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11-26-2003, 05:46 AM
We are going for Christmas next year, what are the best things to do Christmas day apart from watching teh lids open their presents.

I was thinking of shows, dining etc And when should I be reserving them?

Any help gratefully received as it will be our first trip home and we didn't really want to cook Christmas day but we also didn't want chicken strips either.


11-28-2003, 02:20 AM
Originally posted by spm23
and we didn't really want to cook Christmas day but we also didn't want chicken strips either.
LOL! :teeth:

I can understand that! ;)

I think you should definitely book somewhere, but exactly where will depend on your preferences. Will you be spending the day in a park? If not, then obviously don't choose a park restaurant unless you've got unlimited park passes.

Decide what kind of meal you'd like, then where, then book it as soon as booking opens (I think this is 30 days out, but I'll have to check)!

11-28-2003, 05:12 AM
We are there for Christmas Day this year - we will not be going to a park, but intend to just hang around the BW area resorts...here is what we are doing.

Brunch at Spoodles Xmas morning.

Around lunchtime we will go for our traditional lunchtime drink (just like at home ;) ) starting at the BW, and continue to just drink and mooch around with our friends for the afternoon whilst also visiting the Swan/Dolphin & Y&BC for another drink, LOL but just generally chilling out.

We are eating at the Cape May Cafe at around 6pm (Traditional Turkey added to the menu along with the regular Clam bake), then after letting dinner settle (no doubt whilst having an after dinner drink, hehehe) Christmas night we are having an Illuminations Cruise to round off the day :)

Unless you are happy with Counter Service, PS is a <i>must</i> for just about all the restaurants - Ps's can be made 90 days out and a Credit Card is required for bookings on Christmas Day (and Christmas Eve for that matter) which will be charged if you don't turn up.

Also worth mentioning... if you decide to make a PS for a restaurant inside a park you are <b>not</b> guaranteed entry into that park if it is full. Liberty Tree Tavern is a very popular place for Christmas Dinner, however MK often shuts it's doors because it's at capacity Christmas morning - even to resort guests. If you leave it too late to get in the park for your PS, well basically it's tough luck!

Other alternatives to parks might be Downtown Disney, a water park if the weather is decent or playing mini-golf might be fun :)

Hope that helps :)