View Full Version : If it's Thursday,Part2,or"So that's what 20 ft. waves look like."

06-08-2001, 11:14 AM
We were in the thick of the storm and rolling like there's no tomorrow. We had an outside cabin,with a beautiful big window,just the third cabin from the bow of the ship. We were WAY up front. Normally, I'd have to go to the window to see if we were still moving or docked, the ride was always that smooth-but today,whoa,stuff is flying off the dresser and the curtains are swaying like there's a wind blowing through here. It's not as much fun anymore and my balance is affected. Between the rolling of the ship and the rolling of my inner ear, I'm walking like some cartoon character. I meet up with my friend Erica, and we decide to go to Upbeat and check out some perfume prices,as I never had a chance to go shopping in the ports. She mentioned that there was either a slippery spot or the rug wasn't in place and she fell off the gangplank the day before,while getting back on ship. She had just finished up her meds from a recent back injury and was now in pain again. I told her we'd take her now empty bottle of meds down to the doctor and see what he could give her. While waiting for her, I spoke to another med assistant who said these were the roughest waters she had encountered in a loooooong time. There was a steady flow of people picking up seasick meds from the counter. After Erica emerged, she told me that I had to stand there until I saw the doctor. She said he was GORGEOUS. After a minute, I caught a glimpse and asked Erica to slam the door on my arm, so I could spend some time with him also. I figured DH is still rolling around the ship somewhere, cradling his precious ship model, what's he gonna know-after all, it is my vacation too.We decided to change for dinner instead, but think of a way to make a visit here again. Soon. It was the formal Captains dinner night. We were in Parrot Cay. It was a liitle odd to see people so dressed up in a tropical setting. More people showed up than I expected. The weather report on TV said there were 20 ft. waves and near gale force winds. It was rumored that the captain didn't show up for dinner because he was keeping an eye on things on the bridge. The waiters did a splendid job carrying trays and food when only one foot was able to find the floor every few seconds. We were going from side to side. I ordered lobster tails, as everyone else did, and it's so sweet to see the waiter move around the table removing the tail from the shell.I eat lobsters whole. I suck on the legs,eat the chunks of meat behind the gills and even eat the green stuff on a dare. Here was some one removing my tail meat for me. I felt so taken care of. But I was also feeling not real well. I thought it might be the industrial strength pantyhose and "bodyshaper" I was wearing, so my stomach doesn't enter a room 5 seconds before the rest of me. I excused myself and said I'd be right back. Well, not really,as it turned out. I did feel better removing all that body armour, but I was definitely sea sick for the first time in my life.I felt much better after a few minutes in the bathroom which no one really needs details on, and met up with DS(who felt fine) and DH(who felt fine) , in the Walt Disney Theater for the Disney Dreams show. Everyone was talking about how on earth are they going to perform when the ship is rocking so bad, it's difficult just to walk normally. Perform on a stage? This we gotta see.Well, every step they took, it was as if their feet were glued to the floor. When a misstep occurred,you could see them incorporate it into their routine. Very professional. Very seasoned performers. VERY impressive. I think the standing ovation they received was as much for the balancing technique as it was for the show itself,which was stupendous! Yes, I got teary-eyed-AGAIN. What a wonderful show. I would keep comparing everything I saw with my past cruises and DCL just keeps winning,the others aren't even in competition. They were good shows on RCL, but they were the kind of shows people expect to get on a ship. Good, but predictable. Las Vegas type of shows. Even the magic show had the Disney touch. They just seem to go that extra step,not enough to be over the top or excessive, but different in a classy way. Way to go!!! DS asked to change and go back to the lab-so DH, Erica and I went "bar hopping" for the couple of hours. It was really neat to go from one room, with it's own type of atmosphere, to another,with a completely different feeling.It was fun to watch people trying to be cool as they attempted to walk or drink on a rocking,rolling ship. Was the ship movement, in and of itself, bad? Yes. Was dealing with it so bad? No not really. Did my bathroom and I become one for a period of time? Sure.I bonded with some porcelin. But one day out of seven? Can't complain. Just chalk it up to another moment of magic. The Captain and crew did a magnificent job under the circumstances. What more could you ask?On to Castaway Cay!!!

06-09-2001, 01:27 AM
Enjoyed reading your trip reports. Just curious...being that you got seasick..had you taken Bonine or anything beforehand? Just wondering if the meds helps even in the most severe conditions...because I plan to take daily next month on our 7 day...as a precaution.

