View Full Version : AKL voucher and Rainforest Cafe

11-06-2003, 04:44 PM
Can you get the Dessert called the Sparkling Volcano? It says it is enough for two or more that is why I am concerned it may not be an item they would allow on the voucher.


11-06-2003, 06:44 PM
I don't know if you can get it with the voucher, but I can tell you that it is a HUGE dessert! That thing is a HUGE mess! lol It looks like you could feed 4 with it at least.

11-06-2003, 07:04 PM
some have posted they got it when they used it for dessert with 2 vouchers but you can not get it with just one..which by the sounds of it means you'd need 4 people to eat all the food from 2 vouchers!

11-07-2003, 07:04 AM
When we were there in 2001, we ordered one volcano for three of us and there was leftovers. It was HUGE, but it was SOOOO good!! I can't wait to have another one!

11-07-2003, 07:50 AM
i know we have been alowed to order one with the silver plan and that is not much of a difference from the VKL vouchers (price wise)

11-07-2003, 08:14 AM
although it doesn't say it anywhere I can find on the voucher(it just says 1 dessert unlike the specifc mention of the kitchen sink exclusion at B.C.) evidently they do not want anyone trying to shove an entire 'volcano" down their throat(lol) the "connections" thread on the budget board says no mutiple person appe.s or desserts and i think they consider that a muti.person dessert..did you have more than one person using the plan when you ordered it by any chance? I know some have definitly been allowed to get it with more than 1 voucher so maybe that's how they handle the plans too but never used it myself

11-07-2003, 08:19 AM
While the vouchers don't say they prohibit anything save the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream, my experience is that any menu item designated on the menu as being for more than one, also requires more than one voucher. I got the Volcano, but it was the dessert for two of the vouchers. Same for appetizers that are listed as for two. Not that I am complaining about it. I think that is fair, and actually am glad they allow you to order such items by combining vouchers intead of just prohibiting them outright.