeral was more a celebration of life than a mourning of death. it was very refreshing. of course there were tears, but i don't know, it was just very uplifting as well.

satine - hi :wave: , thanks for stopping by :)

ok, totally random but i avhe to do it. "gotta remember, always remember, gotta remember, i'm forever your girl". paula abdul is on teh voicemail music that gets blared through our office. i'm just cracking up. i remember when this song first came out. i was little. and i loved it. alright, enough of that :crazy:

food wise today has been very odd. breakfast went as planned. last night, i packed myself a snack to eat on the way home fromt eh funeral, and a lunch to eat once i got back to work. i ate the nuts in the car, and when we stopped at a diner, i resisted diner food while my dad had a breakfast sandwich i ate my 1 point muffin. but when we got here to work, i wasn't really hungry. then i walked into the kitchen and there were donuts because it's someone's birthday (helllllo, my office is evil!). so i had one. there's 5 points. about an hour later. another one. 5 more points. so that was lunch. not a big deal. definitely not healthy, but it was what i felt like eating. i am about to eat my yogurt with all bran and cup of carrots (gotta get those milk and veggies in, and the cereal will keep me full through my workout). and for dinner i'll have what i had planned for lunch. well, actually, i planned a wrap of chicken and lots of veggies for lunch, but i think i'm gonna nix the wrap and just make it a big salad with the chicken. save me 3 points there, adn i've definitely bulked up enough on the carbs today with the donuts :o .

so we can see why i feel the need to push it a little extra on the exercise today. i'm not allowing myself to run, because it's a planned rest day. but i'll be hitting the elliptical, and doing some walking on the treadmill (as long as i can control myself and not bump up the speed to a run).

here's my food so far:

b: hot cocoa w/skim + banana + slice wheat + 1.5 tbsp pb = 8
s: 7 whole almonds + fiber muffin = 2
l: 2 donuts :rolleyes: = 10
s: columbo light + 1/2 cup all bran + 1 cup carrots = 2

and dinner will be 3 oz chicken + lettuce + peppers + cucumbers + 2 tbsp ff italian = 2.5

that'll put me at 24.5 for the day. i'm going to get at least 5 aps, maybe more depending on the time i spend on each machine. and maybe i'll do my pilates dvd when i get home too. not sure. i'll come back later and update. gotta go eat that snack now, my tummy wants it :p

02-07-2004, 03:02 PM
Hey, don't beat yourself up about the donuts! There is always way too much junk food at school too. I shared a donut yesterday and I actually said, "sure, I'll share with you b/c that will keep me from having a whole one."! I know my weeknesses. My problem is I have my real lunch on top of that. I hope you didn't push it too hard last night, a real rest day is important. Do you ever just take a day off or a day just to lift? Don't run youself into the ground--I just worry! ::yes:: I hope you are having a good weekend and you're taking it easy. TTYL. :wave2:

BTW, your message in my journal cracked me up! And don't worry, my journal can be about US!! :p

02-07-2004, 07:42 PM
don't beat yourself up too badly and here's a :hug:

02-08-2004, 12:30 PM
hey guys, i know i've been mia since friday night. at about 9pm, i started talking to my cousin on im. she's about to turn 18 years old in march, and she has a major eating disorder. she just got out of the hospital a week ago, and she had been in there for a month. but she is in recovery now. anyway, so we were talking, and she says what are your plans for tomorrow. so i told her, just to go to the gym when i woke up, but other than that, nothing. so she says "do you want to come over and sleep over, and we can workout together tomorrow?" oh of course i do! how can you say no? i love this kid so much, and i want to do anything i can to help her get better. i am so glad i did. she is really doing better, i can see a large change in her. aw, i'm getting all teary eyed just thinking about it.

anyway, so since she's recovering, her eating patterns are very set. she has her meals planned, snacks, all that stuff. her and her family do not know i'm doing ww, and i feel bad being like, i can't eat that because i'm on a diet in front of someone who's recovering from an ed, and her family. so anyway, she eats a snack at about 10:30pm. and it's like a family activity. to eat with her is to support her, know what i mean? it's like a big deal for her that you eat with her. so there was no way i was going to say, no i'm sorry, i don't eat after 9pm. no way. (and i had even already eaten up all my points for the day. but i had to make an allowance for this). so she asks me what i want to eat for snack, like what i usually have for snacks. i told her i like veggies, fruits, sometimes yogurt. and her face lit up! she says "i'm having yogurt! why don't you have yogurt too?!" aw, she's so adorable. so i had a yogurt. a full fat, not light version yogurt. and she doesn't eat her yogurt plain. she put half a cup of smart start cereal mixed in, and so did i. and we had decaf coffee with milk (2%) and sugar (they have no 0-cal sweeteners).

so i had a very high point "snack" at about 10:30pm. but you know what? her recovery is so much more important to me. i entered that food into my points tracker, and of course it put me over flex for the week, but that doesn't matter. i am still counting that as a cheat free day. like i said, she is so much more important to me than staying within my points. it's not like i went and binged on ice cream and cookies or something. i'm not even saying this to justify it to myself, or to defend myself. i really do believe this. and i'm so glad i could be there for her :teeth:

so we ended up staying up till 2am (she has trouble sleeping) and i was woken up at 8am because i slept on the pull out couch in teh living room, and the 6 and 9 year old kiddies came down at that time to watch tv. oh well. i'll make up for it tonight (hopefully). so i ate breakfast and lunch at their house yesterday too. not really friendly foods available, but i did the best i could. toast for breakfast, and my aunt made english muffin pizzas for lunch. went clothes shopping with my cousin too, because she needed clothes that fit. that was a 2 hour task in loehman's! i've never spent that much time in one store! but it was fun and well worth it. left their house around 4, popped a pria bar, and headed straight to the gym to get my run in. then got home and went out to dinner with the fam. then caught up with an old friend and rented a movie.

phew. i feel like i've been running non-stop! and i'm about to head out to the gym to get my long run in. i'm never going to make it back in time to see the beginning of the nhl all-star game at 3. oh well. i'll hopefully catch at least the last period.

oh yeah, so saturday is my normal weigh in day, but since iw asn't here, i did'tn get to. so i'm not going to record an official weight for last week. i did weigh myself this morning instead, and got 131.5 (1 pound loss!), but i'm not counting it. i'll just see what i'm at next week :)

i'm gonna get moving to the gym, i will come back and post the details of my eating once i get back. once again, i'm sorry for such a long entry. i really do use this as more than just a food/exercise journal. it's a great place for me to get out all sorts of other stuff, and i appreciate you guys for letting me do it :)

02-08-2004, 01:33 PM
I'm so glad you are able to be there for your cousin. She can really use a strong support like you, who I'm sure she looks up to! I think you did the right thing and that you are doing the right thing not sweating it--she's lucky to have you. I hope her road to recovery continues to be a successful one. I hope you're having a good run right now; I'll check in on you later! :)

02-08-2004, 06:03 PM
You definitely didn't cheat even though you went over your points. You certainly made the right choice by eating with your cousin and supporting her when she really needs it. I hope you had a great weekend and that 1lb loss gets bigger for next week.

02-08-2004, 06:53 PM
Hey Marsh - Definitely cheat free!::yes:: As you said, your support of your cousin is SO much more important. And good for you for recognizing that. We all have little obstacles as we go along. As long as we don't use them as excuses to give up altogether, then everything is fine.
Hope you had a good run today and the rest of your day was fine.:teeth:

02-08-2004, 09:09 PM
denise, steph, and sharon, thank you guys so much :). i know i did the right thing, but your support of me (while i'm supporting her) is so great to have :hug:

i want to get to bed early, so i'm just going to post my menus for the past few days. i'll get to everyone's journals at work in the morning.

b: slice wheat + 1.5 tbsp pb + med banana + hot cocoa w/skim =8
s: 7 almonds + fiber muffin = 2
l: 2 donuts = 10
s: columbo light yogurt + 1/2 cup all bran = 2
s: 10 m&ms = 1
d: whole wheat wrap + 3 oz chicken + cucumbers + peppers + 2 tbsp ff italian + 1 cup carrots = 5.5
s: columbo yogurt + 1/2 cup smart start + coffee + 2% milk + sugar = 7.5 (this is the non-counting snack)

total (without snack) = 28.5 (target - 20, aps - 7, flex - 1.5) [a couple flex left over i think...it won't show up now in my online journal because it's a new week)

[new ww week]
b: 2 slices cinnamon raisin toast + coffee + 2% milk + sugar = 4
l: english muffin pizzas - 1 english muffin + 1/4 cup pizza sauce + 1/2 cup part skim mozz = 6.5
pre run: pria bar = 2
post run: hot cocoa w/skim + 1 cup carrots = 2
d: (out to italian) cup broth w/noodles + salad + 2 large shrimp (no sauce) + 1/2 cup crabmeat (no sauce) + 1 cup broccoli = 3.5
dessert: (same restaurant) strawberries + blueberries + whipped cream + decaf coffee w/amaretto and whipped cream = 3.5
s: 2 yodels (movie w/my friend) = 7

total: 28.5 (target - 20, ap - 4, flex - 4.5) [30.5 flex left]

b: 1/2 cup uncooked oatmeal + 2 tsp splenda + 1/4 cup skim + med banana = 4.5
s: coffee + 1/4 cup skim + 2 tsp splenda = .5
post run: hot cocoa w/skim = 2
l: slice wheat toast + 1.5 tbsp pb + 1 tbsp strawberry jam + 1 cup carrots = 5.5
s: small nestle turtle candy = 1
d: (out to mexican) half small quesadilla + shrimp fajitas + small fried banana dessert = 17
dessert: (girls night!) 1 cup light ice cream + 1 tbsp hot fudge + reese's pieces + whipped cream = 8

total: 38.5 (target - 20, aps - 8, flex - 10.5) [20 flex left]

ok, gonna go plan out tomorrow and head to bed. the end of another cheat free day :). that's 7 in february so far. not too bad :p

gnite everyone! i'll check in with your journals in the morning! :wave:

02-09-2004, 02:11 AM
I also call it cheat free,supporting your cousin does mean more :hug:

02-09-2004, 09:34 AM
Hi Marcia,

I have tears in my eyes as I type this response. Your cousin is so fortunate to have you in her life. I hope she has a speedy and complete recovery. I agree with everyone else, I don't feel you cheated at all. In fact, give yourself 10 extra "brownie" points for being such a sweet and compassionate person.

Congrats on the 1 pound loss! Your exercise program is so inspiring to me. Keep up the great work! I will check back with you later in the week.

02-09-2004, 09:42 AM
Marcia, you've shown that again you put your family first. You certainly did the right thing. Great job on losing that pound. Even if it doesn't count yet. I hope you have a good Monday.

02-09-2004, 10:00 AM
Marcia, you're such a sweetie.::yes:: You know that, don't you? You're always so friendly and supportive here on the WISH, it doesn't surprise me that you're willing to help your cousin. She's lucky to have you. You seem to have such a loving, close family. That's so nice.:D

Marcia, you're doing fantastic! Just think if you lost a pound a week for the next 2 months. You'd be at or PAST your goal! Just keep doing what you're doing and you're going to get the results you want. It's a day by day, pound by pound, onward and downward kind of thing!

:sunny: Here's some sunshine to keep you going this Monday morning.:sunny:

Take care,

02-09-2004, 10:25 AM
satine, lisa, beth, erin (along with denise, steph, and sharon who posted above and anyone else i missed!), thank you guys so much. i feel like there's a big wish hug all around me :grouphug: . you guys are bringing tears to my eyes :). your support means the world to me, i feel like i am so lucky. makes it that much easier to stick to my plan and keep going onward and downward :bounce:

so on to today. i will stick to my target points of 20 today. taking a day totally off from exercise. i need to catch up on rest, and sleep most importantly. i may work a little late, but i will work no later than 6:30pm. i have to tell myself that now, or i will get sucked into staying longer because i need the money. but i need to worry about my body today. i will eat my dinner, take a shower, and cuddle up on the couch with my tapes of gilmore girls from last week and the nhl skills competition that my mom taped for me on saturday. then i have this guilty pleasure...real world/road rules challenge. it's on at 10 and i love it. i will go to bed as soon as it is over at 10:30pm.

breakfast was a slice of whole wheat toast w/peanut butter and an apple. and i just ate my snack of 7 almonds and a cup of carrots. lunch will be my mexican leftovers from last night, along with a cup of broccoli. afternoon snack of yogurt w/all bran. dinner will be 2 mini whole wheat pitas w/hummus and loaded w/cucumbers and peppers. add a cup of hot cocoa before bed (gotta get that milk!) and maybe some more veggies somewhere. i'm left with .5 points to work with. let's see...1 cup of strawberries is .5 points, and i know my mom has fresh ones in the fridge, so i think that with ff cool whip sounds like a great dessert :). wonderful :)

i will check back in later in the day to detail it all out. hope everyone has a great day :sunny:

02-09-2004, 02:20 PM
Okay Marsh, take care of you today! That is really important so you don't end up under the weather. Glad to see you planned a little TLC and R&R for yourself.:smooth: And combining that with a very low pts day is an excellent plan. Good for you!
Alright sweetie, get some rest and we'll talk to you soon.:sunny:

Castillo Mom
02-09-2004, 03:25 PM
Hi Marcia, sorry I haven't come back the last few days. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's illness. As others have said, in this situation you did not cheat!

