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09-16-2003, 06:43 PM
I have only a few more days to make changes to our ressie. Right now we are booked with the full package (DCL air, transfers, night before and cruise for 7 days). My TA (Dreams) told me that the breakdown on price was such that $523.50 each was the price for airfare, transfers and hotel night prior. For some reason (could it be that I am an obsessive planner?) I feel I could do better on all that and have the freedom to choose our itin. After three Dis cruises I am not sure I can be "herded" through the procedure...meaning the transfers and going by their choice of flights.

I looked at Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity for airfare and can find cheaper airfare...just not very good flights. Could we make an 11:45am flight out on day of disembarkation???

Also, has anyone stayed at the Best Western Ocean Front? Thoughts? Review?

Thanks all!


09-16-2003, 07:29 PM
You didn't say how many people were traveling in your party, but that price seems very steep and I think you can definitely do better on your own. You can absolutely make that return flight too. You can be off the ship by 9 without a problem then it is less than an hour to the airport.

09-16-2003, 07:31 PM
By the way, check this site for coast lodging


09-16-2003, 08:45 PM
From our experience last year we have decided to find our own hotel, air, and transfers.

We did a 7 night last September and ran the figures afterwards and decided we could have saved half of what Disney charged for air, hotel, and transfers. That's $750 that could have been used to upgrade rooms, book excursions, or buy souveniers.

If you like planning and don't mind the extra time involved booking everything I say do it yourself! Save the $$ and have fun planning!

09-17-2003, 09:30 AM
There are three of us traveling. I know we saved big bucks last year by planning our own air etc. I just really like the freedom of "doing our own thing". (ok, BD, that one is wiiiiiide open for ya):)

I would still like to know if anyone has stayed at the Best Western and what they thought of it. I may just end up back at the good ole Radisson.:)


Buckaroo's Dad
09-17-2003, 09:13 PM
Could we make an 11:45am flight out on day of disembarkation???

Lisa - it depends which airport you're leaving from...

09-17-2003, 09:40 PM
>>Lisa - it depends which airport you're leaving from...>>

Well I have checked both the Melbourne and the MCO/Orlando and the flights into MCO are better priced. I am assuming we would fly into and out of there. Isn't that 45 mins or so from the Port? In December I think we got back to the airport about 10 am, but we used DCL transfers, this time we would be dropping off a car and I am not sure how long that would take? I am still looking at taking the 10:20pm flight then I wouldn't have to worry about any of this!:) But that puts us back in Denver at 12:40am...ick!