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06-15-2001, 08:08 PM
FRIDAY 18th May 2001

IOA & Wet and Wild

Cast list: -

Me (Shaun) - Wallet opener, chauffeur and bag carrier
DW (Alison) - Chief planner, navigator and mother
DD # 1 (Alexandra 7) - Cautious, shy and parking lot number guru
DD # 2 (Laura 5) - Daredevil, chatterbox and sleeper

Up bright and early once again this morning at 07:30 – surely this can’t last? And out of the door by 07:55 – Is this a record?

We wanted to go to IOA this time as when we were last in Florida the finishing touches were being put to it and they had a couple of days when selected Florida residents could try it out. I think the official opening was on the day after we left! -

Stopped at Sizzler en-route but although the food is good it’s heaving with 1st time Brits! – You know the type of thing, filling the plate up not realising that it’s a buffet etc – I suppose we must have been like that we first went out.

We get to IOA, but we have to park on the roof! Bad move as:

1. It’s sooo hot when you get back to your car
2. What a long walk to IOA proper! (We end up getting really fed up with the walk to Universal from the car park by the end of the holiday!!)

So much for the “advantage” of getting here early!

We redeemed our Flex Ticket Voucher that we bought with us from the UK in about 2 mins – no problems. We got inside and put a change of clothes for each of us into a locker near the entrance. This is a very good tip as you will get wet on lots of the rides here! We didn't end up doing the wet rides today but don't worry, we do get to do them another day!!

We are immediately swamped by about 30 coachloads of schoolkids, churchgroups etc etc. A bad sign crowd wise!! :rage:

Headed off to do The Hulk and there was already a 30 min standby wait! – so we picked up a fastpass instead.


Perhaps its an age thing but I found the Superhero Island very, very noisy! – all this from the man who spent his misspent youth going to see Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Motorhead to name a few!

Quick go on Storm force accelatron which is nothing more than a tea-cup ride although the lighting and sound effects add to the excitement.

We went off to Suess landing and rode The Cat in the hat ride. This ride REALLY spins you about and if you are familiar with Dr Suess you’ll love it.

DW doesn’t like circular rides and turned a nice shade of puce! – LOL
(Thanks a lot Shaun - Alison)

DDs and I rode on the Carosuessel while DW went on ahead to get Express passes for Duelling Dragons. FRS radio comes into it’s own again. We met up at Pteranodon Flyers. This ride was really good fun, especially for DDs who wanted to ride it again and again. Such a slow loader though!!

Time now for Duelling Dragons. Excellent near miss roller coaster! We do a middle row of Ice (don't worry, we do come back another day to do front rows!!)

What about the girls I hear you all asking! Well, we put our 'bad parent' hats on and sat them down in the shade by the exit with 2 large cokes and 2 pots of Pringles!! (Also instructions not to talk to anybody!) Alexandra, although only 7, is very mature and knows exactly what to do in the event of anything untoward happening. However we'll wait to be criticised big time by some people reading this!!

Walked back anti-clockwise round the lake picking up Fastpass for Dr Doom and Spiderman and went on The Hulk using the fastpass. The Hulk was AWESOME and I couldn’t believe that you were actually pushed out of the gun – PHEW!

Its still Sooo Hot, so back to Suess Landing for DDs to ride One fish two fish. – that’s funny, I had to sit on the outside and got soaked – although I didn’t mind because of the heat. The girls loved this ride - having to listen to the song's instructions to know whether to go up or down.

In order to cool the girls down we went to If I ran the Zoo, a wet play area. The kids stripped down and put their swimming costumes on whilst DW went off to ride Spiderman.

(Alison - What a great ride - the best at IOA! So clever - can't say much more without ruining it for those of you who haven't done it!)

DW, using FRS, tracked us down and found the DDs soaked from head to foot, but enjoying themselves. Me, well I was roasting, envying the girls and dreaming of beer! – LOL

It was not to be, so it was my turn to ride Spiderman- another great ride REALLY enjoyed it.

