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11-15-2003, 08:27 AM
Thanks to the DISboards, I organized a PS for my family on our trip. I nearly blew it off, because I wanted to see the parade at AK. Can you imagine that? I was curious to see if it was worth the hype and I'm happy to report that it was! It was by far our best dining experience of our 8 day trip! We were in the first seating and scored a table where we could see the MK Castle off in the distance and could watch it slowly turn colors from blue to green to puple. Very nice. The setting was gorgeous, with the carved wood and open kitchen. I liked seeing the flames shooting up from the grill. The food was out of this world. JUst when the kids got antzy, they did the coconut races and each kid got a fistful of gummy worms. They thought they'd died and gone to heaven! We ordered them snow cones served in a sand pail with shovel and that was just great to watch their eyes light up. As for myself, the chocolate mousse was the best I had all trip. It's my favorite, so I usually would get a sliver of it from the other buffets we tried.

And there were some offerings that were just a bit exotic, like the shirm wontons, that delighted my husband. My picky kids each found something that they liked. The beef, the turkey... they were just prepared to perfection. Did I mention that the food was out of this world? Did I?

Aftewards we wandered over the grounds a bit and were treated to a displaay of Wishes from the dock. The music and narrative were piped in. We'd already seen it from the theme park, so it was really special to do this again in a quieter setting, with the water around us, a slight chill in the air. And, the best part, not being pressed to the mass of humnity to go home.

I think we've found a new tradition!

11-15-2003, 08:50 AM
What percent of Wishes would you say you could see from the Polynesian beach?

11-15-2003, 02:46 PM
I'd say you got 90% of the experience viewing from Polynesian. I also saw Wishes the following night from the 15th floor observation deck at the Contemporay Resort (after dinner at Chef Mickey's, also at the first seating). That was even closer than from the Polynesian. From the CR, you could see the Astro Orbiter spinning around in the foreground and could witness Tinkerbell's decent (although you couldn't make out her features.) When I was in the theme park on Main STreet, I missed Tink because people were standing and obstructing my view, so in some ways I saw MORE from the CR. I liked the backdrop of the water at the Polynesian but I also liked it from the Contemporay because we were closer. In both cases, the music and narrative were piped in and getting out of there and back to my hotel quickly was a huge bonus. Having said that, I'm glad I did see it first in the theme parks, because it is exciting to see with so many people. Three Wishes experiences, each different and having its own merits and drawbacks.