Looks like you'll be getting some much needed rest tonight. Your plan of cuddling up in front of the TV sounds good and I just may follow suit. Take care Marcia!:D

02-09-2004, 07:41 PM
taking a quick break from my r&r to post my food for the day :). i wasn't hungry for my afternoon snack, so i ended up eating that for dinner. and didn't eat the pita/hummus/veggie sandwiches. so i have 2 points left over, so i'm having some smart ones ice cream with nesquik syrup :)

b: slice wheat toast + 1.5 tbsp pb + apple = 5.5
s: 7 almonds + 1 cup carrots = 1
l: shrimp in whole wheat wrap w/peppers + 1 cup broccoli = 4.5
s: slice rye bread w/whipped butter = 2.5
d: columbo light yogurt + 1/2 cup all bran = 2
dessert: 1/2 cup smart ones ice cream + 1 tbsp nesquik syrup + 1 cup strawberries + 2tbsp ff cool whip = 2.5
s: hot cocoa made w/skim = 2

total: 20 (which is target) [20 flex left]

ok, back to my vegging out :p . i'll check back in tomorrow morning :bounce:

02-10-2004, 08:09 AM
Hey! That looks like a great day! On target and you got a treat! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed your rest--you deserve it! Funny, first we both have Mexican, then we both take Monday off from exercise! Ha! I hope you are having a wonderful day and fell well rested today--TTYL! :sunny:

02-10-2004, 09:10 AM
good morning everyone :sunny:

denise, hey, i made the same comment about the off day from exercise in your journal! how funny :crazy:

and even though i did all that resting yesterday and went to bed early, i'm feeling totally wiped out today! i have dark circles under my eyes. well, i've actually had them for a few days, but they're worse today. and multiple people have come up to me and commented that i look real tired, saying stuff like "big night out last night?". and i'm like "no! i went to bed early!". kinda frustrating. i was thinking i might be coming down with something, but other than the tiredness, i don't feel sick at all. no stuffy nose, no throat ache, nothing like that. and then it hit me. TOM should be coming any day now. so i'm really hoping that's what it is. i guess we'll see over the next few days :scratchin

so i'm feeling sluggish today. kinda glad it's a short run day (only 3 miles), and i'm going to take those easy. i'll get to bed early again, and hopefully won't feel worse tomorrow. i'm going to expect to feel no better tomorrow (if this really is TOM coming), but i just hope to not feel worse.

food so far -

b: wheat toast + 1 tbsp pb + cup skim milk w/vanilla and splenda = 7

snack will be carrots, lunch a wrap w/chicken, cucumber, and peppers, afternoon snack pria bar, dinner tuna melt. that puts me at 23.5 for the day (20 target, 4 aps). may eat the other .5 in strawberries again. we'll see :)

gotta get to work now, i actually have stuff to do today!

02-10-2004, 09:47 AM
:hug: Marcia. I hope you don't feel any worse tomorrow. I know what you mean about being tired and having dark circles. No matter how much sleep I get I have permanent dark circles it seems. Sometimes they are the only reason I put on makeup in the morning. They say getting healthier will help you sleep better - well I really hope so. Take it easy today - just like I needed a nap yesterday you might need some rest today.

02-10-2004, 07:01 PM
thanks steph, i'm feeling better after my run. that usually helps to wake me up :). sometimes i wish i wore makeup (to cover up the dark circles), but i hate it! i use chapstick and face moisturizer, and that's the extent of the stuff that goes on my face :p

quick end of the day check in. plans changed for dinner, mom made soup. i also had a bit of ice cream with lunch. yummy :)

b: wheat toast + 1 tbsp pb + cup skim milk w/vanilla and splenda = 7
s: 1 cup carrots = 0
l: whole wheat wrap w/4 oz chicken + 1/2 cup cucumbers + 1/2 cup peppers + 2 tbsp ff ital + 3/8 cup breyer's mint choc chip = 9.5
s: pria bar = 2
s: hot cocoa w/skim = 2
d: chicken soup w/2 oz chicken + 1/2 cup brown rice = 4.5

total: 25 (target - 20, aps - 4, flex - 1) [19 flex left]

well, i'm headed out to the diner in a little bit w/my best friend, so i may get something there. i'm thinking a salad though, because i wanted to eat broccoli with my dinner, but my mom was cooking it while i showered, and she forgot about it and it burnt. oh well. or maybe i'll have something else and use a few flex. we'll see! and i'm hoping to get to bed by 10...but my best friend mentioned watching queer eye which is over at 11, so again, we'll see! haha, ok, i'm gonna go now :p

******** UPDATE ********

didn't go to the diner. friend was too tired. ate 1.75 cups of strawberries w/ .25 cup ff cool whip, and a mini choc turtle candy. soooo...

s: 1.75 cups strawberries + 1/4 cup ff cool whip + mini turtle = 2.5

total: 27.5 (target 20, aps - 4, flex - 3.5) [16.5 flex left]

gonna go roll over the cheat free bear and head to bed! :faint:

02-11-2004, 12:14 AM
:sunny: for when you check in :hug:

02-11-2004, 08:30 AM
Your posts alway crack me up and make me smile! :) I'm glad to hear there are some more natural girls out there; I, too, only put chapstick and oil free moisterizer on in the morning. And, a ton of chapstick, might I add; I use the stuff constantly! Anyway, I hope you are feeling better today; I hope you're not really coming down with something. Feel better and have a wonderful day. You're stronger than I am; my legs felt so tight after I lifted, so I didn't run much. Here's to another day--may it be a great one! :sunny:

02-11-2004, 10:42 AM
satine, thanks for the message! :)

denise, chapstick is an addiction! they totally make it so that once you start you can't stop! i love the stuff! gotta have a stick with me at all times, otherwise, i go into panic mode. no joke. it's crazy :crazy:

i'm still totally wiped out physically today, but i think mentally i'm feeling better. went to bed early again, so at least i know i'm treating my body right, it's just not cooperating. i think it's putting me in a better mental state to know that i'm actually doing the best i can. i don't know if that makes any sense, but it does to me anyway.

so far, i had oatmeal w/pb and banana for breakfast, and i'm snacking on baby carrots. plan for lunch is a tuna melt (what i was going to have for dinner last night until plans changed). dinner, i'll have leftovers of mom's soup because it is soooo good. of course, i'm going to have a pria bar before i run and a hot cocoa after. i'm set to be under target today, so i may add in some ice cream again with lunch :p

exercise wise today, i've got about 4 miles to run. i felt really good during my run last night (it really wakes me up, no matter how tired i am during the day), i wanted to go further than 3, but knew not to push it. so hopefully, 4 will feel just as good today.

on the sleep front, i'm looking at early to bed again. goal is before 10pm. still no sign of TOM, but the extra rest can't hurt.

okey dokey, back to my day at work. i'll check in again later in the day with a full menu report. have a good day everyone :sunny:

02-11-2004, 10:46 AM
Hi Marcia,

Just checking in on you. I hope Dzone won't be too rough on you.
:hug: Beth

02-11-2004, 10:53 AM
Marcia :hug: for you so that you are feeling better. My DD is still home. She's got strep, but the poor thing is just whiped out! She is sooo tired. Must be something in the air these days?!
Well, I truly hope you feel better soon. Take it easy on the exercise and baby yourself a little, okay?::yes::


02-11-2004, 02:47 PM
thanks guys, i definitely feel like i'm getting hit by something! must be that awful dzone! this is not normal for me though. unless i've just never really paid attention to it before (like, the fact that this will be the first time through it for me while journaling, maybe i did notice it other times, just didn't put it into words so i forgot about it...if that makes any sense!)

i feel like i'm going to pass out here at my desk. i've been trying to get up every once in a while and just take a walk to the bathroom or around the office to get my blood moving, because i feel like sitting in one place is making me worse! problem is, i'm the receptionist, so i kinda need to be at my desk! uck!

i'm sucking down my water, and i have my pria bar sitting here which i'm about to eat. i don't feel like i'm vulnerable to food (not that i have anything else that i could be eating anyway), i wonder though if there was food sitting around if i'd feel more vulnerable. i bet so. and i did end up having some ice cream with my lunch today because i wanted it. but i'm still going to have points (aps) left over. i definitely *don't* feel like eating anything nutritious, maybe i'll just give in tonight and treat myself to some more ice cream and cookies. i've got the flex to work with, i may do just that (plus, i don't like to eat too many flex thurs and fri since it's right before weigh in sat!).

ok, i just need to make it an hour and a half more, then i can escape to my treadmill. just had to get all that out. because i feel like i might explode otherwise :crazy:

02-11-2004, 08:21 PM
quick before bed check in

b: 1/2 cup uncooked oatmeal + 1/2 tbsp pb + 1 banana + 1/8 cup skim = 5.5
s: 1 cup carrots = 0
l: 1 slice wheat toast + 3 oz chunk light tuna pouch + 1 slice amer cheese + 1 cup cucumbers + 1/2 cup mint choc chip ice cream = 9
s: pria bar = 2
s: hot cocoa w/skim = 2
d: mom's chicken soup w/2 oz chicken + 1/2 cup brown rice + 1 cup broccoli = 4.5
s: 1 girl scout cookie + 1 cup mint choc chip ice cream = 9

total: 32 (target - 20, aps - 5, flex - 7) [9.5 flex left]

another cheat free day. that makes 10 in a row! i've never made it that far before. woooooo! :hyper: ok, i'm going to bed now, nite nite!

Mom of Sleepy, Bashful and BabyDoc
02-11-2004, 08:44 PM
10 DAYS! That's FANTASTIC!:jumping1: :jumping1:

02-11-2004, 10:44 PM
Even with TOM and the D-zone upon you, you keep up the great work.

I'm a non-makeup user too (except for a really good coverstick and lip baum). The only time I "doll up" is to go out with DH. I just don't like the feel of makeup on my skin and since my skin is so oily (even at 40), most makeup doesn't last anyway.

Dark circles happen - give yourself an excuse to get some rest!


Castillo Mom
02-12-2004, 01:06 AM
Woohoo, 10 cheat free days!:D

02-12-2004, 06:59 AM
Good morning, Marcia! 10 days in a row--that's awesome! Here's to 10 more! I hope you are feeling better today and that you find some energy somewhere. Have a wonderful day--TTYL! ::yes:: Oh, and yes, chapstick is very addictive--I have to have several so I'm never without one, even when I forget it! ;)

02-12-2004, 07:06 AM
Good morning, Marcia! :sunny: Here's some sunshine for you, 'cause you're so good at spreading yours around the WISH!:sunny: I hope you're feeling better today--whether it's the dzone or some yukky virus, know that you're in my thoughts. Treat yourself right and your body will eventually catch up with your positive :goodvibes. Drink a lot of water.

:hug: ,

02-12-2004, 10:10 AM
Way to go Marcia:jumping1: I'm so proud of you for making 10 cheat free days in a row. Keep up the great work!!!

02-12-2004, 06:47 PM
Hey Marcia,

I'm just checking in to see how you are feeling. Congrats on 10 days cheat free. That is an awesome accomplishment.:smooth:

02-12-2004, 07:08 PM
hey everyone, i don't have time to read your replies right now, but i needed to check in real quick. today was a crazy day, i was really busy at work, no time to check here. and i'm in a really weird mental place right now. i don't know what's going on. tom still hasn't hit, so who knows. i ran 5 miles today because i just needed that escape (was supposed to run 4, so it wasn't too much extra, i just hope it doesn't come back to bite me:guilty: ). tomorrow is going to be a total day of rest, because i think i need it. i ahven't eaten dinner yet because my stomach doesn't really want it, but i think i'm just going to heat up some of the leftover homemade soup with a little rice. come ot think of it, i skipped my morning snack of yogurt as well and just had a piece of graham cracker. hmm. i hope to be in a better mental state in the morning, and be able to make it to all of your journals. i feel horrible about skipping them today. i hope you know i am thinking about you all.

b: fiber muffin w/2 tsp reduced cal marg + 1 cup skim w/splenda and vanilla + 1 banana = 6
s: graham cracker = .5
l: 2 slices wheat + 2 tbsp pb + 1 tbsp jelly + 1 cup carrots = 8
s: pria bar = 2
s: hot cocoa w/skim = 2
d: planning on - mom's chicken soup w/brown rice and maybe some broccoli = 2.5

total: 21 (target - 20, aps - 1) [9.5 flex left]

i even have 5 more aps that i'm not going to eat. oh well. ok, i'm going to go watch friends now. and then i'm going to take a nice soothing dip in the jacuzzi. to bed early. sorry i'm not myself today. hoping tomorrow will be better!


welp, had good intentions. ended up eating ice cream and cookies after the jacuzzi. just wanted them. not sure on points, but i know i went over. oh well. cheat free bear will sit at 10.

02-13-2004, 08:00 AM
Smile, Marcia! :) I just thought you needed that and this :hug: . I hope today is a better day! :sunny: How do you feel today after that run? I'm glad you're taking today off; I think you need it. Don't worry about not getting to people's journals--take care of you! Have a wonderful day and may the sun shine on you. :sunny:

02-13-2004, 09:13 AM
I hope you get well!!! I think it is the week. It'll pass, keep up your positive attitude it'll get you through. And remember we are all here for you always!

