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11-13-2003, 01:07 AM
This was new for 2003 at the Food and Wine Festival. It was held in the small outdoor seating area next to the Rose and Crown at UK. Had a chance to attend on two occasions. The last being this past Monday at 1230. There was room for 32 per seminar and only 4per day. You could only sign up at noon. (This was kind of disorganized) They filled up quick especially since it was free they were held weather permitting. Depending on the size of the party, you are seated at a table for 2 or 4. I was solo both times .The 1st time I ended up at a table by myself. This past Monday, I was with three others. At the table is a bucket of 6 full beers and 100ml sample cups.
The beers do not change throughout the seminars. They were
Boddington's, Stella Artois, Labatt Blue, Carlsberg, Lowenbrau, and Bass. We were given a brief background on each beer and some interesting facts about beer along with informal trivia questions. I have always loved Stella Artois and it is getting easier to find. Imho it tastes a bit better on tap than from the bottle. Overall, Boddingtons got the majority of votes for favorite beer from the group on both occasions. What a creamy beer. One gentleman described it as cereal with milk. More than enough beer to go around. There were leftovers and you were invited to take the rest with you if you had a plastic cup. There was also a “Beers of the World” stand next door where you could buy some of what was offered at $7.25 per 20oz. The tasting was a favorite this year and hope it remains in the plans for 2004.pirate:

11-13-2003, 02:04 AM
We did this a couple of times!!!!
It was a GREAT BUY !!!! HAHA
Seriously, we had one young fellow from Tenn. I think and he was very good! Also, the rep from Lowenbrau was great!!!

11-13-2003, 06:18 AM
It does sound a bit disorganized..but enjoyable nontheless.

Do I see Boddingtons in a can???
I agree-Stella much better as a draft. I only wish it (and many others) were MORE available at WDW.

11-13-2003, 12:13 PM
It does sound a bit disorganized..but enjoyable nontheless. Imho the sign up process could be smoother and sure it will be for future events. There was one sign stating the times of the tastings and where to sign up(at the R&C podium) Since this is the same area for PS checkins, it created a small mob scene at 12Noon. From what I could gather, some guests were told you could only sign up 30 mins prior to each tasting which was mostly incorrect. Some guests showed up 30mins before the 130PM and later seminars only to find out they were already full. Overall it was a good experience and a great "freebie"
Do I see Boddingtons in a can???
Some folks got a kick finding out that the rattle in the can was a "widget"nitrogen cartridge. They also used the Boddingtons to show the cascading effect after pouring it into the cup.