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09-16-2003, 09:40 AM
Do all cards charge a commission if using your card in the USA?
I've just received a statement (Morgan Stanley) that charged 2.25% 'foreign exchange' commission on every transaction I made in the States.
I have travelled to America a lot over the years and never noticed this(perhaps they've shaved a couple of cents off the exchange rate in the past to cover it?? and I've not noticed!)
The reason I am concerned is that if I decide to join DVC using my CC I am looking at over 200 in charges.

09-16-2003, 10:16 AM
We too have a Morgan Stanley card but for foreign purchases we always use our Nationwide cashback card, which does not charge commission.

It makes a big difference on a large purchase as you have observed. Earlier in the year I did a points 'add on' and reckon that using the Nationwide card rather than Morgan Stanley saved us 40. Last week my DH was working in Europe and amounts charged to Nationwide card were going through at 1 = euro 1.41, as opposed to about euro 1.35 for cash purchased through M & S.

There is at least one other commission-free card but I don't know which.

09-17-2003, 12:21 PM
Nationwide is the only one at the moment with no charges or fees, there was an article just before we went in August.

We spent too much, but saved a fortune on these charges by having the Nationwide card.

We also put our DVC purchase through the Nationwide card and got a rate at 1.59, when all banks were offering Swift payments at 1.54, I reckon over August we saved over 1,000 in exchange rates and fees.

I was unsure about DVC with points etc Steve, on teh main site, one useful link details how much people paid for points, the early ones paying $51. Basically, if you get fed up after 10 years, there is no guarantee, the value is likely to be higher than what you paid for it (IMHO), don't sue me if not, as I will be in the same boat.

What finally convinced us, was the price of the cruises etc with points vs Virgin et al, and also, the standard of the accomodation.
In addition, in excess of 75,000 members is quite a strong lobby group for Disney, they won't want to upset that many people.

How was Milan? Magnificent stadium isn't it apart from being surrounded by Italian fans throwing and spitting at you.

09-17-2003, 01:55 PM
Thanks Simon,
Had a good time in Milan except for the result and the Italian fans in the tier above us(you had to be there to believe what was going on),among the injured was my 72 year old father who got hit on the head by an air horn, but luckily, he was only bruised,quite frightening! A great stadium but the memory will be soured by events around us.
But I digress....onto a happier theme...it looks like we'll be SS newbies before too long.I'll will post once it's confirmed but in the meantime thanks for all your help on this board.