View Full Version : Both parks in 1 day: Which one first?

01-08-2001, 08:08 PM
We only have one day available for USE. We purchased 2 day passes and are going to try to hit the major attractions at both parks in just one day. Which park should we go to first (for FOTL)? We will be there mid-March on a Tuesday.

Thanks y'all! ;) ∞

01-08-2001, 08:37 PM
We did both parks last month in one day.
Using the 2day express pass (one day remaining) we went to USF first and saw all the major attractions (including MIB-3times!) and then ate lunch at the Hard rock Cafe...we then entered IOA and then had the rest of the day to enjoy the "Extreme Rides".
Most of the attractions at USF are indoors and was great for the morning hours and IOA was just fun in the SUN!
You might want to change it around in the Summer heat. :cool:

01-09-2001, 07:27 AM
TigerBear...are you staying onsite? If you have FOTL it should be easy for you to do both and get all the highlights in. Or maybe I read that wrong? Are you using Express in the morning? Go early! Mid March you may still be okay crowd wise, I think most spring breaks kick in the 3rd week in march.What are you favorite type of rides? Use express for the biggies...Hulk and Spiderman and maybe dueling dragons then run over to Universal and try MIB and BTTF using Express.