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09-27-2003, 11:51 AM
We will be arriving next week! Can't wait.
1. Does the Swan have refillable mugs for sale? If so, where can we get them refilled?
2. I got an e-mail from the Swan today confirming my reservation and also offering us the ability to upgrade to club level for $75 more per night...is this worth it? There are 2 adults in my party, and 2 children ages 8 and 3.
3. Does the Swan have life jackets for rent for kids at their pools?

I think that's it for now! Thanks for all the great Swan info I've read so far!

09-27-2003, 02:30 PM
I think you can purchase the mugs and have them refilled at tubbis in the dolphin. I heard this was the only place. Its a hike from the swan. I guess if you plan to have alot of snacks or alot of time in the resort then the upgrade would be worth your money. We just had a regular room with our 3 ds. I dont know about the pool question. I did see kids have on their own swimmies, a baby with a ring etc. There is only 1 life guard and I noticed he was not very attentive and he has a big area to cover and he couldnt see it all from the position his chair was in, so if your kids are not good swimmers I would think about bringing sometthing from home. I know they have things to rent but am not sure what. I think you just show your room card. Beware the pool is alot deeper than at some of the disney resorts. Its over 5 feet at the deepest parts. (I am speaking of the grotto pool)

Emmaline Lola
09-27-2003, 03:36 PM
...on Club Level. I worked in the Dolphin's concierge lounge a couple of years ago, before it was turned into a "club level" lounge and the quality has just dropped in my opinion.

For breakfast, a standard continental breakfast, with bagels, muffins, danish, yougurt, and fruit. Beverages: coffee, tea, and juices.

Evening offerings: 1 or 2 hot items, and a cheese boards with crackers.

Yes it is nice to have the lounge to relax in after a long day, but I just can't justify $75 a night extra.

I promise you: the guestrooms are EXACTLY the same as main house. Save the money and spend it elsewhere!

Have fun, the Swan is beautiful!

09-27-2003, 04:13 PM
You will love the Swan, but I wouldn't spend $75 for Club Level. It is as described above and if you can get it with points or as an upgrade, it is great. OR if you have enough adults or older kids to justify $75 for a very nice continental breakfast and snacks from 5-7 then it might be worth it. I have stayed on CL twice, but never had to pay extra, as I have a platinum hotel card.
The mugs are in the Dolphin, which is a 5 min walk, and can be refilled there.
I did not see 'life jackets' on anyone, but there are inflatables available to use at the Grotto Pool and you are definitely allowed to bring your own. Towels are also available at the pool. Sometimes the pool closes early for a convention group, so you might ask beforehand, so you aren't disappointed if it messes up your plans. There are also quiet pools, without a slide.
Hope this answers your questions. If you have more, we would be happy to oblige!

09-27-2003, 06:42 PM
Just got back from the Swan early August...

Refillable mugs only at Tubbies at the Dolphin - don't plan on it for your stay at the Swan too far to go. I would make a grocery stop and buy some soda or whatever and have it in your room. Ice machines are handy there.

Club Level for an additional $75 per night IS NOT WORTH IT. We did stay on CL and I would again but not pay that amount to do it. You could live like kings on room service for $75 per night!

They do have life jackets at the pool and they were free I think - they might have a deposit policy but they weren't enforcing it when I was there.

HAVE FUN! You will LOVE the Swan it is AWESOME!!!

09-27-2003, 06:45 PM
I believe I saw children's life jackets at the grotto pool where you pick up your towels. I believe there was a nominal charge. I am not 100% sure though. Perhaps a call to the resort can give you a definite answer - it's toll free. :D

09-27-2003, 07:41 PM
Cool! Thanks so much for all the valuable advice! So we won't upgrade to club level, and we probably won't do the refillable mugs either...

And I'll call the resort and see what the deal is with life jackets for the kids! They are 8 and 3 and neither are great swimmers. Thanks again! I'll be sure and post a full report when we return!

09-27-2003, 11:59 PM
When we stayed at the Swan earlier this year, I was able to get a life vest from an area by the kiddie pool for free. I had to sign it out and sign it back in, or something to that effect, but I didn't have to pay for it.

The pool is definitely too large to just rely on the lifeguard. There is a lifeguard who sits at the bottom of the slide and watches the base where the people land in the water. However, it's best if you are close at hand. My 3-year-old had a wonderful time on it, but I also sat next to the lifeguard stand and watched her.

09-28-2003, 07:13 AM
The life jackets are free at the grotto pool cabana. You just show your room key. I agree that Club Level is not worth it. I would upgrade to a balcony, view with fireworks, or a larger suite for that much money. We did make a grocery stop for breakfast foods, snacks and drinks and bought a cheapy cooler for the room. By the way, Tubbi's may be on your way to the grotto pool, depending on where your room is, so the refills may be worth it. I'd just wait until you checked in to see if you want them.

09-28-2003, 07:28 AM
I agree about not paying $75 for CL. I was given CL as a comp upgrade a year ago July. It was terrific as a comp. This July, I received a comp upgrade to a jr. suite w/ balcony and was offered CL for $50 and I turned it down.

Have wonderful stay - the S/D are fab resorts.