Had lunch at Green Eggs and Ham – burgers all round, thinks ……just how many burgers can one eat during a holiday? Or Pizza if we are including Laura!

DDs got changed into dry clothes and did that blasted Cat in the Hat ride once more. By now, we are hot and tired and decide not to do Doom but to leave it until the next visit.

We come out of the park and head off to Wet n Wild and reach there by 3:30. This is what the kids really want, being waterbabes. Laura stayed in the kids area initially and Alexandra went on some of the adult rides like Fuji Flyer, Mach V and we all did the family ride. Once again Laura screeched all the way down! We all enjoyed swimming in the waves especially Alexandra who hovered around the 8 feet mark showing more stamina than her parents who periodically sank beneath the waves!! Oh the shame of a 7 year old being a better swimmer!!

It was so refreshing doing a waterpark after a hot and sticky day in the parks – this really works for us.

We left at closing time and went to the local Pizza Hut. UK people note – their Medium is the same size as a UK Large!

The bill came to $29 which included 2 beers for me…..mmmmm!

Drove back to CBR, dumped our bags and drove to Epcot at about 8 pm to catch the Illuminations! This is very clever and we all enjoyed it.

DW said she had a lump in her throat and I thought it might be a bit of rogue pizza, but she declined my offer of a Hiemlich manoeuvre! - Women, I still can’t figure them! – LOL

Alexandra NEVER likes fireworks on November 5th but she was transfixed. Usually she lies on her bed shaking with fear like a pet dog!

Rode Spaceship Earth before going back to CBR and crashed out at about 10 – 10:30.

P.S. It was soo busy today. Who said that May wasn’t crowded – it was heaving with people!

Tomorrow – Drama at Busch Gardens.

06-15-2001, 09:59 PM
Hysterical report, BONZO!! I enjoyed every minute!!

Oh, and I'm the crazy Mama that will give you your comeuppance for leaving that 7yo alone with that baby... :mad:

<marquee> :cool:http://www.wdwinfo.com/sites/family/smash.gif Shame, shame, SHAME on you!</marquee>

06-15-2001, 10:30 PM
It's sounds like you had a great time! You sure pack alot into one day, wow!

BTW, I agree with you about Marvel Comics Island being extra loud. It pains me to say that, sounds too much like an old mom.

You brits are a trusting lot, sometimes I think we're too uptight though. At Animal Kingdom, WDW, we met a nice british mum who asked us to watch her 5 year old in a stroller while she went on a ride with her son.

06-16-2001, 06:56 AM
Bonzo's DW here!

We did feel a bit concerned the first time we did it but the girls enjoyed being trusted!! They are both responsible girls especially Alexandra. We had really drummed into them exactly what to do in the event of anything happening!

In any case they had to wait outside - we needed someone to look after the bags while we went on the ride!!!!

Only joking - LOL!!!


06-16-2001, 09:34 AM
Thanks for the entertaining reports. BTW that doesn't sound like you had a misspent youth to me!
Riverview :smooth: :bounce: :p :bounce: :wave:

06-16-2001, 04:22 PM
I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that!

As you say, not mis-spent at all really but enjoyed every minute of it!

Do you have any fave bands that I may have seen?

06-16-2001, 07:53 PM
Bonzo I like Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, Early Genesis, Fish, Marillion, Joe Walsh, Early U2, Pink Floyd And many others. I just wish I had kept a journal of all the shows I have seen! Always nice to meet another rock 'n' roll fan.
Riverview :smooth: :bounce: :p :bounce: :wave:

06-17-2001, 08:26 PM
Okay, Allison, I'll take your word for it!

I also know how GROWN UP a child becomes when he/she has a little sister or brother. It sounds like Alexandra is a very responsible big girl.

Now as for BONZO, now THAT'S ANOTHER STORY!! :p

It's good to know that you BOTH have great senses of humor!