Get Well Soon!!


::MickeyMo princess:

02-13-2004, 09:20 AM
:hug: for you Marcia. I hope you are feeling better today. I know how it is since I was under the weather last week. I truly hope you are back to your usual sunny self in no time!:sunny:
Take care and get that rest! ::yes::


Mom of Sleepy, Bashful and BabyDoc
02-13-2004, 10:15 AM
Hey Marcia,

You are doing a great job. You posted to my journal that you weren't cheat free yesterday. I don't see it. But even if you weren't, you are doing a great job. And please, all that exercise....I should be doing that! Great guns, woman...5 miles! My thighs wouldn't know what hit them! :teeth:

Anyway, I'm so proud of you and thank you for the encouragement and inspiration. Keep it up. And I hope you have a great day today.

Here's some sunshine coming your way........:sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

02-13-2004, 11:03 AM
pam, laurie, lisa, denise, erin, steph, beth, micheysdsnyprncs, sharon, you guys are amazing. you have all left me such positive messages over the past few nasty days, and i appreciate it beyond anything you could imagine. thank you thank you thank you!

i am feeling better today. i think it's a change of attitude. last night, i wasn't feeling too great, and i went for it with some ice cream and cookies (have to go up to my last post and edit to add that in). so my cheat free bear is sitting at 10 for now. but i'm okay with this. i know i shouldn't use a bad day as an excuse to pig out, but well, this time, it's just gonna have to be that way.

i think i've discovered that the whole mentality behind flex points is driving me crazy. i feel like i use them as an excuse to gorge myself. and i don't like that. so i know i said i was going to mentally spread them out over the week, but i don't want to have a constant point value. so i'm going to start the wendie plan this week. starting tomorrow (or actually, today could count, since i'm doing really low points today and my fridays on wendie will be low, but whatever). and i'm not doing this because i want to kick start my weight loss or anything. i'm just doing it because i want to have a specific number of points each day (varying a bit depending how much i work out), and not have to worry about spreading my flexies myself. i think the way it all adds up, it doesn't use up all of the flex points, but i think i need to try this.

schedule will be as follows:

sat - 35
sun - 20
mon - 24
tues - 22
wed - 20
thurs - 25
fri - 21

no using aps on saturday with it being so high points. for mon, tues, and thurs, use half aps (med high days). and sun, wed, thurs, use all aps (low days). that's the structure of the plan. i like it. (also works out nice to have high day on sat, especially since i have an anti vday party planned with my best friend for tomorrow night :p)

so like i said, today will be low points. sticking to target of 20, since i have no flex left anyway. had pb/banana/oatmeal and hot cocoa for breakfast. carrots for snack. lunch will be mom's homemade spaghetti sauce w/whole wheat pasta and chicken. afternoon snack of yogurt w/all bran. dinner not sure, but i've got 7.5 points to work with. gotta get some more veggies/fruit in, so we'll see about that.

and tomorrow is weigh in day. i'm kinda nervous about it, having gone over flex and feeling bloated. i'm still waiting for tom. i feel like i should have it (icky body, bloating, etc), but i don't. i'm never really regular, so this isn't anything out of the ordinary, i just wish my body wouldn't be feeling so crappy without a good reason. oh well, nothing i can do about it. whatever it is, it is. and i'm kinda excited about my "new" plan. just a different way to think about things, but still, new to me ::yes::

once again, thank you all for being there for me. and anybody else that i didn't mention above, sorry if i missed you, and i know the rest of you are thinking about me and supporting me even if you don't get a chance to post! thanks again wish, for everything :bounce:

02-13-2004, 12:40 PM
Marcia, I've just caught up on your journal! Sorry I've been away so long but I'm back now. Sorry that you've been feeling icky - it will pass. I've been feeling my own version of icky also - I feel for you, girlfriend!::yes::

You'll be back to your old self in no time at all. Your menus are looking great and I've noticed that you've been adding in some protein - good for you! I also noticed that on your "protein" days, you don't seem to need as much to eat - you skip snacks, etc. You've really got it figured out, Marcia! Good luck on WENDIE - I've seen it work for lots of people. I'd be lost on WW with all those flex points for a week. I think I'd feel like you did - like it's an excuse to over-indulge. Now with a specific number of points per day, it may be easier to pre-plan what you're going to eat.

Do you think all that running has anything to do with your period being irregular? Many serious women runners do not have regular cycles because of the extra exercise. You certainly do put in a lot of miles per week! At the half-marathon, the rest of us WISHers will only see your backside as you zip ahead of the pack! You go, girl!! :moped:

Thanks for all your support in my journal, even when I haven't been able to get to yours as often as I'd like.

:hug: ,

02-13-2004, 02:44 PM
Thank you for posting to my journal! Your post put a smile on my face today when I am not feeling well and having a bad day... (By the way... I did manage to exercise and not fall over... Yeah!;) )

Good luck on your new diet plan! I am going to keep tweaking my diet too until I find one that I can live with for the rest of my life.

Keep doing the best that you can! Here' s some sunshine:sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: to help brighten your day.

Thank you for all of the encouragement that you leave in my journals! Have a great weekend!!!

02-13-2004, 09:10 PM
hey doe, thanks for your words of encouragement and support, they mean so much :). as for my period, i'm not sure what up. for as long as i can remember, it's always shown up a few days early or a few days late, right now i think it's sitting at 4 days late. so that's not a huge deal. i'm sure all the running i'm doing is having some sort of affect. i'm just getting tired of waiting for it to come :p

tracy, hi! i'm so glad i have been able to put a smile on your face! that makes me so happy :). and thanks for that sunshine, it's doing wonders for my disposition :tongue:

so here's my end of the day check in. i've been in a snacking mood. i don't know if it has to do with the fact that i'm starting the wendie plan tomorrow, so i'm thinking that today doesn't count or what. oh well. not even sure about points. not *that* bad, but definitely over. whaaaaatever. i'm really getting back on track tomorrow. and with a 35 point day planned, i don't htink it'll be that hard, but maybe i shouldn't be so sure about that, and just make sure to not go too overboard ::yes:: .

here was today:

b: pb/banana oatmeal + hot cocoa = 4.5
s: 1 cup carrots = 0
l: 1 cup whole wheat pasta + 1 ravioli + 2 oz chicken + mom's sauce + 1/8 cup part skim mozz + 2 girl scout cookies = 9.5
s: columbo light yogurt + 1/2 cup all bran = 2
d: boca roasted garlic burger + 2% american cheese slice + 2 slices light wheat bread = 3
s: 1 apple
dessert: a few cookies, random snacks = over :o

total: 20 + snacks

so 2 cheat days in a row. oh well! like i said, tomorrow is really a new beginning for me. in my mind anyway. gotta weigh in tomorrow, i will face that scale. also gonna take measurements. i think it's been 3 weeks since i measured. should be interesting. till tomorrow!

02-14-2004, 09:14 AM
Good Morning! Here's to today--a new day for you! Kick those last two days out of you mind and start the Wendie plan today. We all know you can do it. Good luck on the scale and with measurements today. I wonder if I should do measurements; I never have, but I bet if I lose inches w/o losing weight, I would be less discouraged. I hope you have a wonderful weekend; I know you won't have trouble getting back on track! AND--don't forget to :) TTYL!

02-14-2004, 10:14 AM
good morning wish! the scale laughed at me this morning! it told me, "this is what you get for those last two days! ha! :laughing: " yeah, i'm 2 pounds more than i was last sunday (unofficial weigh in since i missed last sat), so i'm at 133.5 right now. i surely know why, so it's not like it's a surprise. i'm okay with this. oh, and i haven't taken measurements because my house is freeeezing and i don't feel like stripping down! maybe later or tomorrow or something.

so yes, today is a new beginning (do i keep saying that? yeah i know i do, i'm really trying to ingrain it in my head). i kinda feel like i should have a low day today after my past 2, but i want my high days on wendie to be on saturdays. so i know that 3 high days in a row aren't good, but it will all even out in the end.

so far today, i've had the pb/banana oatmeal surprise. good pre-run food. going to let the stomach settle for an hour or so then head out into the real fresh air (!!!!! :teeth: ) and run 3 miles. i'm really really excited about running outside today. i've been looking forward to it for a few days now since i heard it was going to be nicer out. isn't it sick how we are getting all sorts of excited about 40 degrees? yeah, it's nuts.

hot cocoa, then big bowl of pasta and chicken and mom's sauce for lunch. not sure about dinner yet, i just know it will be take out from somewhere, gotta coordinate with my friend. but i've got plenty of points to spend, so i'm looking forward to it. i think i like this new mentality...not having to feel bad about a high points day. i have to have a high points day :)

thanks denise for the encouragement, it's great to know that you're there for me :). and yeah, i would recommend taking measurements. i think you're supposed to do them less often (like once a month or so), but they can surely keep you from getting discouraged if the scale doesn't move!

alright, off to settle my tummy :) . i'll check back later. have a great day to whoever is reading :sunny:

02-14-2004, 10:36 AM
marcia - sorry about the scale disappointing you this morning. hopefully it is just some PMS bloat. good luck with the wendie plan. I know a lot of people have success with that and it's great that you are planning out your flex so you don't go overboard any one day that you aren't supposed to.

02-14-2004, 10:48 AM
Marcia, I'll be right over to kick that scale :cool1: . It's a specialty of mine these days!:p Sometimes it just has to be done.

Looking at your menu from yesterday, it would seem to me that the cheese you ate might be bumping up the scale a bit--you know, water retention and all. Just a thought, honey.

Hang in there, Marcia. You're such an inspiration to me--always exercising, thinking about the points. I wish I'd been as wise as you are when I was your age!

Granny Erin signing off now. . .

02-14-2004, 03:56 PM
Oh Marcia,

I'm sorry the scale didn't cooperate. They can be very stubborn. Have fun with your friend tonite. Here's some pixie dust to hurry the Whoosh fairy to your house.:wizard:

02-14-2004, 04:47 PM
thakns guys, i wasn't expecting anything less from teh scale. oh well, not a big deal. didn't get aroudn to taking measurements, i'll try to do that tomorrow. today has gone well so far. got my 3.25 mile run in, and my brother ran with me! that was so fun :). plus, it made me go a little faster. not like huge faster, because he paced himself with me, but it gave me motivation. 30 minutes for 3.25 miles. i'm pleased :)

i've got 14.5 points eaten so far, so i've got 20.5 left for dinner/dessert/drinks. we're planning on either going to wendy's or getting take out from our local diner. i've got a plan for either way. and we're making chocolate covered strawberries...this should be interesting. i'm setting aside 6 points for that. at least i'll be able to check the nutritional info on whatever chocolate we use. i'm very happy about that :). and i'm allowing myself one rum and diet coke. that's another 2 points. leaves 12.5 for actual dinner, which like i said, i have planned out for either place.

we're also going to do hair dying, sandra bullock movies, and other general girlie silliness :crazy: . i've never died my hair before...i may just do it because i never have. we'll see. i may just help her do hers. i think it will be a split second decision at the store. hehe :hyper:

hope everyone has a wonderful vday! sorry i haven't made it to journals today, i should have more free time tomorrow hopefully :)

02-15-2004, 09:33 AM
Hi Marcia! Sorry that mean old scale was not nice to you this week!:mad: That's ok, you'll get him next week!:eek:
I think the Wendie plan will be great for you. You are so good at planning out your day ahead of time, you'll get the hang of it real quick. I've had a hard time adjusting my eating to it, but I don't plan ahead like you (with my schedule, it is virtually impossible!:rolleyes: )I'll be very interested to see your results with it.
I hope you had fun last night with your girls night! It sure sounded nice to me! Have a great day today too!:sunny:

02-15-2004, 10:10 AM
Hey! I hope you had a great time last night! Don't worry about that pesky scale; it'll be yours next week! So, did you change your hair color? It sounds like you had a good run with your brother yesterday--that's great! I can't wait to be able to run outside; we're supposed to really warm up at the end of this week. Have a great day and have fun with your new program. TTYL :)

02-15-2004, 11:01 AM
sharon - i know you were doing the wendie plan (or at least trying to...i know it's hard when you don't plan ahead). that's what kinda got me thinking about it. then i went and actually read all about it and decided to give it a try. i'm really looking forward to this week and sticking to the preset points! and i did have a wonderful girls night, more on that below.

