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06-11-2001, 08:49 AM
How far in advance can reservations for Discovery Cove be made, and how can they be made (phone, internet, other)??? Thanks for any help.

06-11-2001, 09:17 AM
I am also interested in finding out this information. Also, does anyone know the cost? I thought it was $100/person? Thanks.:smooth:

Cindy B
06-11-2001, 10:35 AM
look on thier website.. www.discoverycove.com

The cost depends on what you want to do. For the all inclusive, is about $200 per person plus tax.

Sounds expensive, but with a "Free" 7 day pass included For Sea World, it comes out to be fairly inexpensive...

06-12-2001, 10:07 AM
We made our reservations by phone. We paid $199 each for those in our party doing the dolphin swim and $109 each for those without the swim. Yes, it is expensive but IMHO well worth it. We didn't even use the SeaWorld passes and still thought it was a great deal. We would definitely do it again. It makes a great last day of vacation since it is so relaxing and you don't have to deal with any crowds.

06-13-2001, 06:37 AM
We booked online - they automaticly ask online for the full amount to be charged - you CAN select an option in which you just put down a deposit - it just takes looking at the screen a little to find it (it might say "options" or something like that next to the payment info - just click on it.)
I thought a non dolphin swim was $89.00 - have they gone up (again)?