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09-17-2003, 09:37 PM
I'm looking for excursion suggestions from teens that have traveled on the western Magic. My DD is 16 and DS is 14.

Stingray City sounds good. Is it better to book excursions through Disney or on your own?


09-17-2003, 10:46 PM
On the Disney cruise trip report board


there are very nicely written reports from a teenager about his western carribean trip. It may be a page or two back, but well worthwhile.

My Dis. Daughter 15 has gotten alot out of them.

He wasn't quite finished all days, but he had many done.


09-18-2003, 07:30 PM

I'll check it out!

09-19-2003, 12:16 AM
I went on the 7 Day Western Cruise Last November, and here's how things went for me:

At Key West: We went on a catamaran snorkeling excursion (Setup thru Disney:"Fury Caramaran Snorkeling Trip") It was my first time snorkeling, it took some getting used to, but i think it was the best snorkeling of the trip. However, since it's much deeper than other snorkeling lacations, the tide is strong and you may grow weak or tired easily. I had a lot of fun though - the catamaran ride was great too, however if you get sick easily, take your motion sickness drugs!! The Downtown area is cool - nice touristy-quaint shopping places (We stopped at a great ice cream shop too!) and the sunset is gorgeous! I got a henna tattoo (they last about 2 or 3 weeks) alongside the water while watching the beautiful sunset. the 'tatoo' was a great reminder of the trip (and fun to have) when i got back home!

At Grand Cayman: We went on a half day snorkeling excursion Setup through a company called "Captain Marvin's" (it's along that main street facing the water - when you're facing the island from the ship, it's a little ways to the left) - We had two snorkeling stops where we saw a lot of great coral and awesome fish - they even had a 7 or 8 foot eel that they lured out of its home, that was really cool! Then after the two snorkeling stops, we stopped at Stingray City - the water is shallow (about up to your waist) so you just stand up and the stingrays swarm to you - they're friendly creatures and it's great to interact with them. The tour guides offer you "bait" and you can feed it to them. They also pick up a stingray out of the water and show you all about them. At times, it can get panicky because they brush up against you with their silky skin and knock you off your balace. But it was really cool. There's also a Full day excursion where they take you to three or four of the same snorkeling/stingray city sites, then they take you to another beach and have a fun BBQ - When we went, we got drenched, so we just got right back on the ship once we were done w/ the excursion, so i don't know much about Grand Cayman other than that!!

Cozumel - We went on the Disney-Sponsored Tulum Excursion, but we weren't too fond of it. you have to take a small boat to the mainland, then walk thru the town and then take a long bus ride to even get there. Along the way, they make you stop at a gift shop for close to an hour, which could be good or bad, depending (I loved it!)... Anyways, once you got there, the tour guide talks and talks about mundane things about the ruins. We snuck off and explored on our own which was much more fun. (Watch out for the people who live there, they beg for $$ knowing that tourists are naive).. They leave you there for a while, so it can get boring, also depending on your intrests. There are gift shops lined all over where you enter the ruins, and the people speak enough english to sell you stuff... As you know, they barter in mexico, which people aren't quite used to... so a lot of people buy just because they want to shut the people up. I was there with my (girl) cousin and we got hit on a LOT, it was kind of creepy, i must admit, but it was alright. (Maybe find a cute boy from the cruise to come with you to "Claim" you - that really wards them off! If not, stay with the family! It's not dangerous, but just kind of uncomfortable) - On the way back the weather got nasty and we had 20 foot waves in this tiny little boat that we HAD to use otherwise we'd miss the cruise... EVERYONE got sick from it, and felt sick for a long time after that. We also didn't get to spend any time in Cozumel because the trip took most of the day, and we were all too sea sick to stay once we got back!

Castaway Cay- I'm sad to admit that this was my "Beach" Day - there's a "Teen Beach" Which is really only a cluster of beach chairs... at least that's all that was there when i visited... We wandered the island a bit, got food at a nice buffet, did a little souvineer pick-up (I have this GORGEOUS beach towel from Castaway!!) - we got our hair braided (some people got their full head done... i only got 8 braids along my part and it looked good -much less expensive too) We sat alongside the family beach, and the teen beach... but if you don't get involved in the whole "Common Grounds" scene, and aren't too connected w/ the group, then the teen beach really isn't so great... I suggest getting up early to go on the Teen excursion - a lot of people did that, but i was uninformed and missed it! From what i hear it was a lot of fun

I had SUCH an amazing time!! Be easy on the teens though - A lot of times they like to talk on the 10th deck watching the stars late at night-and since there's so little light pollution, you can see much more than you normally could, it's gorgeous! - that and the moon is beautiful when it's reflecting the light onto the water...Those are some of my best memories! The whole common grounds scene is alright, though it seems to be geared towards younger teens... and depending on the group of kids there, you may or may not enjoy the activities. I only did a few of the activities because a few of us would just wander off and find something to do.

Anyways, that's my two cents, i hope it helped a bit!! (I was 16 at the time, if that helps!)

09-20-2003, 01:44 PM
Thanks for the detailed report!

We've been on the 4 day Wonder but didn't do any excursions.

The kids loved the 'freedom' of the cruise and I'm sure they 'll have fun this time too.

I've been checking out the trip report forum for opinions. BUT I'm a MOM...I just wanted some feedback from TEENS about their favorite (and not so favorite) excursion.

Thanks again for you input!