denise - hey there, you must have been posting to my journal around the same time i made it to yours :). running outside was really really nice. i wish it was warmer today (25 degrees is a bit below my coldness threshold), i've got 6 miles planned, so i'm just going to bring a nice upbeat cd and deal with the treadmill at the gym. i'm sure it'll be fine, i did 5.5 each of the past 2 sundays on the treadmill and i made it. and i did dye my hair! more on that below :)

so last night went great! i had planned on 6 points for choc covered strawberries, and 2 for a drink, but i only used 3 on the strawberries (hell yeah self control!!!) and didn't even have a drink! all i drank was water. another wonderful thing :). we ended up going to the local diner, so i got a pita with grilled chicken, marinara, and mozzarella cheese. it also came with fries, but i didn't eat them. woooo! last night, i did all sorts of good things food wise! so i had points left over when i got home, so i had smart ones ice cream with a crushed thin mint gs cookie (we have soooo many boxes of these in my house, it's horrible!), a little chocolate sauce, and a little whipped cream. still dind't hit my target of 35, but i'm sure that's ok :)

so non food wise, we had a great time. went to cvs and picked out hair dye. my hair is naturally blond to begin with, so my friend just picked out a lighter shade. i let her pick because i have no idea. so we just got the cheapest kind. herbal essenses i think, and it was on sale for 2 bucks! can't beat that! so my hair is a bit lighter. i think it was called "hawaiian sunshine" or something like that. i came downstairs this morning with a hoodie on, so my head was covered, i wonder if my mom will notice :scratchin

and we made the chocolate covered strawberries, they came out so great! and i had 2 of them. they were so good, but i'm glad our friend scott was over too, he ate most of them, me and my best friend restrained ourselves :)

oh yeah, so i got flowers!!! scott (odie's ex boyfriend...i may have mentioned him before) came over while we were dying our hair, and he brought each of us a dozen roses! aaaaaw, what a sweetie! let me say that i've never gotten flowers before in my life. not even last vday when i had a boyfriend :rolleyes: . sure, he sent them and they never arrived (problem with the company, i know he really did send them), but he never even tried to make up for it. oh whatever. this year i got roses! and i love them :teeth:

so it was a wonderful night :)

saturday's menu:

b: pb/banana oatmeal surprise = 4
s: coffee w/splash skim + splenda = 0
s: hot cocoa w/skim = 2
l: whole wheat pasta + 3 oz chicken + mom's sauce + 1 cup broccoli = 8.5
s: 1 cup carrots = 0
d: chicken pita = 12
s: 2 choc covered strawberries = 3
s: 1/2 cup smart ones vanilla + 1 tbsp nesquik syrup + 1 thin mint cookie + 2 tbsp whipped cream = 3.5

total: 33 points (target was 35)

on to today...ate the oatmeal surprise again before the gym. now i'm headed out to get those 6 miles in. i'll check back in later in the day :wave:

02-15-2004, 08:08 PM
6 miles. WOW. I'm really impressed by your committment to exercise. You amaze me. I am also impressed that you only ate a few of those strawberries. They are my absolute favorite.
I'll check in on you in the AM.


02-15-2004, 08:47 PM
beth, thanks, i thought i wasn't going to make it the full 6 miles, i felt like my legs were really heavy today, but i pushed through and made it! i'm glad i did, it was worth it :). much easier than resisting the strawberries though! hehe, i just made sure i was sitting on teh couch as far away as possible, and we were watching a movie, so i wasn't up and around. and by the time the movie was over, they were gone, so it worked out wonderfully :)

so today was a 20 point day, plus activity points. on wendie, they don't have specific rules about using or not using aps. they "suggest" to eat all of them on low point days. well, i earned 8 aps, but only ate 6.5 of them. so that's fine. so my goal for today was 28 points. would've been even more under if it wasn't for ice cream at girls night!

b: pb/banana oatmeal + coffee w/skim = 4
s: ensure drink = 6 (substituted this for my normal hot cocoa on the advice of mcmillanrunning.com . not sure if i'm even running enough to need this, but i figure it can't hurt)
l: whole wheat pasta + 3 oz chicken + mom's sauce + 1 cup broccoli = 8.5
s: 1 cup carrots = 0
d: 2 slices light wheat bread + boca garlic burger + 1 slice low fat cheese + salad = 3
dessert: 1 cup light vanilla ice cream + 1 tbsp sprinkles = 5

total: 26.5

tomorrow, i'm going with the high school track team into the city for their meet. my best friend (coach) wants me to come, and i figure i may as well go to support my brother since i have off from work. so i'm packing my breakfast and lunch so that i have plenty of food available.

tomorrow my goal is 24 points. off day from exercise. the food i'm having for breakfast/lunch/snacks for the meet is 16, but i may not even eat it all. i just need to make sure i don't get caught without enough food. oh yeah, and why don't i just eat breakfast at home? because we have to be on the bus at 7am. i will be waking up just in time to get my stuff together and sleep on the bus :). i'll eat when we get there :)

so i'll be gone most of the day tomorrow, but i'll check back in later in the day to report how it went. off to bed real early tonight to rest up for a long day :faint:

02-15-2004, 10:34 PM
Have fun at the meet. It is VERY smart of you to pack ahead of time. I have found with my long shifts, I can stay on program. ONLY if I have a plan ahead of time.WTG.

02-16-2004, 08:21 AM
How sweet of Scott--I'm so glad you had such a great "girls" (and guy) night and what will power! Great job! Way to plan for today. I don't have school today (I'm assuming DBrother doesn't either hence the all day meet!), but DH is at school for a snow makeup day. So, I get to do a bunch of grad work, house work, and school work and work out! Fun, Fun! :crazy: Anyway I hope you have a great day today; is it an indoor meet? I hope! You are so smart to plan ahead; I found out the hard way when I first started coaching that you have to plan ahead. I have to make sure I have healthy snacks to eat during cross country and track season--thanks for the inspiration and reminder since track is just around the corner! K, I'll check in on you later and see how your day went. :tongue:

02-16-2004, 08:30 AM
Hi Marcia! I just wanted to stop by and see how you are doing. Your exercise program is awesome!

Have fun at the meet today. You are so smart to pre-plan and bring your own food. Stay warm out there! Take care.

02-16-2004, 08:53 AM
Hi Marcia! I have heard a lot of people having great success with the Wendi plan and I wanted to wish you the best of luck with it. It sounds from your journal that you are doing great!


02-16-2004, 10:08 AM
As usual, excellent planning Marcia!:smooth: Seriously, you are SO good about that!
I hope your day went well and you had fun.
The roses from Scott were so sweet. What a thoughtful friend! And did mom notice the hair? What'd she think?
I've been thinking about your peanut butter. I like peanut butter, but usually try to stay away from it. Maybe a little in the AM is a good idea. I think I might give that a try tomorrow morning.:tongue:

02-16-2004, 11:11 AM
Sounds like you had a great girls night. I'm sure your hair looks great and I'm sure those flowers are lovely. way to go on the 6 mile run. Good for you for not giving up.

02-16-2004, 04:18 PM
i'd definitely say that planning is my strong suit. when in doubt, plan plan plan! hehe. of course sometimes things change, but i know it helps to have options anyway. worked out today so far! beth, denise, lisa, amanda, sharon, and steph, thank you as always for coming by and being my support system :). and yes, it was an indoor meet! outdoor, no way i would have gone! indoor in winter, outdoor in spring :sunny:

so the meet went very very well. my brother ran in the 4x800 relay (4 guys, each runs 800 meters, which is twice around a standard track for those who don't know, also approximately half a mile). now, my brother is a sprinter, not distance, so he normally doesn't race longer than 400s. so he was kinda freaking out that he wasn't going to do well. but he ended up having the best time on his team (2:09 i think), and the relay team placed 10th overall! this is a huge accomplishment for such a small school against all the other schools in our county! he was so excited, along with the rest of the team, and i am so proud of him, it was so great, and i'm so glad i got to go :bounce:

oh yeah, so food...i did well there too :p . today, the goal is 24 points. like i had previously mentioned, i had my lunch box all ready to go with plenty of food if i needed it. we ended up getting home around 1, so i just ate lunch when i got here (still ate the lunch i had packed). didn't need nearly as much as i had packed, but better safe than sorry :). (i kinda just ate everything over a period of the morning, so i'm not gonna break it up into breakfast/snack/etc. dinner hasn't been eaten yet, but it will not change from what's planned). and even with an afternoon snack and the dinner i have planned, i'm going to have 3 points left over! i'm thinking a scoop of smart ones vanilla ice cream, some nesquik syrup, and a crushed up thin mint gs cookie for dessert, ooh, and 2 tablespoons of ff cool whip on top cause that's 0 points! :teeth:

morning: 1 slice light wheat toast w/1 tsp reduced cal marg + hot cocoa w/skim + banana + fiber muffin + laughing cow mini babybel light cheese + carrots = 7
l: 2 slices light wheat + 1 tbsp pb + 1 tbsp strawberry jam + 1 apple = 5
s: columbo light yogurt + 1/2 cup smart start soy protein cereal = 3.5
d: whole wheat wrap + 3 oz chicken + red peppers + salsa + 1 cup broccoli = 5.5
dessert: 2 slices light wheat + 2 tbsp pb + 1 tbsp sf preserves = 3

total: 24

i know i shouldn't post this all until i really eat it and make it through the night, but i have confidence in myself that i will not go over. tonight i want to get to bed early, because i'm going to wake up and run in the morning tomorrow. i figure, i'm really tired from waking up early this morning, may as well just go to bed early and wake up early again, why not?

i will try to check back in again before bed just to confirm that i stuck to the plan :hyper:


decided i did *not* want ice cream tonight. how crazy does that sound?? i know, i know, very very crazy. i really wanted peanut butter. yeah, i'm crazy about the peanut butter. and i just bought some sugar free preserves today that are 0 points for a tablespoon. so i took some light wheat bread (notice how that's made its way into my life...works nice when i just need bread to hold stuff and not fill me up...it's 1 pt for 2 slices!) and made a little pbj sandwich for 3 points instead of the ice cream. changed it above in my menu for the day. still 3 points, so it served its purpose. and i very much enjoyed my little snack :). even though it was the second pbj of the day...i just really am feeling like i need peanut butter lately, so as long as it fits with the points, i'm not going to deny myself! ::yes::

gonna go watch the end of 7th heaven and then go get myself ready for bed. can't wait to pass out! :faint:

02-16-2004, 08:10 PM
Hey Marcia,

Kudos to your brother. I know exactly what you mean about peanut butter. There are days when I would pass on chocolate or ice cream, but gobble up peanut butter. I figure with all the running you are doing, your body also wants the protein. Enjoy it.

02-16-2004, 09:46 PM

I really enjoyed reading about your day. I used to love going to track meets back when I was in school, very exciting!

Your dessert you almost had sounds fabulous...yum! I just learned I can have the cool whip ff on South Beach as well. Guess what I am buying at the store tomorrow. I used to think sugar free jello was icky but I've changed my mind this past week, especially the lime flavor. It will be perfect with the cool whip!::yes::

I agree with what strings said about your body craving protein. Peanut Butter is perfect! What brand is the sugar free preserves? I really miss PB and J...

Your plan to run in the morning has inspired me to get up and do my Pilates before the children wake.

Have a wonderful evening,


02-17-2004, 08:01 AM
Hey, Marcia, sounds like a great day! Tell the little bro good job! I went to a very small school, too, so I know what it's like going up against all the bigger ones. You did so well with food yesterday. I also eat light wheat bread (whole wheat, of course!) and the sf preserves I buy are made by Smuckers--yum! I've been eating a lot of pb lately, as well, mostly because I need to balance my usaual full-of-carbs snacks with some protein. I buy reduced fat pb. I'm so proud of you for sticking to the food you had planned (the change in snack doesn't count!). :) I hope you had a good run this morning--Have a great day! :sunny:

02-17-2004, 09:01 AM
Sounds like you had a great day yesterday! Congrats to your brother, too!

Way to plan and stick to those meals! I have been planning meals and snacks, but not sticking to them.:( Hope you had a good run this morning! I really enjoy working out in the morning because it helps to energize me for my day and because my kids are still sleeping. It's my little bit of "me time" before my kids take over the day.:teeth:

Have a great day today and keep up the good work!!!!:Pinkbounc


02-17-2004, 09:17 AM
goooood morning :sunny:

confession time, hehe. when that alarm went off at 6 this morning, i said, "no thank you, i'll sleep another hour and a half and run this evening." i needed that extra sleep. so it's not a bad confession, just a matter of fact, this is how it is type thing :p . so yeah, i'll be running after work ::yes::

beth - yeah, i'm not all that worried about the peanut butter. i know it's a good source of protein, so i have it when i want it, in moderation. much better than trying to avoid it and ending up later with the tub of pb and a spoon :crazy:

e - the sugar free preserves are polander. i don't think i could handle them alone (like, just a jelly sandwich) because of the taste i'm not used to, but they work well on a pbj. and glad i inspired you to get up and workout...even though i didn't :o

denise - hello hello :). i'll have to try out the smuckers sf preserves when i finish off the polander. and i don't bother with reduced fat pb. that's one thing that i must do full fat, it's worth it to me :p . although, i have been meaning to try out the "natural" version. i've heard that for ww, if you dump out the oil on top, it can be 3 points for 2 tablespoons (regular is 4.5 pts for 2 tbsp). i'll have to do some more research and make sure that's right before going ahead and doing it though :)

today is a medium points day, plus eat half aps. so 22 + (6/2) = 25

so today, i had a new breakfast. since i wasn't running in the morning and i could eat at home, i decided to try out the morningstar breakfast "sausage" patties i bought. holy crap man! so good! had one of those on a thomas carb counting whole wheat bagel (not that i'm counting carbs, but they're low in points too!), with a slice of 2% american cheese. it was so yummy! i really do not like eggs, so other than peanut butter, i have problems getting in protein in the morning. but i now have a new option! i'm very excited about it :hyper:

rest of the day is planned out. yogurt for a morning snack. canned soup and light wheat bread and broccoli for lunch. pria bar for pre run snack. hot cocoa for post run. an apple at some point. oh then i guess dinner isn't planned out. other than the carrots i have penciled in. hmm. well, i've got 8 points to go. we have no chicken in my house, i gotta figure something with protein and carbs. hmm. may just do a pbj. haha. but on non-light wheat bread. not sure. maybe my mom will be cooking something. not a problem. i'll just go with it and fall back on the pbj if all else fails ::yes::

02-17-2004, 09:21 AM
tracy - hi! you must have been posting at the same time as i was writing out my whole long post! i know it's hard to stick to what you plan sometimes. it happens to me too. a lot of the time though, i have different options floating around in my head, figuring how i can tweak certain meals if i want to change something around. so it's more of a guideline to follow (well, other than when i'm going to be out somewhere, like yesterday). i feel like looking at it as more of a guideline gives me more flexibility and doesn't make me feel like i'm stuck with anything. cause you know, maybe you'll really feel like something sounds delicious the night before, but once you get to that point in your day, you may just not want it. so options are key :)

02-17-2004, 09:54 AM
Marcia, you are doing such a great job!! WENDIE sounds like it suits you and all that running must be doing something for you!

