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01-11-2001, 07:53 AM
Help me - brand new to this board - just booked a trip last night and my travel agent lead me to believe that a pass to US also got you into IOA???But after reading some posts here it looks like to separtae tickets?

Can anyone help??

01-11-2001, 08:04 AM
Ho patmoe,
Welcome to the boards! You should call your agent back and ask what kind of pass you have. If it is a package more than one night it should be an escape pass 2 or 3 day and the entitle you to both parks. Only the one day passes are restricted to one park only. Hope this helps. :D


01-11-2001, 08:11 AM
Thanks, yes it does help. I really wanted the IOA pass, but think I only have US... I'm going to call and find out. I still pretty excited anyway to go. We're going in March.