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06-08-2001, 07:24 AM
I apologize if I offended anyone with my post as that surely was not my intent.

I also apologize if it was, as a fellow DISer wrote, in poor taste.

Perhaps I am better suited to gleaning information rather than sharing it.

Again I apologize.


06-08-2001, 07:55 AM
...I'm fairly certain I can speak for LandBaron when I say his tongue was firmly in his cheek with the "good taste" comment.

No apology needed, you're just the messenger. If anyone should be ashamed or embarrassed about the whole deal it's Disney themselves.

Thanks for sharing, hope you'll continue to do so.


06-08-2001, 08:59 AM
OH MY!!! I'm sorry. It's so hard to be subtly sarcastic when no facial expression or tone of voice comes through. BELIEVE ME!!! I thought it was a RIOT! And I certainly wouldn't have offered a link if I was offended!! Personally, I don't offend easily. (Come to think of it, I don't offend at all!) The only reason I didn't post it, is that I have a propensity for the negative when it comes to Disney. And I thought this was a time to show restraint. And I was elated when you brought the subject up.

I apologize for a poor choice of words and for offending you. I really had nothing in mind but humor and thanks for bringing this subject up. SORRY

And thanks for the post JJ. You are 100% correct!! Disney is the one who should be embarrassed!!!

06-08-2001, 09:10 AM
Just a little addendum. I just reread my post. I think anyone who follows this board knows me and could hear the 'dripping' sarcasm. But if you don't know me, it comes off as sanctimonious, judgmental and rude. I apologize again. A couple smiley faces go a long way, I guess!!! Next time I'll use them. ;)

06-08-2001, 10:01 AM
Thank you for your reply and for easing my feelings. I am SOOOOOOOOOO glad it was just a misunderstanding.

I am new to this particular forum so now I know that I can air Disney's (and anyone else's) dirty laundry here.

I, too, have a sarcastic streak but got really nervous when such an obvious story seemed to be absent on this board. Thought I stepped over the imaginary bound.

Thanks again and I look forward to sharing wits with you all.


06-08-2001, 10:06 AM
... Ooooooooo!! I think I'm gonna like her!!
I am new to this particular forum so now I know that I can air Disney's (and anyone else's) dirty laundry here.
You just gotta love that!!

And just a note: The proper spelling of the head mouse is E-i-$-n-e-r. Don't forget the $. ;)

06-08-2001, 10:08 AM
zachsmommie -

Thank you for posting information. I know it's easy to read things into posts when you're nervous about what you've written, but (given the focus of this discussion board) pretty much anything goes here, as long as it doesn't hurt specific individuals or break any laws.

Welcome to our little corner of the DIS & please keep sharing with the rest of us.