Did your Mom or anyone else notice your hair color change or was it just too subtle for anyone to notice? More importantly, do YOU like it?? Anything named Hawaiian Sunshine sounds like a winner to me!!

Those extra couple pounds will be disappearing in no time, Marcia!! Can't wait to see what this weekend's scale visit brings for you! ::yes::

02-17-2004, 06:32 PM
Marcia - You are really doing awesome this week!::yes:: Good for you!
I am glad your brother did well yesterday and that you had a good time. Aren't extra days off fun?!:teeth:
Tell me more about these breakfast sausages. Are they frozen? What are they made of? That sounds like a really yummy breakfast for my weekend (when I would actually have time to eat it!) The girls at work laugh at me when they hear my cheerios being poured at 10 or 11 AM. That's when I usually eat breakfast during the week!:crazy:
Keep up the good work!!:sunny:

02-17-2004, 08:23 PM
doe - nobody has noticed at all! hehe. i think it's just fine. i'm not big with hair, i have it up in a ponytail all the time, so i guess it may be more noticeable if it was ever down. it reminds me of the color it gets during the summer when i'm out in the wonderful sunshine, so i like that :sunny:

sharon - the breakfast "sausage" patties are frozen, yup. they're morningstar brand. it's like 80 calories, but like 3 grams of fiber, so it's 1 point each! mmm, making my mouth water jsut thinking about it :tongue: . and you've got me cracking up about your cheerios :laughing: , that's great, hehe :)

ok, so quick end of the day check in! dinner changed twice! i decided i didn't want a pbj, adn that i was gonna have pb/banana oatmeal, but then my best friend called me and said she was going to wendy's, so i decided to go with her to get some quality time :). made a quick stop at dotti's site before heading out the door, and was well prepared ::yes:: . now, my best friend has no idea i'm doing ww. she knows i'm "eating healthier", but i can't bring myself to tell her about ww. i don't think she would approve, cna't really explain it, but i think it has to do with me being smaller than her and her thinking i shouldn't be "dieting" at all. but anyway, i ordered first and got a grilled chicken sandwich plain, and a side salad, with reduced fat ranch dressing on the side. she said she was inspired by my choices and ordered a ceasar salad and chicken nuggets, instead of her usual cheeseburger value meal. it's something :)

so yeah, today's goal was 25 points, but i only ate 24. woot woot!

b: low carb bagel + morningstar pattie + 2% cheese = 4
s: columbo yogurt + small piece of chocolate = 3
l: beef, potato, carrot soup from can + 2 slices wheat light + 2 tsp rc marg + 1 cup broccoli = 6
s: pria bar = 2
s: hot cocoa w/ 1/2 cup skim + 1/2 cup water = 1
d: 1 cup carrots + 2 tbsp hummus + wendy's grilled chicken sandwich + wendy's side salad + less than half packet wendy's lf ranch = 8

total: 24

ran 4.25 miles after work, and walked about 20 minutes. also did crunches. so goal was 25, ate 24. not gonna eat another point just for the hell of it. i'm going to bed early again. i'm *really* going to get up early tomorrow and go to the gym before work. the way the cars are parked, i have to get out before my brother goes to work, so that's motivation. i pretty much have no choice :p . no idea what i'm eating for tomorrow yet, but i'll plan that real quick. then i'm headed to bed...right after i roll over my cheat free bear another day :teeth:

02-18-2004, 08:13 AM
Wow! Marcia, your week is going really well. (I wish I could say the same.) Anyway, I can't wait to see what the scale has to say to you this weekend--and, don't forget you're due for a measure! Way to roll with the dinner changes. I don't blame you for not telling your best friend about WW; I don't tell anyone I'm trying to lose a little weight (except you guys and DH!). I especially make sure DH doesn't tell his mom. I just don't feel comfortable with it I guess. Like you, I'm not sure I can explain it, but I think you understand. I just can't bring myself to try the natural PB, oh well. I think I've been eating too much PB lately, but it's much better for me than all-carb snacks. Have a great day and I hope you had a good run this morning! TTYL :sunny:

02-18-2004, 08:43 AM
:jumping1: :jumping1: Yeah for you Marcia! I am very proud of you my friend! You went to Wendy's and stuck your plan that is something to be extremely happy with.

I know how you feel about telling people what diet plan you are following. I always hide it from people. My DH and Mom usually know and that is it. I recently told my SIL about my being low carb/high protein and she was somewhat supportive. I think we don't tell people for a couple of reasons, one there are people out there like friends and family who honestly believe we don't need to diet (or are afraid we will look better then them if we do lose the weight) and they can set us on a wrong path. Secondly it is a personal thing to diet. You go through a physical and emotional change that is difficult and sometimes we don't want to share that. That is why we post on boards I think - a faceless friend that supports us.

Have a great day!


02-18-2004, 09:17 AM
Marcia~ You are doing great! I know what you mean about not telling people about your diet. Maybe once I lose the weight, I'll shout it from the rooftops, but for now, I will just share with my DH, my mom, and of course, my DISfriends.:teeth:

It seems like you are doing really well with this new diet. Is there a website where I can get more information? I'm still looking at all of my options. Thanks!

Hope you have a great day today! Keep up the good work!:sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

02-18-2004, 10:19 AM
Hey Marsh.........
i made my way to your journal........you have been so supportive to me figured Id stop by and see how your doing!
You seem like you got it together! you really know the points.
I guess it takes time to learn and understand.
I am glad I stuck with the LC. I know and understand this way! lol.
Weather is getting nice here, I am beginning to think about the whole jogging thing. Thats another thing you inspire me with. anyway keep up the good work!
I can;t recall however, are youtrying to lose or just maintain right now?

anyway talk to you later.

02-18-2004, 11:02 AM
Hey Marcia,

I can understand not mentioning the diet to your friend. It is enough of a struggle to diet with being accountable to yourself only. Every week I walk into work ,and a couple of girls ask how much I've lost this week. It's great on the weeks I've lost, a problem when I haven't. There are definately don't approve of dieters. If you don't think she'll be supportive, then don't tell her. You did a fabulous job planning and working around your program. Keep up the great work.

Can you do some extra crunches for me?


02-18-2004, 11:02 AM
Marcia - I always enjoy reading your journal. I think your progress mentally and physically is just wonderful. Btw, I love pbj sandwiches too. I could eat one everyday if I wasn't careful.

I think it's awesome that you inspired your friend and I can totally understand about not telling her about WW. People can be funny sometimes. Anyway, keep up the great work!!!!

02-18-2004, 11:14 AM
oooook, here i am, finally! between getting sidetracked here at work a couple times, getting to everybody else's journals (i really hope i didn't miss anyone!), and normal work stuff, i'm finally at my journal!

nice to see denise, amanda, tracy, and renee. hello ladies :wave: , thanks for coming by :)

as for wendy's, yes, i'm proud of myself for sticking to my plan. the thing is, fast food places and stuff like that, that's not a real issue for me. i've always been a grilled chicken kinda girl, not big on the burgers with all the toppings (i like things plain anyway). i guess it is a good step to get a salad instead of fries though. although, i'm not a huge fan of fries anyway. i mean, i'd get them in the combo meal, just because it came that way. just kinda eating them caues they're there. so i guess it's better to just not order them at all. then no feeling of "i paid for it, i may as well eat it".

and as for not telling other people about my ww, you guys all hit the nail right on the head. other people's issues with it, it being such a personal thing, it's all that and more. it's funny, i've always complained to my best friend about my weight, so she's told me to just eat healthier and workout. but now that i'm actually doing it, i can't tell her! she knows she needs to do the same thing, and she's kinda trying. but i really need the plan to follow, otherwise it would really be half-hearted at best.

kind of an aside, but at my brother's bday party (what was that, 3 weeks ago maybe?), my grandmother told me that she didn't want me to lose any more weight, that i was getting too skinnny. i think this has something to do with my cousin with the eating disorder...like, she's worried that if i'm being so cautious about my food, it could become like that. so i told her that i was running and training for the half marathon, and i can't help it if i'm losing weight. that calmed her fears :). but i dind't mention ww at all. just have to be sure the fam (other than my immediate fam of df, dm, db and other brother :p ) don't see me measuring foods. i just guestimate at family gatherings.

to address specific questions:
tracy - this "new" diet is a variation of weight watchers. the wendie plan is a way of shaking up your daily points to boost your metabolism. although, i'm really just following it because i need a "set" plan, all those flex points drove me crazy! here's a link to more info about it http://groups.msn.com/POINTingMyWaytoaNewLife/theoriginalwendieplan.msnw

renee - i wish i was on maintenance! haha, nope, i'm still trying to lose. or at least lose fat and gain muscle. i guess that's the same thing :crazy: , but i'm sure at some point, it'll turn into a maintenance thing (maybe before my "goal" weight of 124), depending more on my size ::yes::

on to today!

i really love running in the morning. today was really just preparation for tomorrow, since tomorrow i *have* to run in the am, since i have to stay at work late. but since i went to bed early last night, i don't feel like i'm going to pass out from being tired right now!!! got my 3.25 miles in, then walked 15 minutes. no time for crunches, i barely made it out of the shower and got dressed in time to get up here in time! tomorrow, i have to run 1 extra mile, so i'll be waking up at 6 instead of 6:20, and then i'll hopefully have some time to get crunches in as well.

food wise, i had a pria bar pre run, hot cocoa w/skim post run. whole wheat toast w/pb and a banana for breakfast. carrots for snack. lunch, i tentatively planned to have a boca burger on light wheat with cheese because i dont' think we have any food in my house. also some broccoli. afternoon snack of yogurt, with maybe some all bran. not sure about dinner, but i've got plenty of points to work with. maybe mom will cook something. we'll see!

oh, and i'm very proud of myself right now. and i need to write this down to keep me on track. yesterday, i had a chocolate piece that was in the office. well, they're out again today. and someone came by and handed one to me. i put it right into a drawer in my desk. out of sight, out of mind. i don't know how i feel about spending a point on chocolate today. i think i don't like it at all! for a point, i could have a whole apple! or 1.75 cups of strawberries! i'd much rather either one of those, or even just spend more points on dinner ::yes::

02-18-2004, 11:17 AM
hey beth and lisa! :wave: i think i spend so much time typing out my journal that other people sneak in while i'm doing it! so i dind't see your posts before i posted my original message. but thank you guys for your support!

beth - yes sure, i will do some extra crunches for you ::yes:: :p hehe

lisa - you say you could eat one every day (pbjs). welp, i pretty much do. mmm mmm good :teeth:

02-18-2004, 11:19 AM
Hey Marcia!
I'm not too sorry. I went in to this South Beach thing hoping for the "typical" results, but in the back of my mind, I pretty much knew it wouldn't pan out the way it has for others. I'm thinking it was part self-fulfilling, and part it's that last 20 pounds thing. I feel instanly better today! (Other than my legs are very weak, and don't want to do the things I want them to do. That is how I know I've lost muscle.)

Things are going very well for you! Nice job with all the exercise!
Now that I have some energy, I'm going to make that my focus!
Take care Marcia!


02-18-2004, 08:16 PM
rest of the day was boring. oh, i did go out to dinner with my mom though. i guess going out to dinner isn't such an obstacle for me most of the time though, since i usually don't get anythign with heavy sauces or anything like that. i got broiled salmon with asparagus and rice. i've never tried asparagus before...but i really liked it! i also didn't eat my afternoon snack. wasn't hungry for it. i've discovered that i really need my morning snack, but almost never really *need* the afternoon one. i usually just eat it if it's yogurt so i can get my dairy in. anyway, here was my menu for the day:

pre run: pria = 2
post run: hot cocoa w/skim = 2
breakfast: 1 slice wheat + 2 tbsp pb + 1 banana = 7.5
s: 1 cup carrots = 0
l: 2 slices light wheat + 1 boca garlic burger + 2% american cheese + 1 cup broccoli = 3
d: salad + 1 tsp ranch (dipped fork trick :p) + 3.5 oz salmon + 1/2 cup asparagus + 2/3 cup white rice + 1 pt for what it was cooked in = 8
s: 1.75 cups strawberries + 1/4 cup ff cool whip = 1.5

total: 24

and 24 was the goal for today (low point day of 20 + 4 aps). tomorrow is a "higher" points day of 25, plus half my aps. so tomorrow will be a 28 point day. got everythign planned except dinner. i may be going out for a few drinks with my best friend (she passed her praxis! woooo!), so i may have to account for that. i'll figure it out tomorrow. plenty of points to work with, so it's not an issue. but i'm tired, and i wanna go to bed now. that 6am alarm is not fun :p. gotta do it though, get those 4 miles in before work so i can stay late at work till 7pm. looong day tomorrow yikes. i really better head to bed :faint:

02-19-2004, 07:53 AM
I just wanted to tell you to have a wonderful day--I hope your run went well this morning. If your long day is getting too loooong, just stand up stretch and SMILE :) We're all thinking of you. :sunny:

02-19-2004, 08:33 AM
Sounds like you are having a great week! Congratulations!


