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11-16-2003, 09:10 AM
We just bought at BCV this past spring so I ahev a few questions about beaches and cream due to our situation.
One of my girls has a severe life threatening allergy to peanuts and nuts.

We stayed at BCV last november but avoided this restaurant cause I am usually very wary of any kind of ice cream shops. I don't feel safe with ice cream that has to be scooped out since the risk of cross conatmination is huge. Usually they use the same scopp for all the flavors and then just sit the scoop in a tub of water. Plus, most ice creams I don't trust to be begin with due to manufacturing on smae lines (equipment). I know thsi may soudn silly, but are there lots of nuts everywhere? I know, that question can lead to a joke! ;) I wonder if they even use nuts on their sundaes, etc.? I was watching the Travel channel and saw them making a Kicthen sink and I didn't see them sue any nuts on it, but they did use peanut butter sauce...

By any chance do they ahve soft serve there also? Cause that I feel OK about. I wonder who they get their ice cream from?

What is the menu liek there with the expcetion of the ice cream? Think it is kept clean enough for us to just go there to eat? Are the tables wiped often or is it so busy peopel grab tables as soon as another gets up?

I wonder who i wodul call to ask about the ice cream there?

Thansk for any tips, comments or advice. Sorry if thsi seems over the top, but I wodul liek to feel safe taking her there as we'll be visiting BCV many years to come.

11-16-2003, 09:40 AM

I wouldn't go there if I had a peanut allergy. I think they do use nuts on some of their ice cream dishes.

Also, we felt it was tiny. It looked to us like new people were seated as soon as a table opened up. The tables there are really designed for 2 people. What if someone at the next table orders something with peanuts on it?

You could call and ask what precautions they take. Maybe even get something to go and eat it outside-provided they don't cross contaminate in the kitchen.

Good luck and let us know what you end up doing.

11-16-2003, 09:56 AM
I also have a nut allergy. I do not react to external contact (breathing, touching, etc.). I have eaten at beaches and cream many times, but have always told them about my allergies and asked them to be extremely careful with cross contamination.

If your daughter has life threatening allergies, especially to nuts where even casual contact can be a problem, I would probably avoid this place.

An option might be to get ice cream to go for the family, and then to get your daughter soft serve from Hurricane Hanna's. Then you can stroll around the lake while eating :)


11-16-2003, 11:12 AM
Thansk to you both. She has reacted before to soemone who kissed her on the cheek and they had eaten peanut butter. :eek:
Sounds liek we shoudl just avoid thsi place. What a shame.
We actually got her a grilled cheese sandwich to go from there and I was a nervous wreck. Is Beaches and Cream the only place at BC to get soemthing fast?

So Hurricane Hannah's... That si the SAB eatery next to the quiet section? That si great to knwo they serve soft serve. We'll all get our ice cream from there then as I don't liek to eat things around her that might cause her to break out. Plus, I woudl feel so guilty!
I wonder how late they saty open?

ducklite, OT, but how have you been eating ice creams from the vending carts in the parks? I just had a thread about thsi recently. I called MK outside foods and they gave me a list of three thinsg she coudln't have, but I had a friend that called Nestle and they told her the Mickey Ears were not safe. Outdoor foods insisted it was. My daughter had one with no problems last trip after I asked every CM at a cart I came across. Finally, the last day I got brave and let ehr have one.

11-16-2003, 09:24 PM

In all honesty I'm not so sure I've ever had ice cream from a cart--I'm not a really big ice cream eater. (I like my shakes though :) )

I'm "sensitive" to peanuts, it's not (yet) a full-blown allergy, so I don't have to be quite as careful as you would. There is one completely safe item at the carts though--it's a frozen sorbet swirly type of thing, and that would be a perfect choice :)