06-09-2001, 08:39 PM
Tezb and I must be on the same wave length. I would really love to know if you took anything for seasickness. I plan on taking bonine daily and just assumed it would prevent seasickness even on a rough seas day.
I am really enjoying your report.

Bev J
06-10-2001, 09:48 PM
On our last cruise one of our friends was totally sick, green skin and all she went to the dr on board and got a shot of something and was fine the rest of the time.
Now my son who turns green on an airplane and on a boat took non-drowsy dramamine and did just fine. Once seasickness hits the best thing to do is take some meds and hit the bed.

06-11-2001, 09:57 AM
I brought along Bonine because I thought DS might need it, as I've never been seasick and never thought it could happen to me. After my visit to the bathroom, I took, I think,two pills,because I was going to the Disney Dreams show and was now not confident in my ability to keep anything down. Didn't want to create an incident in the theatre. They appeared to work very well. Didn't feel 100% up to par, but was able to continue the evening,hang out a few more hours and went to sleep just fine. I'd have to say the Bonine made a difference. It really helped.I'm a believer. It works.If I had any inclination that I would actually get sick, I would have taken it beforehand.BRING IT!!!!!!

06-11-2001, 01:22 PM
You are too funny Nanilori...you pillpopper you!

Good to know the Bonine worked for you even after you were already seasick. Normally, it's not supposed to be as effective once you're ill but sounds like it brought things under control. We plan to take one daily just for peace of mind and if things get bad, we will take the 2nd and hope for the best. Too bad you got sick on "lobster" night...that's the night DH is waiting for!

06-11-2001, 03:15 PM
I had made Palo ressies on a night making sure I wouldn't be missing lobster night or the freebie drinks and Hors'dourves at the captains party. I couldn't believe it. Me,of all people, the person who laughs on rocking and rolling boats-who's NEVER even felt the slightest bit seasick, gets whacked, for the FIRST time, on lobster night!!!!! Of all nights!!!!!! I still have images of that tail ,sitting lonely on the plate, as I'm scurrying away. Well, I have ressies for next May 11th, and I can guarantee, no matter what, I'm attacking that tail next time!!!!!

06-11-2001, 06:04 PM
Nanny.....If I were you I'd also take the bonine just as a precaution next time...but I'm sure you will, huh? I'm surprised anyone made it to dinner....the way you described the ship, I could almost feel queasy myself. Dinner would be the last thing on my mind! Maybe they all took their pills!!

06-11-2001, 09:27 PM
I was on the same cruise as Nannylori, and I can tell you we saw them using the rug shampooer a lot that evening. I took bonine everyday because I am usually bothered by motion sickness. I felt fine the whole day and evening. It definitely works! I was passing it out to "green" people at dinner.

06-12-2001, 12:10 AM
I just wonder why more people on the ships don't take precautions. I keep forgetting not everyone reads these boards because if they did, they would know to take the bonine or something just in case. I feel sorry for those workers on bad sea days...cleaning up vomit all day...YUK!

06-12-2001, 08:48 AM
I think there could be lots of people like me,who have been on boats and ships and never were affected. After all, I've even been waaaay out in the Atlantic on small charter fishing boats,rocking from side to side,and never felt a thing. I was lulled into a false sense of security by the size of the ship. What I never counted on was-time. I had never been rocked side to side over such a long period of time, and I think that's what did me in, the sheer volume of rocking,with no end in sight. If it can get to me, it can get to ANYBODY. If you even aren't sure about the motion of the ocean, just pop the pills anyway-no harm done and you'll improve the quality of your vacation. Believe me!!!!

06-12-2001, 11:31 AM
One more question Nannylori....did you feel more sleepy when taking 2 bonine as compared to the usual 1. On our last cruise I only took one daily (calm seas though) and didn't feel sleepy...wondering if 2 makes a difference. By the way, thanks for responding back w/ answers....I;ve always wondered if the Bonine works in extreme conditions and I think you've proved that it does...

06-13-2001, 09:00 AM
Never having taken Bonine before and in a slow type of panic, I didn't bother reading the directions and just assumed that two pills were the norm.I didn't feel any drowsiness and I'm VERY susceptible to that type of reaction from meds since I'm in a constant state of fatigue to begin with. I'm a Bonine believer from now on.

06-13-2001, 10:28 PM
Hey nannylori!
We're on the same cruise in May! I loved your trip reports, very funny...it is really funny to watch people trying to be cool when they're rocking! I tried, but gave up when I almost wiped out walking in Lumiere's(late, of course) in a gown and brand new shoes...I was imagining how I looked, and started cracking up!
Let's hope we don't have the same seas you had for May11.