02-19-2004, 09:24 AM
Go Marcia, Go!:moped:
You are doing awesome this week. The Wendie plan really seems to be working for you! Being our little planner, I think it is better that you have a fixed plan for using your flex, instead of willy nilly!:p You are right on target with pts and the exercise is just great! Good for you! That scale better cooperate come Sat morning or else!:mad: I'll have to knock some sense into it for you (Just returning the favor!:tongue: )

02-19-2004, 10:54 AM
Marcia, I hope that run went well this morning! You're inspiring me to schedule some time with the treadmill at the fitness center this weekend!!

Your points look great - way to go!

It seems like you're really on top of things - what a great feeling that is!! :sunny:

02-19-2004, 12:04 PM
good morning, good morning :sunny:
(yes, i know it is no longer morning, and that i switched over to "good afternoon" on all the calls i answer about 45 mintues ago...but whatever. i have taken extra long getting through journals this morning because i actually had work to do! shocker, i know :eek: )

aaaaaanyways :p

hi denise, amanda, sharon and doe :wave: :teeth:

like a couple of you said, wendie really is working for me, oh yes, yes it is. i love knowing exactly how many points i have for the day, and sticking to it! i am in such a positive mood today, even though it's the day that will never end!

my favorite band (dave matthews band) just released summer tour dates. nothing in the nyc area is released, but i have been promised by a couple of friends who "know people" that they will be announced later (thank goodness, because i was about to have a fit over it!). one of said friends is trying to convince me that i need to go on a dmb trip with him again this year. last year, we did a road trip to charlotte, raleigh, nashville, and atlanta for dmb and had a blast...but this year i jsut can't afford it! i really would love to, but i'll have to see what happens with going back to school, getting a different job, and all that good stuff first. ah, so much to do :hyper:

so yup, i had a great run this morning! not fast or anything, about my average time, but it felt good. 4.25 miles in 41 minutes. and i think i discovered why my 6 mile run was tough last sunday. it's a mental thing...but here goes. the cd i was listening to was a lot shorter than i originally thought. so i when the cd ended, i thought i was about 45 minutes into my run, but when i checked (i always keep a towel over the timer/distance thing so i can't see it), it was only about 33 minutes in. now, that's a difference of over a mile also. so instead of being almost done at 45 minutes and close to 4.75 miles, i was only about halfway done! so i think that killed me mentally. physical stuff just followed from there. so note to self: either know how long the cd really is, or make sure to have a really long cd in :crazy:

so on to today! it's a medium points day on wendie. 25 points, plus half aps. 25 + (6/2) = 28.

the whole day is planned out, i've decided that i don't want to drink tonight. even though i'm going out to celebrate with my best friend, i feel like 2 drinks is just pointless. yes, i do just enjoy the taste, but i'd rather just drink plain diet coke or water anyway. better also because i have to get up to work tomorrow, and she does not! there will be others there drinking, so i'll just be the driver.

and i have to tell you, i have a weakness. it's called cadbury cream eggs. these are my favorite things. have i mentioned these before? i feel like i have. anyway, there is one at home with my name on it. 4 points. but definitely fits into my 28 point day :teeth: . so i will be having that tonight! probably right before i go out with my friends. they get their alcohol, i get my chocolate :teeth:

sweet, it's time for me to go home for lunch now. leftovers from last night of salmon and rice. too bad i ate all the asparagus. but i have broccoli in the fridge that i'll have with it. mmm, can't wait.

hope everybody has a great day :bounce:

02-19-2004, 02:31 PM

For me it's the Cadbury Caramel Eggs. Team that with a Venti Caramel Macchiato, and I'm in carb heaven.:eek: Well, not this year. I'm glad you had a good run. Have fun tonight, you deserve it.

02-19-2004, 06:48 PM
beth, sounds yummy, let's go get some :tongue:

ok, so i ended up passing on the cadbury egg! i had a cookie at work instead, and a 1pt piece of chocolate. fair trade :). just posting my day before i head out to the bar to drink diet coke and water. fuuuuun :o

pre run: pria = 2
post run: hot cocoa w/skim = 2
b: lc bagel + morningstar pattie + 2% cheese slice + banana = 6
s: 1 cup carrots = 0
l: salmon + rice + broccoli = 7.5
s: columbo light + 1/2 cup all bran + cookie + sm chocolate = 6
d: wheat pasta + morningstar crumbles + mom's sauce = 4.5

total: 28

and 28 was the goal for today. cool deal. no rum in my diet coke's tonight :p . but that's ok, i really don't want one anyway. i just want to get home early. that's not likely, although, i am taking my own car so i can leave earlier.

so tomorrow i haven't had a chance to plan out! i know! who am i and what have i done with marcia?? i know it's a 21 point day. maybe i'll go with a standard low point breakfast and figure out lunch, dinner, and snacks at work. eeek :eek: . i'm getting nervous just thinking about it! maybe i'll just plan it when i get home tonight. i'll sleep better knowing the day is figured already, or at least up till lunch, with a rough idea of snacks and dinner. man, i'm nuts :).

tomorrow is an off day from running, but i may go to the gym and do some crosstraining, then i'd add to my points. hmm, not sure. i'll figure it out later! ok, i'm off. catch you in the morning! :hyper:

02-19-2004, 07:30 PM
Marcia - where oh where is Marcia??!! YOU don't have tomorrow all planned out yet?:laughing:
Seriously, I can't believe how well you are doing this week! I am very excited for your weigh in on Sat to see if you've talked any sense in to that dumb ole scale! And is it time for measurements? Pants try - on? Hmmm?
Have a good time tonight!:teeth: It will be fun to just be with your friends ( with or without the rum!:crazy: )

02-19-2004, 09:35 PM
Wow Marcia~
You are having an awesome week! Keep up the good work! Thanks for the link on the Wendie plan. I'll try to check it out later on. DH is helping me eBay my way to Disney so I'd better take advantage of his help while I can. Thanks for the encouragement and keep up your positive attitude!:teeth:


02-20-2004, 12:26 AM
Hey Mar.....
looks like you have really got things under control. Planning seems to be the way to go. I have boasted about planning but I never actually do it! The points system really seems to work for you, thats great! keepup the good work.
talk to you soon.

02-20-2004, 05:59 AM
:sunny: Good morning, Marcia! :sunny: You rock, girlfriend!! Your planning mentality is inspiring me to do the same for today. I'm going to knock out a plan and follow it to the "T." Thanks for the example you're providing. I hope the scale is good to you tomorrow. And if it isn't? Who cares--you're so good to yourself, you don't need the dumb thing's approval!

Keep up the good work, Marcia!

02-20-2004, 08:10 AM
Hi Marcia,

I hope you had a lot of fun last night. Here's some :wizard: and a :hug: for weigh in tomorrow. It should show a whoosh with all your hard work this week. If not, be sure to wear boots when you give it a good kick.

02-20-2004, 08:33 AM
Marcia, you've been visiting other journals this morning and you haven't updated your journal yet?? I'm on pins and needles wondering how you did while out with your friends last night! I know you had the best of intentions - did you stick with them and avoid the alcohol???? Inquiring minds want to know!

I hope all is well this morning. You sure sound sunny in my journal. :sunny:

02-20-2004, 08:39 AM
hehe, sorry doe! i usually go to everybody else's journal first, then do mine last. but i'll give you a quick teaser - i did exactly what i said i would last night :teeth: . i'll be back probably in an hour or so when i make it through the other journals :crazy:

02-20-2004, 10:16 AM
FINE--I'll check back later! ;)

Hope you're having a great day! :)

02-20-2004, 10:21 AM
Yup, Denise....she says "an hour" and then leaves us hangin'!! What a tease! :rolleyes: :teeth: :crazy:

Guess she's busy trying to impress her employer by doing "real" work - oh well, ya gotta pay the bills, right?

Just kidding with you, Marcia! :crazy:

02-20-2004, 10:43 AM
sorry guys! i really like to make sure i've hit everyone else's journals before getting to my own. and yup, i did actually have some real work to do :p

so last night i had a great time! it was just me, my best friend odie, and another friend mark. mark and odie are both my brother's winter track coaches. we just went to the bar and hung out. didn't even stay out too late, which i was thrilled about. they each had a few drinks, nothing too much, it was just nice :). great company, great conversations :teeth:

so i didn't know this, but they planned on eating there. like, that was dinner for them at 8:30. of course, i had already eaten dinner at home. but i ordered a small tossed salad. i ate the lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, and carrots. that's always safe :). and they ordered nachos for "all" of us to split. i told them i would only eat 1 or 2 at the most. they were like, no come on, you have to eat them. nope, no thanks. i wsa thinking about denise the other day! no way jose! so the nachos came, all covered in meat, cheese, sour cream, the works. i don't like sour cream or a lot of the other stuff that was on it. so i had my 2 chips with a little meat and cheese, and that was enough for me. not counting any points on that, i mean, come on. i'm sure i've got flexies floating around anyway since wendie doesn't use them all :p . i drank 2 diet cokes. nothin else. and i was home by 11:30, in bed by midnight. success! :bounce:

and i did end up planning out some food for breakfast, snacks, and lunch today, but well, i woke up wanting pb/banana oatmeal, so that's what i had. switched up lunch too. i will be having some more pb, just because i want it! gonna toast a thomas lc bagel and put on pb and sf preserves. little switch up on the traditional pbj :). had carrots for morning snack. afternoon snack will be yogurt with smart start cereal mixed in. not sure about dinner, but i've got points to work with.

i definitely am going to the gym after work today. not sure exactly what i'll be doing, but probably some elliptical, bike, maybe some walking. i really want to just do a nice slow "recovery" jog. nothing long or hard, just feel like getting on the treadmill but not walking. we'll see.

hope i didn't kill you guys too much with the suspense :p

edit: oh yeah, i have one more thing to say. running is wreaking havoc on my toes! just my toes. i've got blisters. tips of my toes. but not just regular blisters. thick blisters. where i have to cut them off with nail clippers. ok, so this is gross. but well, it's true :p . so i have bandaids on (counting them right now...) 4 toes right now. fuuuuuun. and i even got shoes that fit right now. hrmph. i think this is just soemthing i'm gonna have to learn to live with. i remember reading a post on cool running or somwhere once where a woman said something like "i deal with ugly toes from running because it makes the rest of my body look great". i just keep thinking like that :hyper:

02-20-2004, 11:09 AM
What a relief!! Our heroine made a small concession to keep her friends happy and STILL stayed on plan!!! The audience applauds, she smiles warmly and takes a bow!! You go, girl!! ::yes::

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! :sunny: :sunny:

02-20-2004, 11:14 AM
Hey--great job! I'm so glad you were able to learn from my mistakes! At least some good came from my nacho splurge. ;) I'm glad you had a good night and proved you can do so w/o going off plan. Have a great day, Marcia! Thanks for making all of us smile. :)

02-20-2004, 11:42 AM
Thanks for the giggle, Marcia!:hyper: Glad to see you had a great time last night! And really happy you stayed OP!:Pinkbounc Good for you! I sure hope that scale proves this whole Wendie week works for you. Even if it doesn't prove us right, it sure does seem to work for you.:smooth:
And I am truly relieved you had a plan for today before bed last night! I was worried there for a minute! hahaha:laughing:

I don't go anywhere NEAR running, so I can't tell you much about the toes. Do they hurt? Perhaps you could visit a foot doctor and they could offer some suggestions. I know my foot doc works a lot with tennis players and such..... And funny thing is, when I do the stepper, one of the things that bothers me most while on it is the bottom of my feet!:confused: I've tried all sorts of shoes/sneakers, barefoot, nope still hurts! Can't figure that one out.:confused:
Have a great day today!:sunny: I'm off to that dentist appt with DS!:crazy:

02-20-2004, 12:13 PM
Hi Marcia,

I just caught up on your journal...

First...Dave Matthews is one of mine and my dh's favorite bands as well! We used to follow them when we were "youngsters."

Second...my daughter just went up on pointe this year in ballet. You would not believe the horrendous blisters she gets. The ONLY thing that prevents them because of all the sweating her feet do is a special cushioned toe tape. The brand is Bunheads and I know a few runners that use it as well. Hope this helps.

Third...you inspired me to go out and run yesterday on my friend's treadmill. I could only do two very, very slow miles and I thought I was going to die but I did it. That is with a mighty bad cold so I'm proud of myself. I love doing my Pilates but you don't feel as though you've had any cardio after them and perhaps cardio is what I need to get my metabolism in gear.

Super job going out with friends and sticking to your resolve!

