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10-14-2003, 07:29 PM
Monday-October 6

At last a day to sleep in a little, well at least until 8am, that's
sleeping to us at Disney. We casually have a nice and slow
sit down breakfast at Whispering Canyon(all the loud activities
have already begin there)

After breakfast we grab the camcorder and take the next bus
to Epcot. The plan today is to do Future World at a nice easy pace
today, tomorrow we will do World Showcase after our taping of
the Wayne Brady show.

First we head straight to Mission Space, the line is already a 45
minute wait, so we grab a fast pass and head into the Wonders of Life pavillion to see Cranium Command, this is a very cute and
funny show, I think it's underrated. We decide to skip BodyWars
this time, and head over to do Mission Space, it's time to use our
Fast Pass. I was very nervous about MS after all the people who
because ill afterwards, but not to worry, it was AWESOME!!
Just do as they tell you, keep your eyes open, and don't turn
your head, after that we kept the adreneline pumping by heading
over to Test Track, We LOVE the single rider line here, I don't
know why more folks don't take advantage of this, we were in the
same car, just in front and back of each other.
After TT, we headed over to Imagination and did, JIYI, and HISTA, both attractions are very enjoyable. Time to spend some more money, we head over to MouseGear and unload some cash, then
we decide we are going to Leave A Legacy, so we head back up
to the front and get our photos, we have talked about this for a
few years, and now we have another reason to come back (As if we needed another one), we will have to find our photo on the monuments out front.
We are starting to get hungry now, we decide to try the Garden Grill at the Land Pavillion, this is a first for us hear, and we love it,
This was a very good meal, I love Turkey and Dressing, and the bread and sweet butter is to die for, we had alot of fun and got some good videos of the characters. The only thing I think they could improve on is the desert, I am not much for cinnamon, the desert was a apple and cinnamon cobbler.
We then waddle out of there and catch Food Rocks, that is also a
first for us, it was a cute show.
Time to go rest on Spaceship Earth, I will really miss this ride when they change it to whatever they are going to change it to.
Especially on hot days when you feet are aching,and it was extremely hot this day, and I have never seen Future World so crowded.
We take the monorail to T&T Center, and catch a bus back to WL.
When we get off at WL, we notice the DTD Bus is there and waiting for us, so we now head downtown to spend some more money. I am not a huge shopper, but for some reason when I come to Disney I can't spend it fast enough. I get my yearly Xmas ornament, and a Mickey and Minnie Stocking I have been eyeing for some time. I also get some more pins, my collections is really taking off. We pick up some souveniers for our Dogsitter and co-workers, and share a sundae at Ghiradellis, by now my "Dogs are barking very loudly" time to call it a day and head back to WL.
We hit the pool and hot tub and called it a day. Tomorrow is another action packed day.

10-14-2003, 08:07 PM
sounds like a great day. I'm like you, cant spend the money fast enough. looking forward to the rest of your report. thanks for sharing.


10-15-2003, 05:13 AM
Wonderful trip report ~ Thanx for sharing.