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06-12-2001, 04:32 PM
Will we do Disney Cruise again? Probably yes, especially now that they will have new western itinerary. I would definitely recommend the experience to other families.

Verandah again? You betcha. This added so much to our trip, so nice to get away from the crowds during the day, and early morning peaceful time.

Concierge level again? No, not unless the services are greatly enhanced. For 3 grand more, I expect better than 2 fruit baskets, a vcr no one knows how to use, chocolate covered strawberries, warm milk and cookies and and a construction paper mounted picture of the ship. I did not in any way feel that we received special services, other than the pre-reservations for Palo's we made over the phone, and we were not told about this, we learned about it on this board. Spa ressies would have been just as easy to make at the spa. Even if you take into account the extra space, say that is like another room, so 2 grand is for room, where are the extra services for the other 1 grand?

I can only compare it to hotel concierge, which we do a lot. Then the value is free breakast, mid-morning snacks (which could be lunch), afternoon tea, cocktails and appetizers and finally after dinner desserts and drinks. This is what Disney hotels do, and there is great value in that. Obviously food is included on the cruise, so some other value needs to be given.

First and foremost, a concierge lounge at the terminal would set the tone. Light refreshments, greeter. Then make sure rooms are ready by embarkation, escort families to their rooms. (There are only 22 suites!) Welcome aboard flowers or a small gift of somekind?
A concierge lounge on the ship, open afternoons for free drinks, sodas, appetizers, etc? A couple of bottles of wine and sodas or beer stocked in the mini-bar? A stocked mini-bar?

I fear there are different levels of concierge, which there should not be. You are either concierge or not. I believe this because 1) only some people receive the infamous concierge letter 2) was not informed of the concierge bridge tour, 3) who is getting those chocolate ships I heard so much about?

Anyway... back to our story... I believe what truly makes Disney special is the crew. What an amazing, hard-working, friendly bunch! They add the pixie dust that makes the Magic magic!

Favorite memory: all the mornings on the verandah

Favorite dining room: tie between Lumiere's and Parrot Cay.

Best meal: Palo brunch... leaps and bounds above anything else.

Favorite beach: Surprisingly, everyone but me agreed it was Dawn Beach at St. Martin (I still like Megan's Bay in St. Thomas best) Castaway Cay is great, and when you pull away and see it in its deserted splendour, you realize how great it is, but the crowds!!!!!

Favorite crew: Janet, our server, ROCKS! She really made the trip special.

Go, have fun, enjoy your family time....Questions, comments, concerns? (But no insults!) Let me know.

06-12-2001, 04:48 PM
Thanks so much for writing your trip report. I have considered booking a cat 3 in the future and reports like yours are making me thing we'll stick with a cat 6. I like the idea of room service from the restaurants and an extra-large verandah but for $3000 extra it doesn't seem worth it.

Glad you and your family enjoyed your cruise and thanks again for taking the time to share your experience!!

06-12-2001, 10:28 PM
Thanks for the report. I was interested to hear about the concierge-we are booked in a suite on the Aug 11 Magic. Your suggestions were excellent and I hope you forward them to Disney. They do need to add something because everyone does get room service. I've heard so many negatives about concierge, but you had some great ideas that I'm sure they could implement.

06-22-2001, 11:15 PM
We have had conceirge service on both Norwegian and RCCL. We have never had it with Disney.

Norwegian showed us to our cabin, put fresh flowers in our room, sent a bottle of wine, arranged for our shore excursions & spa appointments, delivered tickets for the first tender at every port (everyone else had to get up early and stand in line to get tender tickets), and seated us at a prime table in the dining room. I am sure there is more, but it has been a while!

RCCL did not do much - it has only been 3 years- but all I remember them doing was arranging our shore excursions.

08-28-2001, 04:14 AM
Thanks for your trip report - Wonderful information - We are booked on the Magic Dec. 8th - Please let me know the concierge phone number to pre book (or where to find it on the boards) - Thanks again!

08-28-2001, 02:25 PM
Enjoyed your report. Do you happen to have the phone # to call in advance? We will be in the Suite next month for the 7-day. Can't wait to see the service?! Thanks.

08-31-2001, 04:46 PM
I think I found the phone number-- try 407-566-7418. Let me know if it's right. The idea of concierge lounge in the terminal, or on the ship with special amenities during the day is a great idea. We were very pleased with our suite-cat 1 --we never got a letter either, but for what you are paying it would be nice to have a few extras. We had 7 people in our room and what they left us each day was enough for maybe 4. Also since we had more than 1 family-it would have been nice to get an extra picture of the Magic. In the cat 1 we did have soda and water stocked on a daily basis-not sure about the other suites. martin was very attentive and we had no trouble with the vcr-the kids watched movies several times. We were pleased with the staff, but for the price a little more would be nice. We recived a note in our room and a follow-up call about the bridge tour--it was on Friday at 9:45-not good if you want to be at Castaway Cay to get a good spot. I ran off and got a few chairs and my sister-in-law and the kids stayed at the beach, while we did the tour. We did get a beautiful flower arrangement that lasted the entire trip, but no chocolate ships. It was nice not to have to stand and wait for excursion, spa, or Palos reservations. They also got us tickets for the tea with wendy. The crew was fantastic and I do believe that was made the trip so special for us. I hope Disney reads these to see some of the great suggestions. Beth

09-03-2001, 03:13 PM
Our last DCL cruise we were in Cat 3. We were not aware until the excursion we wanted was full that we could have booked through the concierge. (We never did meet ours, just got a note from her.) We were not informed of a bridge tour nor did we see any chocolate ships. We also did not have the robes in our suite. Fool that I am, I booked another cat 3 for the magic's 10/13/01 cruise, but I have learned much from these boards. I wish I had discovered them prior to our first DCL cruise.

09-03-2001, 03:35 PM
We did have 2 robes, no slippers that I've seen mentioned here. Who was the concierge on your cruise? It's a shame that the service varies so much from cruise to cruise. I learned about the letter on these boards and when we did not get one I called. It was then I was told about the meeting inSessions to book excursions etc. These boards are extremely helpful and without them our cruise would not have been as good. Beth

09-03-2001, 05:52 PM
Our concierge on 8/4 was Ruth, and Ritesh was the concierge manager--we heard from him a few times but it was mostly Ruth who took care of us. We didn't receive "the letter" in the mail prior to our cruise, but there was a letter on the dining table in the suite, and several phone calls advising us and reminding us of the meeting in Sessions. Ruth stopped by and called every day, and we were constantly encouraged to just press the concierge button on the phone anytime we wanted or needed anything.
WDWgoose, if your concierge this time around isn't forthcoming with info and assistance I would definitely take the initiative and call and make requests. I agree with what some others have suggested, that it would be nice if DCL provided more services and perks for concierge guests but as long as your concierge is up to speed it is certainly a worthwhile service.
Have a great cruise!

09-07-2001, 10:36 PM
I definitely agree about the verandah! We took our 1st cruise in a Cat6 w/verandah and cannot imagine cruising again without it. It was wonderful for early morning coffee and late nite stargazing.