Have a great day,


02-20-2004, 01:21 PM
Hmmm, (this is me thinking out loud) :scratchin what kind of condition are your shoes in? What kind of socks do you wear? Is your foot hitting the ground at the right angle? I'm just brainstorming. I've had this happen; I just can't remember what stopped it; I think there may have been too many miles on my shoes. Even if yours aren't that old, you may want to think about how many miles are on them. Rotating shoes is always a good idea. This allows them to dry out and doesn't put too many miles on one pair. I try to always switch between two different pairs (three during cross country and track season). K, I'm going to keep thinking about this one and talk to DH. We both coach the running sports; maybe he's had "cases" with his kids. Like I said I'm just thinking aloud, throwing something out there. We can get this solved! ::yes:: TTYL! :sunny:

02-20-2004, 01:40 PM
thanks for the suggestions guys. i know i have to go to the doctor soon to have a physical, so maybe i can ask for a referral to a podiatrist (we're in an hmo...can't just go to the podiatrist). also, i'll check out that bunheads that you mentioned e.

denise - the shoes are pretty new. i've got less than 100 miles on them (although, it's probably nearing 100) so that's not an issue. i got them about a month ago. and the running store guy fitted me and all that good stuff. and i wear coolmax socks, so no worries about cotton. i know better :). i'd love to rotate shoes...i just can't afford another pair right now. maybe i'll set up a change jar and start saving up for an extra pair :). haha, by the time i get enough though, i bet my current pair will be nearing the worn out point! thanks for your help, and for asking dh as well, you're a sweetie :goodvibes

02-20-2004, 08:53 PM
wahooooo! i just got the best news ever!!!! ok, so you may know that i'm a big huge hockey fan. and that my favorite team is the new york rangers. wellllllll, on sunday, they have this thing where you get to go to a rangers practice, then afterward, out to lunch with the whole team!!! you get to have pictures taken and get autographs...we got to go to this in 1995 through my dad's work, and haven't been offered it again...until now!!!! it's not something you can buy tickets too. so we are so lucky to get to go to this!!! :bounce:

and my favorite player (brian leetch) wasn't there when we went in 95, i'm praying and hoping that i get to meet him this time!!! oh man, i can't control myself i'm so excited! :hyper: (in case you couldn't tell :p)

so that means i'm going to do my long run tomorrow and a shorter run sunday (time issues sunday). and i'm also switching up my high day on wendie to sunday so i can enjoy the buffet :teeth: . i will not be counting points sunday AT ALL. this is pretty much a once in a lifetime (ok, maybe once in a decade :teeth: ) thing, and i am not skimping. and then we're also going out to dinner that night for a late celebration of my brother's birthday and early celebration of my dad's birthday. it's an excuisite (sp?) restaurant in greenwich village, and we can't change the reservations just cause we found out about the rangers thing. so 2 big huge meals in one day. and i don't care! i'll follow my plan for the rest of the week, but this sunday, no way man :teeth: . i do assume that i will not be going totally crazy, i'll probably be having small portions of everything, but i want to be able to try everything that catches my eye at the buffet. and desserts too ::yes:: . haha, and if i eat a lot at lunch, i may not even be that hungry at dinner, but we'll see :p

so yeah. there was today :). today was good. food wise and exercise wise. got to the gym. 35 minutes on the bike, then i tried the stepper. HOLY CRAPO! sharon, i give you all the credit in the world! i made it 5 minutes and decided i'd much rather take a leisurely jog. oh my goodness! my thighs were burning something wicked! cheers to you sharon. that *evil* thing truly is evil. so i got on the treadmill and did a very slow 2 mile jog. then walked a 15 minute mile. so got 5 aps for all of that. target on wendie today was 21 plus aps, so 21 + 5 = 26

b: pb/banana oatmeal + hot cocoa w/skim = 6.5
s: 1 cup carrots = 0
l: thomas lc bagel + 1 tbsp pb + 2 tbsp sf preserves + 1 apple + slice homemade peach "pie" = 10.5
s: columbo light yogurt + 1/2 cup smart ones soy cereal = 3.5
d: 2 slices light wheat + 2 oz chunk light tuna pouch + 1 tsp ff ital dressing + 1 cup broccoli = 3
s: strawberries + ff cool whip = 1.5

total: 25

so that's 1 under my goal. but that's ok. got in plenty of dairy today, and my fruit/veggies are good too. i'm not gonna eat a cookie, too conscious about weigh in tomorrow morning :p . i know i've done a really good job of staying on plan this week, so i really hope this is reflected on the scale. i'm still kinda weary though, seeing as i *still* haven't gotten my period (1.5 weeks late now). so there's always the possibility that it's just around the corner and i could be holding water. but i think i'm just freaking myself out. i'm gonna stop stressing. the scale will say what the scale says. i'm going to take measurements tomorrow too. those are more important. and i *know* my pants are fitting looser. i just think i feel smaller.

so ok, enough of my rambling for the night. i'm gonna go watch food tv for a bit before bed, because it's my favorite channel. that's funny, i know. but i love watching these shows. it's not like it's torture or anything. i just really enjoy it. who knows, i'm a weirdo, and darn proud of it :smooth:

so gnite wish! see you in the morning with weight and measurements :)

Castillo Mom
02-21-2004, 02:37 AM
Hi Marcia! First I want to say what a great job you did passing up those nachos. Oh, nachos sound good right about now, perfect midnight snack. Good thing there's no chips in my house!

You mentioned that you're a big hockey fan and that reminded of that time you said you were going to a game and I thought it was baseball!:crazy: Anyway, I went to go see Miracle with my boys a couple of weeks ago and I thought about you and how you laughed at me for not knowing anything about hockey or sports in general!:p

I hope you have a blast Sunday. I'll check in with you on Monday to see how it went. Take care!:D

02-21-2004, 07:43 AM
:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: So, you like my *evil* stepper huh Marcia??!!
I am sitting here laughing like crazy! HOLY CRAPO! Hahahaha!
Seriously, I am relieved to know its not just me that has a problem with that thing. But I am sticking with it cuz I've been told it really works. I'll let you know in a few more weeks if I can see a difference. And if you try it again, you have to slow down. That is the key to that awful evil thing!:crazy:
I am very excited for your Sunday! That sounds great. We are not huge hockey fans, although we like to go to our local minor league games, the Bridgeport Soundtigers. But I know these things are hard to get tickets for. Have a great time! And even though you say you won't worry about pts and all, I bet you end up doing pretty good just because of your new habits!;)
Can't wait to hear from you this AM. I'm really thinking those measurements will be nice, even if the scale is not!:tongue:

02-21-2004, 09:08 AM
Wow, Marcia! What a wonderful weekend you have planned! You're going to have a blast, so enjoy every minute of it.:Pinkbounc

How did things go with weigh-in? Tell! Tell! I can't stand the suspense!

02-21-2004, 09:10 AM
Hey Marcia!
Sunday sounds like a lot of fun! Have a great time!! I am very impressed that you were able to pass on those nachos. I don't think I could pass on anything that has cheese on it or in it!
;) Good for you!!:D Good luck at weigh in today!!

02-21-2004, 09:37 AM
results are in!

weight - 133
that's down only .5 from last week, and last week was a gain...this well, this isn't the best, but at least it's not another gain. i'm okay with this.

measurements - i first took measurements 4 weeks ago (a week after my starting point). my weight at the time of the first measurements (adjusted for my new scale) was the same as it is right now, 133. but as you'll see, i've lost inches. so this is good ::yes::


waist: 30 / 28
hips: 36.5 / 36
thigh: 23 each / 22.5 each
chest: 30.5 / 29
bust: 32 /32

so this kinda puts things into perspective for me a bit...i guess i've always known this since i'm much smaller on top than on bottom, but the inches i'm losing are also more from the top! and yes, i consider my waist in my top, hips and below are the problem areas for me.

2 inches gone in the waist is nice though...proves to me that those love handles that i *hate* are slowly but surely disappearing. those came into being a couple years ago, and scared the hell out of me. i had never had any fat anywhere above my hips, and couldn't figure out what was going on. gave me a little roll above the jeans line. but i've noticed it's getting better. and the measurements show it too. this makes me very happy. the rest will come in time. even if the scale only moves a little bit, or not at all, i am getting smaller. that is what matters :teeth:

thank you all for you good luck messages to me. and sorry for keeping you in suspense 2 days in a row...today i just dind't wake up early :p , but i made sure to come to my journal before hitting others. ok, i'm off to tackle my day! :sunny:

02-21-2004, 09:50 AM
Wow! Where to start? You are going to have an awesome day tomorrow! I'm telling you, Sharon rocks; I've never been on that *EVIL* thing for longer than 10min.! I'm glad you tried it--and I love your reaction to it! I'm glad you took measurements--that really shows progress. I do believe that you have found the plan that works for you and the weight will continue to come off. The measurements prove that you're losing fat and gaining muscle--great job! I hope you have a wonderful day and that you are able to control your enthusiasm about tomorrow. :Pinkbounc Have an awesome time! :sunny:

02-21-2004, 08:22 PM
hey denise :). sharon truely does rock. i am so impressed by her determination with that thing, i can't even get over it! and yeah, i'm pleased with my plan. i know it's working, even if i only lose inches and not pounds. i really am ok with that :)

end of the day check in ahead!

ran my 6.25 miles. yeah, i was supposed to do 6, but i was really feeling good, so i ran a slow .25 "cool down" before following with my normal mile walk cool down. it's defintely the mental thing, i'm sure of it now. (if you have no idea what i'm talking about...last week i had issues finishing 6 miles). but this week, i had a cd that i knew was plenty long, so i didn't think i was further along than i was. it worked out very well. i also made sure to go at a slower pace than i take my 3 and 4 milers. stayed at 6mph till near the end where i went up to 6.3 for a bit. so i'm very pleased about that. earned 8 aps.

food wise, very good as well. we went out to dinner, as usual for saturday night, to our normal italian restaurant. i had a yummy steamed shrimp dish with broccoli over whole wheat pasta. very very light sauce. mmm. i love when there's good options that taste good. i even had some bread and butter! had dessert there too. and i'm still under points right now (after aps). but i think that's ok, since i plan on splurging tomorrow :p. it was a low day on wendie, 21 pts plus aps, so 21 + 8 = 29

b: small pb/banana oatmeal = 3
post run: ensure drink = 6
l: lc bagel + morningstar pattie + 2% cheese slice + 1/2 banana = 5
s: coffee + 1/4 cup skim + splenda = .5
s: 1 cup carrots = 0
d: bread + butter + 3.5 large shrimp + 1.5 cups whole wheat pasta + broccoli = 9
dessert: 3/4 cup strawberries + 1/2 cup whipped cream + after dinner mints = 2.5

total: 26

leaves 3 points. hmm, that seems like a lot to have left over. but it's ok, since like i said, tomorrow will easily make up for it :p . and it's not like i'm hungry. i really felt like i ate enough today, despite having such a hard workout. although, looking at my points tracker, i did not get in my 2 servings of milk. oh well. i kinda just want to go to bed. gotta get up early to run, since we're leaving at 10:15am for my day of fun with my rangers!!!! :teeth: :hyper: and i'm running outside to save time too. supposed to be about 32 degrees at the time of my run. that's ok, i'll just bundle up.

i doubt i'll have any time tomorrow to post. after the rangers thing :teeth: , we have the dinner in the city. then i have girls night with my best friend for the last episode ever of sex and teh city! oh the sadness. at least i'll still be on a high from earlier in the day :bounce:

really out of here, gnite :tongue:

Castillo Mom
02-22-2004, 01:35 AM
You ran over 6 miles?! Oh my goodness!!! You're truly amazing and an inspiration. I don't run unless I'm being chased!:rolleyes:

02-22-2004, 08:02 AM
Good morning, Marcia! :) I know you won't read this until later, but I just wanted to tell you to have an awesome time today! I know you will. Great workout yesterday! And, way to commit by running in the cold first thing this morning. I can't wait to hear all about today, tomorrow! :sunny:

02-22-2004, 08:41 AM
Hi Marcia!

You've lost a ton of inches this month. Way to go!:jumping1: The scale will catch up eventually. Personally, I'd rather lose inches vs. pounds. Have a great time today. Today is truly a celebration, enjoy every minute of it.

I understand your enthusiam about hockey. We're in a suburb of Detroit after all. I've even gone to a few Stanley Cup games. One of my most memorable meals was when we were seated next to 6 Red Wings. It was our 5th anniversary, and we splurged big time. We went to Shula's Steakhouse. The waiter asked if we were celebrating anything, and we mentioned our anni. Well, Brenden Shanahan overheard us. (Yes, I spent the night drooling over him instead of my DH) He bought our meal for us. We didn't know until we asked for the bill. The Wings had left, so we never got to thank him.

Boy, did I digress. Enjoy your day. Embarass your family by drooling. You know they have ebarrassed you in the past, so go ahead. Don't worry about points, We'll make sure you are back on track tomorrow.

:grouphug: for all Sex in the City fans. Did you see SNL. They had a sketch of SITC. Christina Aguilerra nailed her impression of Samantha. :laughing:


02-22-2004, 09:39 AM
You ran over 6 miles!!!:jumping1: Good for you! I think I would be :faint: if I tried that right now. :D

I'll take a loss of inches over pounds anyday and you sound like you are really sticking with your plan and feeling better for it. Oh I miss Italian food! I tried making fettucini alfredo with spaghetti squash yesterday - not good.

