View Full Version : WARNING about Shuma

06-16-2001, 03:46 PM
Do not shout on this fish for his photograph to be taken! I did and it seemed to upset him. He threw a lot of water over me.

Love always

06-16-2001, 05:43 PM
Ok I won't shout for him next time I go!!!!!!!!Oh how are your suede boots and coat anyway??:(

06-16-2001, 06:30 PM
You must mean Shamu.

If someone was yelling at me for a photo of me, I would probably splash water on the photographer too. :)

06-16-2001, 06:44 PM
LOL, So Thats why he splashed you???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim:wave: :wave: :wave:

PS - Hope you had a good trip home!

06-17-2001, 01:03 PM
I thought Shamu was a mammal, not a fish. :confused:

06-17-2001, 03:55 PM
If Shuma can swim then he can be classed as a fish!:o

Love always

06-17-2001, 04:18 PM
I can swim, so am I a fish? :confused:

The Green Goblin
06-17-2001, 09:33 PM
Ugh....we've already had this discussion, let's just leave her with her screwe---slighty different ways.

And yes Barry, congrats, you're a fish, as is a submarine, and a dog.

06-18-2001, 11:40 AM
Barry, the real question is: Do you drink like a fish?

06-18-2001, 03:31 PM
No, I don not drink like a fish. Sometimes in the morning, I do lie around and flap my mouth up and down, much like a fish does when it is out of the water.

06-18-2001, 06:14 PM
btw how close is a little gold fish to a barry hom fish?

06-19-2001, 12:48 PM
I eat puny goldfish for breakfast. :)

06-23-2001, 12:02 AM
Veronica can be a bit 'playful'. Just take her posts with a grain of salt and bit of humor. Most of it is just tongue in cheek anyways. :)

06-24-2001, 11:43 AM
As dixieAmos is from an island and so living in the water, perhaps she also is a fish :jester:
And if she keeps calling SHAMU Shuma, we should call her DoxieImas.

Tony M
06-25-2001, 06:31 PM
Darn, Switching vowels in your name just isn't as funny as Shuma and DoxieImos

06-27-2001, 12:30 AM
How exactly were you shouting at Shamu? Yes, Shamu is a mammal, not a fish. All whales and dolphins are mammals. They bear live young, they feed their young milk, they have hair when they are born, and they must come up and breathe air. that makes them mammals.


07-10-2001, 07:22 PM
Don't know about the rest of you but I think anything Veronica says is well worth listening to. And if she calls Shamu "Shuma", well then I think perhaps the Sea World people should pay attention. If you don't agree with this, then you haven't read her excellent posts on the Trip Reports Boards. This Lady gives life changing information. GOOD ON YA VERONICA - IS CUTHBERT KEEPING HIS HAIR ON? Lotsa luv, Sandra (potato picker from Ireland)