View Full Version : Purchasing transfers at the airport?

09-22-2003, 09:28 AM
We haven't purchased our transfers from the airport to the port yet, I was going to do it through the TA..but when we got our docs, there's a page in the booklet that says we can purchase transfers right there at the airport. I called DCL and it seems pretty easy, and the price just gets tacked to your shipboard credit. Has anyone else done this?

09-22-2003, 10:24 AM
I would like to know how this works too. Do you just go up to them at the airport and tell them you 'want a ride'?

I would like to hear if anyone has done this too. We did the transfers on our first cruise as part of our package, but haven't used them on our last 3 cruises. Next year we might use them again, but we just aren't sure what we are going to do yet.

It sure would be nice to know you could just decide to take them once you get to the airport.


09-23-2003, 02:48 AM
According to the people at DCL (I called them three times just to be sure they were all saying the same thing..sometimes you get three different answers!) it IS just that simple. If we want to get transfers at the port then before we get on our plane we have to be sure to have the luggage tags that are included in our docs on our suitcases, because once they come off the carousel in baggage claim at MCO, the DCL reps will grab them and put them on the bus. Then we just take the voucher from the booklet and give it to someone and they'll tell us where to go from there. I just wondered if anyone had actually done it, or if its a silly move. For us, its a little more convenient to pay for it w/ all our other stuff we buy on the ship, we're trying to finish up other wedding payments (we're going on our honeymoon)..but knowing me I'll probably just buy them before we go. I'm already stressing out about it!! LOL

09-23-2003, 08:00 AM
We have taken DCL buses a few times to the port and though we had always had them purchased in advance I have seen people purchase them right there at the airport. It did look that simple...people just got off the flight and asked the DCL rep about transfers and she directed them where to go. At some point a DCL staffer took their voucher. I saw no cash transacted so I guess it would just be tacked on to your shipboard account.

We did purchase transfers on the morning we were getting off the ship for a ride to the airport. Very simple...just went to Guest Service that morning and said we needed transfers to the airport. No problem and it was charged to our account.