Have a great day today!


02-22-2004, 09:41 AM
Wow! Yesterday looked like a great day for you! 6.25 miles is AWESOME and you had three points left over at the end of the day! Way to go!!!!:Pinkbounc

Hope you have a wonderful day today!!!:tongue:

02-22-2004, 10:15 AM
Marcia - YOU rock! I could never run .5 mile, never mind 6 plus!!!!:scared: I'll take my *evil* stepper any day over running. (I remember in high school, my best friend was on track and cross country. I tried the cross country with her ONCE! I thought I was gonna die!!!! And that was when I was a teenager and healthy!:crazy2: So more power to you that you can do it!)

Hope your day today is wonderful! Can't wait to hear all about it tomorrow!:chat:

02-22-2004, 03:32 PM
just got back and headed out the door to dinner, but i had to come and post! i love brian leetch! and i finally met him and he signed my jersey :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

i can't get over it, quick pic


and i'm out! didn't get to read replys, i will respond either later tonight or tomorrow morning :teeth:


02-22-2004, 07:13 PM
Great picture Marcia!:jumping1:
Your smile lights up your whole face! How exciting for you. Now, if that were Derek Jeter and the Yankees......... Well lets just say I wouldn't be very ladylike in my greetings to you!:teeth:
Glad you had a good time, got the autograph and the super picture!

02-22-2004, 07:50 PM
OH, MY GOSH! I LOVE THIS PICTURE! You look so beautiful and happy and he is such a cutie! Thank you so much for sharing it with us so soon after it happened. I hope you had a great time. I'm anxious for the details!


02-22-2004, 09:34 PM
Thanks for sharing the picture Marcia. It's great to put a face to my WISH friends.

Wow over six miles - you rock! And I bet it was nice to see those measurements shrinking even though you aren't seeing a huge loss on the scale. Keep up the great work.

02-22-2004, 09:40 PM
oh my goodness, where to start??? let me warn you in advance, this is going to be very very long...but would you expect anything less from me anyway :crazy:

lisa, denise, beth, amanda, tracy, sharon, erin, thank you all very much!

beth - that's so cool about shanny! i was dating a huge red wings fan a while back (he's from ohio), i was actually at game 5 of the 02 stanley cup finals...the winning game. it was a thrill to for sure! too bad i'm not on good terms with said boy anymore. oh well, such is life. and i missed snl last night... i went to bed "early". but my brother and dad were telling me it was funny :)

sharon and erin - i'm blushing :blush: , thank you for your kind words about my picture! i absolutely love it!!! oh and sharon, i have met derek jeter :p. his rookie year, i got his autograph down the first base line before a game. that was when the players actually came around and did that sorta stuff. not so much anymore unfortunately.

here's a link to more pictures from today
http://f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/marsh0013/album?.dir=/7088&.src=ph&store=&prodid=&.done=http%3a//f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/marsh0013 i hope that works...if not, go to http://f2.pg.photos.yahoo.com/marsh0013 and click on
the "rangers lunch" album. they're all in there :teeth:

so today, i decided to go all out. just eat whatever i felt like. this even started with breakfast. i ended up going to the gym instead of running outside because i had trouble sleeping last night, and heard a lot of wind, and it freaked me out. total mental
thing, i don't even know if it was still windy this morning, but i really didn't want to run with it being windy and cold. so i went to the gym, got in my 3.25 miles, and on the way home, went to dunkin donuts. got a dozen donuts for the house, and a coffee cake muffin for me! :eek: i love these things, and i haven't had one in months. figured, today's as good a day as any. also, i nice big coffee. added my own skim milk and splenda at home though :p . i also had a couple donuts. hey man, i'm telling you, all out today :).

so then, we went to the practice. now, here's a sad part of the story. i'm not just an avid hockey fan, but i love to skate. on hockey skates. i don't get to do it nearly enough, but i love it. so we get there, and i see people have skates. and i'm thinking, hmm, what is going on here? did i miss the memo? apparently, yes, yes, my family missed the memo. we could have brought our skates and skated on the practice ice after the rangers practice! i lost it. i started crying like a baby. they asked me my name to put on a lanyard name tag, and i just couldn't do it. i was choking up too bad. now, if you don't know me, you might just think "oh, she must be emotional and cry at anything". well, you'd be wrong. i do not cry. ever. sex and teh city final episode tonight, not a drop, not even close. funny how pretty much the only thing i'll cry at is sports stuff. yankees losing the world series = me crying. yeah. i'm weird. so i was kinda down about that for a while. but i realized, hey, i'm at the rangers practice, i'm going to meet my brian later, it's all okay. kept telling myself that over and over, and how i really didn't have a right to be upset, because i had this great opportunity to have this day in the first place. so ok, end of the crying portion of the show

man, this is already really long, and i'm not even to lunch yet! i'm gonna start a new reply for that. just in case there's a limit on how long this can be.

02-22-2004, 09:51 PM
Hi Marcia,

Hugs to you for not being able to skate today. I know there's no crying in baseball but I'm sure it's okay for hockey :).

Your pics are fantastic! You look so happy in them. It's nice to put a face with one of my WISH buddies. It looks like you had the time of your life!

Dunkin Donuts is one of my favorite places - next to Krispy Creme that is. DS even tormented me one day last week and begged me to stop and buy him a couple of donuts and I was able to get in and out of there pretty quick. Anyway, what you had sounds yummy and you still kept your healthy plan in mind when you sweetened your coffee with splenda. Good for you! Keep up the great work!

02-22-2004, 09:56 PM
ok, so after the practice, we got in the car to drive to the hotel for the lunch. got there kinda early, because we left the practice place while most of the other people were still skating. get there, go to the buffet. now, there really wasn't anything too exciting here. that kinda bummed me out. seeing as i wanted to splurge. but that's ok. i had a little of all of the following: pasta salad, mashed potatoes, pasta with pink cream sauce, chicken with cream sauce, chicken fingers. by the time i got my food, players were starting to mull around. i was getting all sorts of excited! (like i wasn't already!!!) bobby holik was behind me in line while i was getting a chicken finger, and he says "that's what my daughter would be eating!" so i'm like, "well, they're good, big kids can eat them too" :p. aaaa, just so surreal! of course, this was just a time to "mingle" and eat, not to get autographs, gotta let the players eat their food, we'll have the autograph time later.

and at each table, there was a ranger. our table was vladimir malakhov (sp?). he's a defenseman who's out injured right now. kinda funny, but none of us recognized him. i mean, we knew he was our "hockey player", just weren't sure which one he was, i guess we're so used to these guys with helmets! so my dad goes, "hi, i'm tom" and he says "hi, i'm vlad". sweet, we know only one vlad on the team, so that worked out well :teeth: .

after dinner, we move on to desserts. i had some delectable chocolate mousse, and a haagen daaz ice cream bar. delish! then we have the speech section, a video of highlights from the season so far, thank you for coming, yadda yadda. and then it's autograph time! it was very well organized. we were told that the players would only be there for 30 minutes. they were sectioned off into 4 different tables, in a row, so you could they could just pass your pennant down. first thing i did was find out which one brian leetch was at and make a bee line.

aaaaa! this is finally going to happen! i'm finally going to get brian to sign my jersey! but i get up there, and i'm told the rangers will only be signing this pennant they're giving out, and no outside articles! talk about bummed out! (keep reading...we'll return to this subject :p). but i'm like, ok, i can deal, i'll still get to meet him, get his autograph, and a picture. so he's the 4th down the table, i get to him, i say, "thank you brian so much! can i please get a picture?" of course i can! but my mom is fumbling with the camera, apparently, she took a picture while he was signing my pennant, and the camera was not ready to take another one that quickly (or she was pressing too many buttons...one of the two :p). so me and brian are kinda joking about it, then finally, she gets it, and oh man, it came out great! i'm so excited! :hyper:

so i finish with that table, and move onto the next. 2 out of 4 done. then, my mom tells me that she saw brian signing someone else's jersey! (here's the rest of that story i promised above). so now i have to get back on the line for the first table again! keep in mind, there are still 2 other tables, and we're at about the 15 minute mark now. finally get up, he signs my jersey! aaaa! thank you brian! (you're welcome...again). at this point, they have flashed the lights. that means they cut off the lines. and i still haven't gotten to the other 2 tables! oh no! but i'm in luck, i just go over to one of them, tell the girl my leetch sob story, and she lets me be the last one. thank you girl! i odn't know your name, but you rock! so i get through that line, leaving me with one table left...just my luck! my family is on that line! so i sneak in with them! mission accomplished! i got every single ranger's autograph, pictures with a few, and my piece de resistance, brian leetch's autograph on my jersey and beautiful pictures with him :teeth:

now that we've made it through lunch, do you still realize that i haven't had dinner or girls night with ice cream yet??? next reply, coming up!

02-22-2004, 10:13 PM
alright, got home from the luncheon, floating on air. got to check in real quick and upload that one pic before, then we were out the door for dinner!

i wasn't too stuffed, i felt i could do dinner. it was good. had a few pieces of crusty bread dipped in olive oil, and shrimp parm with spaghetti on the side. there were 6 shrimps, but i only ate 4 of them. my two brothers ate one each to help me finish it off. gotta love boys with endless stomachs! :laughing: oh, so i also had dessert. couldn't pass it up. warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. very small portion, but very very rich. yummy.

then home for girls night, my best friend picked up the ice cream, cause i was running late from dinner. she got me vanilla frozen yogurt with chocolate sauce, reese's pieces, and whipped cream. man. i ate it. even though i was stuffed.

and after all of that, i have a horrendous sugar headache! today has been a wonderful experience, from the wonderful hockey-ness, to the indulgences in food. and i have learned from my eating today.

first, putting it in perspective. this is not a typical day for me. even before i was following a healthy living plan, i would not eat like this. sure, every once in a while, read - twice a year at the most. maybe i'd do larger meals a little more often, more likely that i'd just have a big dessert once a week though. but i would not have such high fat and high sugar foods all throughout the day. so this isn't something i'm used to doing to begin with. but i'm glad i did it today. got it out of my system. good to confine it all to one day too, because now it's over with. and i'm glad i'm suffering from it (sounds self-destructive i know, but really...it's a good thing). any time i want to splurge again, i will remember this feeling, and i hope it will help to restrain me.

so i just wrote a novel! sorry for that. but it is my journal, so i guess i can do with it what i'd like :p . i am just so overjoyed by my entire wonderful day, i'm still on could nine, i had to write it all out :hyper:

now, i am going to go take a nice soothing shower, have a cup of caffeine free herbal apple cinnamon tea, take 2 advil for my pounding head, and hit the sack!

i am going to follow my wendie points for hte rest of the week, but i'm going to try to restrain from eating my aps if possible. if i'm hungry, i will eat them. but i'm gonna do my best to stick to low points for the rest of the week. speaking of which, i better go plan out tomorrow before i get to my shower, tea, advil and bed. gnite wish! cheers to anyone who actually read all of this. you get a gold star :genie: , nope, you get a genie, cause there is no smilie for gold star. so genie will do. really out of here. :crazy:

02-23-2004, 07:38 AM
Wow marcia! What a wonderful day!:teeth: It sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. That is wonderful. And you have a great outlook for this 1 day off of plan. Our little Marcia, right back to healthy living! Would we expect anything else???!

Now then, about the Derek Jeter thing......:mad: Well, at least it wasn't lunch and pictures with him.;)
Hope your headache is gone and that your feet don't touch the ground yet!:crazy:

02-23-2004, 07:48 AM
OH, MAN, YOUR DAY WAS SO COOL! Thanks, Marcia, for sharing all the details--it was so fun to read. I bet you're still floating this morning.

One little thing, though (and you have to remember, Marcia, that I'm a mom and I have little control over saying these things): please be sure that you eat enough this week. I know that you indulged yesterday and that you want to weigh-in low on Saturday, but really listen to your body. You exercise so much, I'm afraid that if you don't eat your AP you're going to do more harm than good. OK, got that out of my system.

Have a great day and be sure to sit with your memories of yesterday for awhile. . .


02-23-2004, 07:55 AM
It sounds like a great time. Sorry you didn't get to skate, but those pictures are awesome. I hope you are feeling better this morning. Sugar hangovers can be rough. Take care of yourself this morning.

02-23-2004, 08:19 AM
Whew! Finished! :) Thank you so much for sharing your day with us. I'm so glad you had such a great time! The pictures are wonderful--thanks for sharing those, too! You look great and I can tell you were having a blast. I'm sorry you have to come back down to earth today, but ;you have my permission to stay up as long as you can. Have a wonderful day; I know you won't have any trouble getting back on track. TTYL :)

02-23-2004, 08:43 AM
Marcia, I loved reading every word of your journal entries about yesterday - I practically felt like I was there! Sounds like you had the time of your life! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures - it's great to put a face with one of my WISH buds! You are so pretty! Your smile really lights up your whole face! Brian Leetch isn't too shabby either but if you tell my DH I said that, I'll deny it! ;)

I hope you're still walking on cloud nine today! I know you'll be right back on plan, and I have to agree with Erin. EAT YOUR POINTS! You exercise so much that you don't want to slow your metabolism by not eating enough. That's why WW incorporates APs - ya need 'em! All right, I'll move out of Mom-mode now! :p

Have a great day today, Marcia! :sunny: