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09-16-2003, 01:39 PM
How have past cruisers met at the Radisson? Usually at the pool area? Certain time that works out best? Any details appreciated

09-16-2003, 04:04 PM
You can try to set a certain time at the Radisson by the pool if you choose to BUT I would recommend a specific date,place and time on the ship. The reason I say that is because people will be arriving at all hours and it will be chaotic. I also would not recommend the 1st day after you board the ship because everybody needs to get settled in and you have the life boat drill and the sail away party. Again way to chaotic. People are running everywhere. If I were going to plan a meet I personally would choose the secret deck or "not so secret deck". Where is that? Deck 7 Aft. If it were me I would say "ok everybody who "really" wants to meet lets plan on deck 7 aft on sunday at 12 noon" the day after the ship sails. Then see who shows up.
Good luck and I hope your meet works out for you.

Verandah Man
09-16-2003, 04:53 PM
There are pros and cons here:

We had a DISmeet set up for the pool area at the Radisson the night before our cruise last month. We had the meet set for 8pm around the pool. Well, the meet did happen, but not liked we had planned. The bad weather kept quite a few of us from getting to the Radisson on time. I was hoping to be at the Radisson by 6:30pm, we arrived at 7:45pm, got checked in and quickly unloaded the car. Ran to our room and put our DISmeet "lime green" t-shirts on. We got to the pool area about 8:05 and found a few DIS'ers. We had planned on having a Bon Voyage Pizza Party around the pool, but that didn't happen either. We did manage to have a nice time talking and meeting other DIS'ers, even though it was raining on and off during the night. Some of our group didn't even get to the Radisson until after 10:00pm. Some of us hung around the pool area until about 11:30 chatting.

Our DISmeet for the ship Saturday was between the safety drill and the sail away party. As was posted above, it seemed to be rushed, and with bad weather again, the sail away party was moved to the atrium on deck 3, a short distance from our DISmeet. We managed a quick hello, as I was busy handing out, cards and magnets to our fellow DIS'ers, then we were off to the sail away party. It was very crowded, so my family and I headed up to deck 10, just after the ship had pulled away from the dock.

Some of us did get together for brunch at Palo on Thursday morning, that was much more relaxed, and we had a good time together. We were given the private room, which was nice to use.

Because one never knows what the weather might hold, I think a good place to meet would be in the Promenade Lounge, down the far, end closer to the Internet Cafe area. Our group started gathering at the entrance closer to the bar area, and it made it a bit confusing, as some people were walking through our group to get to the bar, we weren't sure if they were DIS'ers or not.

If your cruise has a DISmeet planned, try and make the
meeting(s). We kept running into quite a few of our fellow DIS'ers during the cruise, it was nice, seeing a friendly face that we knew, during the course of the week.

09-17-2003, 08:40 AM
The Promenade Lounge is a very good idea also but again I would highly recommend not doing it the 1st day. An option would be to meet at the promenade lounge some day in the morning at a specific time. The reason I say the morning is because it would be the quietest time for a meet there. You would pretty much have the place to yourself I bet. It's a pretty big area to meet at. Maybe meet after breakfast some morning. Just bring along a coffee or whatever. Set the day/time and see who shows up. Once you all meet then you can make other plans...kids hanging together at the pool at the same times etc...or whatever it is your little heart desires.
One more piece of advice....Don't get too wrapped up in being the "cruise director" here. Make sure YOU focus on YOUR family 1st and you will have a great time.
Good Luck ;)